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Current Drag Racing Headlines

August 13, 2018

A couple new rides locally.

Rick Givens ' new 55 Chevy out of RH Race Cars.

RH Racecars photos

Dan Provost's new RED from TNT. Will have the same combo as the Camaro. Should be a sub 6.50 runner for sure.

JS Powersports photos

August 12, 2018

World Series of Pro Mod (Bandimere Speedway)

Congratulations to Jim Bell and Carl Stevens Jr for their huge win at the World Series of Pro Mod

100,000 tot he win. He defeated Danny Rowe in the final round 5.86 to 5.94

Facebook photo



Boise Night Fires Final round results

Facebook photos

AA/Funny Car
Jason Rupert, Anaheim Hills, CA, .128, 5.60, 253.47 def. Matt Bynum, Ypsilanti, MI, .130, 5.73, 226.66.


AA/Fuel Dragster
Mendy Fry, Los Angeles, .147, 5.66, 254.71 def. Dusty Green, Pleasant Hill, CA, .112, 6.04, 198.73.

Tater Baker AA/FC
Shawn Bowen, Goodrich, MI,.087, 5.82, 222.69 def. Tim Boychuk, Scottsdale, AZ, -.037, 15.64, 56.56.

AA/ Fuel Altered
Dan Hix, Central Point, OR, .122, 6.17 230.10 def. Troy Owen, Albany, OR .151, 8.46, 180.92.

Pro Modified
Ed Thornton, Chino Hills, CA, .056, 5.88 258.86 def. Jay Diedrich, Firebaugh, CA, .018, 6.16, 196.67

Mike Coltrin, Boise, .032, 8.25 (8.24 dial) 175.34 mph def. Gordon Boven, Boise, -.002, 9.29 (9.32 dial) 142.24.

Jake Guadagnolo, Linden, CA, .042, 10.16 (10.15 dial) 125.99 def. Brandon Umberger, Grand Junction, CO, .033, 9.32 (9.33 dial) 134.19.

Chris Hopper, Salt Lake City, .002, 11.80 (11.78 dial) 109.41 def Tom Davis, Meridian, .037, 11.80 (11.81 dial) 110.37.

Don Trafford, Nampa, .139, 9.55 (9.47 dial) 144.47 def. David Wood, Eagle, -.023, 9.22 (9.16 dial) 132.63.

Bracketeer Consolation
William Carnell, Murray, UT, .026, 7.40 (7.40 dial) 181.28 def. John Burchtorf, Nampa, BROKE.

Pro/Heavy Consolation
Andy Schmall, Idaho Falls, .039, 9.66 (9.67) 138.13 def. Jim Cox, Weiser, .050, 9.69 (9.71 dial) 138.57.

Bracketeer Allstar Dash
Blu Hayball, Fort Hall, .018, 7.27 (7.26 dial) 177.63 def. Mark Barnhart, Emmett, .049, 7.34 (7.35 dial) 180.12.

Lucas Oil Top Fire Runoff presented by CMYK Grafix
Brad Todd, Meridian, .045, 7.39 (7.40 dial) 181.25 def. Jeremy Wilson, Grand Junction, CO, -.007, 8.21 (8.20 dial) 162.67.

IMS Sales Bracketeer 4-Day Overall Champions

Bracketeer- Mike Coltrin, Boise
Pro – Brandon Umberger, Grand Junction, CO
Heavy – Joe Witherspoon, Caldwell
Sled Bike – David Wood, Eagle

August 8, 2018

Results from the Pro Nostalgia class from the BC Old Time Drags is posted.

August 6, 2018

A WDRL Pro Mod page from the BC Old TIme drags with full qualifying and elimination's is here.

A few Seattle photos courtesy Bill Jeffery are posted below the Old Time Drag results.

August 5, 2018

The racing was hot during Sundays final rounds at MRP's Loafers Old Time Drags.

Jeff Hill hit the highlight reels but for the wrong reasons, as seen here with a nitrous explosion in round one. Dean Bettenson in the right lane won the race running 6.0's in three rounds on Sunday.


Final round results are posted here.

A close race at the stripe as Joe had a .12 at the tree. Bettenson took a half car length finish line stripe.

6.80 dials for Ray Hadford and Steve Faller in Pro Nostalgia. Faller went .007 on the tree and ran an 82 to an 87 for Hadford.

Kerry Stone gave away his performance advantage with a red light against Dal Sangha in round two.

David Kowalski ran 227 in testing Sunday after a round one loss.

Luke Balough struggled in Pro Nos qualifying and jumped into Outlaw. He went 7.60 dead on his dial in round one.

Pat Polara in the totally cool Chupacabra was wheels up all weekend long. He ended up as the R/U in Straight Axle.

Larry Rhodenizer won again in Street Rod 'A'

A real cool round one match-up in SRA

Final round results are posted here.


The NW Nationals are complete. Antron Brown won his first event of 2018 against team mate Leah Pritchett. Ron Capps defeated Robert Hight in Funny Car. Tanner Gray defeated Deric Kramer in Pro Stock. In The sportsman classes Division six fared really well and a couple Canadians earned 'Wallys".

Shawn Cowie got a huge win against Joey Severance in a Can vs US final round. Shawn expends his point lead to 60 points with the win. Chris Marshall won his first National event in TAFC. He defeated 2017 world champ Shane Westerfield with his third 5.45 run of the weekend.

This final round is going to be routine all year long as these two battle is out for the TAD championship (as long as the other top runners dont spoil the party).

Chris Marshall and Shane Westerfield in the TAFC final round.

Alberta's Mike Scott was the runner-up in Nitro Harley. Tii Tharpe was the winner. Alberta's Fransecsa Plaizier won Super Street. Brian Hyerstay won Comp Eliminator. Bryan LaFlam defeated Alberta's James Rutrherford in Top Sportsman when Rutherford broke out by .001. Abbotsford's Dan Provost went to the semi finals in TD and the 1/4 finals in TS. Steve Casner won Top Dragster over Andy Spiegel. Greg Krause won Super Comp. Gene Kelly won Super Gas. Casey Plaizier lost in the semis. Ron MacKenzie lost to Plaizier in the 1/4 finals. Super Stock was won by world Champ Justin Lamb. Abbotsford's Darrell Stobbe went to the semi finals. Ryan Warter won in Stock.

Two very close round two TAD pairings below show Shawn Cowie defeating James Stevens (both blower cars).

Joey Severance defeated Chris Demke below in another all blown round. This was the first time in recent memory thaat all five of the quickest blown TAD cars on the continent were in attencance at Seattle (the fifth was Fred Hanssen).

August 4, 2018

Race #2 for the Langley Loafers in 2018

The WDRL Pro Mods are the feature class this weekend at Mission Raceway.

Hot, hot, hot action Saturday for the Pro Mods at MRP. The track conditions were challenging to say the least Saturday as the surface temperatures were in the 125-130 range for most of the day. 17 Cars were actually entered and on the property by the end of Friday. Unfortunately, two competitors, Kelly Madore and Greg Feal, both turbo entries, had engine and driveline woes forcing them out of commission. 15 made runs and the top half ranges from a 6.19 best to a 6.50.

Kerry Stone and Jay Syvertsen are in the top four after the three rounds today. Stone ran a wheels up 6.22/237 best and Syvertsen went a multiple pedalling 6.28 at only 209. His last run (below) also saw a pedal job as you can see in the photo. On this one he went the same et, but legged iy out to a 233 mph blast. Wade Sjostrom leads with a 6.19/234. Dean Bettenson is #3 with a 6.25/230. He was also troubled on the day with transmission issues, something that has plagued him all year long. Joe Delehay was troubled all day long as wee, and his best was a 6.39/209. He had supercharger and burst panel issues with two different huffers.

Harry Lockerby had a couple nice wheels up launched Saturday. The Johnson brothers from Seattle made a couple nice laps (far lane).

Pro Nostalgia out of Oregon have 10 cars competing this weekend. Ray Hadford leads with a 6.80 (not shown). Shown here is Peter Farrell (Altered #6 @ 7.32 and Dwayne Sanders (far lane @ 6. 95

Steve Faller near lane in the blown Bantam ran a best of 6.81 and is #2. Roy Ranquist in the real retro digger is #8 with a 7.809


Tom Meheden is #9 with a 6.51/213 in his nitrous assisted Beretta

Dave Springman came out to play with the promods this weekend. This burnout was wild. He sits #13 with a 7.03.

Lots of real different and cool looking rides that usually only come out a couple times a year including this blown 32, and the Chevy pickup below.

Bob Kokotailo was out in his Henry. He went an 8.95 best.

Of course the show n shine was stellar this weekend. 150 cars or more were out in the bright sunshine.

They were lined up along the fence line from 300 feet right to the end of the quarter mile two deep.

One of my favourite rides and race cars. The 41 Willy's

August 4, 2018


August 1, 2018


We're back refreshed after a great 5 days away on Vancouver Island, four rounds of golf at amazing courses. The Island is littered with great courses.

While I was away and did not turn on my laptop, The Sonoma National event took place. Local (even though he lives across the line now) racer Ron MacKenzie was the runner-up in Super Gas. Way to go Ronny Mac!!

A couple other BC and Alberta racers were in attendance including Dan Provost (both TD and TS), Mike Williams (TS) and Ken Mostowich (SG and SC).

This coming weekend has a couple really good events. First up in the 30th NW Nationals at Pacific Raceways. The big show returns for its annual once a year venture in to Div 6. The big boys and girls in Top Fuel, Top Fuel Funny Car and Pro Stock along with TAD and TAFC. Local talent in all the Sportsman categories will be well represented. Shawn Cowie is also looking to solidify his spot atop the TAD standings. Of not the four quickest blown alcohol dragster in North America will be competing in Seattle.

At Mission Raceway, the Langley Loafers Old Time drags will be hosting their second race of the year. This August long weekend event is one of the highlights of the year. The feature class this weekend is PRO MODS. The WDRL Pro Mods will compete for the first time at this event. Close to a dozen cars are expected to compete.

July 26, 2018

An MRP Canadian National Open gallery is posted (courtesy Bill Jeffery)

A second gallery is posted (Robert Hunter photos)

July 23, 2018

Lucas Oil Canadian National Open

..Coverage here at SpeedZone sponsored by..


Nitro Funny Car elimination`s and photos are posted.

Final rounds from Sunday`s and Saturday`s Bracket and Summit classes at the Mission Raceway National Open are posted here.

Jr Lightning

Jr Thunder

Super Gas


Stock - Super Stock Combo

Doorlammer final

All final round results are posted here.


July 22, 2018

Coverage for this weekends National Open at MRP is sponsored by

RAD Torque Systems. RAD Torque Systems.


Saturday final rounds and some winners circle shots.

Jr Thunder and Lightning winners were local (yay)

Colton Morin (Mission) and Adam De Jonge (Abbotsford) took the hard earned victories.

The Austin/O'Brien/Cottrell train keeps a rolling as that team takes the point lead in NFC and looks to earn their first Heritage championship with second year driver Bobby Cottrell behind the wheel.

Cal Tebb get the win in Rocky Mountain action over a early leaving Norm Kolwich. Norm would have got the easy win as Cal was troubled on the run.

Royce Taylor got the win or Greg Howland in NW BB/FC action. It was his first Mission win.

Dan Proovst repeated his Super Quick win from 2018 as he defeated Mark Campbell . Provost was deadly all day long with solid lights and running right on his dial.

Dianne Petitt won the NW Super Comp race over Dale Green. Green has a perfect run in the semi finals, but could not come close to that in the final.

The No Box winner was Amber Rutherford. She defeated Tyson Lowe in the final round. (this is the semi final photo)

The electronics gambler winner was Yeshua Wilcox over Josh Schamke.

604 Top Street was won by Justin Gibson. He defeated Don Murray in the final round.

Lots more to come.

Coverage sponsored by

RAD Torque Systems. RAD Torque Systems.

Bob and Irene Kokotailo are selling the ex-Warren Johnson9-11 tribute car. Would love to see it stay local.

July 20, 2018

Midnight update

Photos in the update are from Friday at the National Open at MRP.

(in sequence from the start of test n tune at 12:30pm to the last Funny Car run at 9:30pm)

Terry Shuflita's two year task of putting together his Pro Stock legal Firebird culminated with a very nice 7.01@ 185 (Grant Klohn driving). There should be a 6 second 200 mph lap Saturday...Great job team!

Bradee Lowe in Justin's TD. She finishes her 6 runs with a 7.02. That girl is plain bad ass!

What an awesome two car flopper team (owned by Ralph Hubbert)

Dan Horan Jr. in a mid day test. Short numbers were all solid

Another cool chick. Haley Christensen in her first ever solo lap in the family truck. How about a .019 rt and a 14.28 time slip!

A final licensing pass for Don Harter's newest driver.

Round one of NFC. Tim had a decent start (far lane), but by 300 feet the bullet's chamber was empty. Engine eaten up! Tim Boychuk in the near lane ran a conservative 5.95/241.

Mr EX went 5.72 and Dan Horan after launching on 7 holes (you can see the dead pipe), smoked the tires

What a beautiful car Shawn Bowen is driving. The Bucky tuned and Bobby Cottrell driven Camaro went 5.69

Hubbert in the 70 1/2 Camaro

Phil Ruskowski making a test lap.

Jr Gamblers final round. Tanner won.

No Electronics gamblers. Andy Closkey won.

Joey and Wild Al Friday under the lights.

Brett Lammers first outing in Mission

Side by Side 5.95's from two of the nicest NFCs around

Bucky had this car hopped up for the final funny car down the track. It was strong for 330 feet then moved toward the centre line forcing Bobby to lift.

NFC Quailfying

Bobby Cottrell 5.69 / 252
Mark Sanders 5.72 / 252
Shawn Bowen 5.81/ 245
Tim Boychuk 5.89 / 241
Dan Horan 5.95 / 237
Tim Nemeth 6.32 / 198



July 20, 2018

Friday schedule for Mission Raceway's Lucas Oil Canadian National Open:

Racer parking: 7:00am - 10:00pm
Test n tune: 12:00pm - 4:30pm
Qualifying for Funny Cars
(two sessions) : 6:00pm and 8:00pm


Thursday evening.


What a great dinner last night. The Iceman/TDN Constructors group annual Fundraiser was a hit.



The Steaks were prime,







the Oysters were great (despite what my face looks like here with Tim Boychuk.







Tim N., Senoir Grekul, Twig, Wally and Tim B all had a great time.



July 18, 2018

The photos and highlights from 275 elimination's from Doorwarz VI are posted.

July 17, 2018

10:00pm update

For all the other classes in DW that don't have their elimination photos posted (275, TS and Open Comp) we are still going to post this stuff. 275 should be up tomorrow)

Lucas Oil Canadian National Open preview

Nitro Funny Car:

Confirmed are seven Nitro Funny Cars and all of them have been 5.60 players over the last couple years.

Local fan favourite Tim Nemeth is looking for past performances with the "IceMan" Funny Car. He ran 5.60's here at Mission a couple years ago, but the best since has been high 5.70's. A sporadic player the last few years due to business concerns, Tim has all the best parts and the potential to go fast. Going fast comes with a big cost though, parts and long hours in the pits after the day is done on the track. I think Tim likes a bit more relaxing time in the pits than a hard thrash these days, but who knows. Good Luck to the team. They are also hosting their 7th annual fundraising bbq Friday night. That along puts Tim and wife Nancy at the top of SpeedZone's fave list.


What can you say about the Austin/O'Brien. Cottrell team. They are just flat out 'Bad to the Bone'. They keep on winning and doing it in dominant fashion. Last final round against Jason Rupert was...just..EPIC! Side by side 5.50's at over 250. The weather this year is forecasted to be hot,hot, the performance level may dip a bit, but I still expect this team to be in the late, late rounds.




Jason Rupert with CC Brad Littlefield two of the baddest hombres in NFC racing. Jason has more race wins in the class than any other driver out there, and he likely wants a shot of redemption after last year's heart breaking loss. If there is a team that can take the wind out of Austin / Cottrell, I would not bet against this team.







Dan Horan Jr. in the 'Digger Dan' Camaro have a win this year at the Beach Bend NHRA race and is easily one of the top 5 in the class. Has run a number of 5.60's This will be his second time here at MRP.








MR Explosive Mark Sanders has had a number of strong results here at Mission. They have run in the 5.60's a bunch of times and both he and 'tuner/son' Jake 'the Snake' like to swing for the moon. Well liked by many up here in Canada, the team not only races hard, but they party hard as well.






Tim Boychuk has a bunch of wins here at MRP back in the Hodgson/Boychuk days with the Troy Lee car and the 'Bubble-up' Firebird. Being a sole team owner and driver has not been easy, but it has also given the team a number of victories, including last weekend at Edmonton. CC Twig Zeigler has made many great runs here and has a bunch of success. Combine the two and they are a serious threat.




This is Shawn Bowen's first foray to Western Canada. He has one of the nicest rides out there, driving the Bartone/Lebor Camaro. Shawn currently sits #1 in the points based on runner-up finishes at both Firebird and Salt Lake and a late round finish at Beach Bend and the March Meet. The car is 5.60 capable and maybe ever quicker. If this team goes to the final round it would not surprise me.

Rocky Mountain Funny Cars

Top to Bottom: One of the winningest drivers in Rocky Mountain Funny Car history Cal Tebb is a fierce competitor, and he has one of the coolest Old School Funny Cars out there. He loves running quick so having their group run on a 6.75 index here at Mission is right up his alley.

(Middle) Joey Steckler in the beautiful Corvette and Norm Kolwich in the 50's Corvette both love racing at Mission Raceway. Joey got a big win last weekend at Castrol (Edmonton) and would like a 'double-up". Norm got his first ever win here a few years ago.

Troy Sitko in the White Trash Duster is a force to be reckoned with. He has the Sitko pedigree of being a quick and fearless driver. The car has not made a lot of 6.70 runs but it has the HP to do it. Troy's RT's give him a few hundredths advantage as well.



Top to Bottom: 'Wild Al' Weich has been a strong runner at his last few races. He qualified dead on with a 6.900 at Edmonton's Rocky Mountain Nationals and he ran a bunch of mid 6's a month and a half ago here at the Old Time Drags. Look for him to be near the top of qualifying.

Middle: The 'Cowboy' Jimmy Fersch missed the Old Time Drag event here at MRP in June because of all things, he got married...Crazy Bugger! Just kidding! Wife Jo-Anne is a cool lady and loves drag racing. John Evanchuk is the tuner on the car and they have run consistent 6.70 and 80's in the past.

Bottom. Ron 'the Viking' Stennes has one of the nicest rides in the association. He has not been in the middle 6's on too many passes, but the great air at Mission should give them a good shot.



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