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Current Drag Racing Headlines

MAY 9, 2019

Lots to update this week from all aspects of Drag racing. The NHRA National event coverage from Atlanta, the first Div.6 LODRS from Boise, and for the first time in Mission Raceway's history,

Wednesday night 'Drift and Drags" presented by Certified Autosound and Security. It was a "Certified" success drifting wise as close to 1000 spectators came out to see what this millennial phenomenon is all about. Very very cool. We will have a few photos posted over the next day or so.

To add to Mission Raceway's changes, This Saturday night is the first ever Summit B-1 Bracket race, starting at around 5pm, once the road course has finished their Saturday event. The track is truly becoming multi functional.

April 28, 2019

Final rounds and photos for all the Weekend classes at MRP are posted here.

A few photo highlights:

Another "Bond" addition to the drag strip, as April Bond makes her debut. What a sweet looking ride she has. The Car builder Huddleston Performance was on hand this weekend to help guide April on her first weekend. What a good dad Justin!

Steve Horne's new pit bike. Looks like the kid at the fence likes it.

Jay Syvertsen made a couple hits in the legendary Canso. He went a 7.19 best

Rob Wylie went way up in his wagon.

Justin Gibson took on a digger in Super Pro. Justin went a few rounds.

Nate Gagnon's Supercharged Nitro Harley. He launched real hard and then smoked the tires at 250 feet.

Rob Phippen went 6.59 with a 4.09 660. Lost the blower belt at 900 feet or it would have been a low '6'.

Jason Field's new Chevelle, Ex-Al Morin ride.

Daniel Rodrigue made a couple hits. Only one was without tire smoke. He went 4.95 on a soft tune-up.

Perseverance pays off today at MRP

A huge delay to start what was planned to be a double header for the Summit classes, as the christmas tree would not fire the ambers correctly and consistently. Three hours later with a complete motherboard rest and finally the one time run was on. Once elimination's got going after an hour and a half of qualifying and time trials, the race only took five hours, but it was late enough where the second race was scrapped.

By the end of the day, the bracket winners were Chris Stone, Martin Rachel, Craig Johnson, Al Omond, Nick Rebelo, Adam Dejonge and Willy Oliver. Other winners included Bill Clifford, Brad Vinje, John DePourcg and Scott Robinson. Full results including final round results and winners circle photos on Monday.

A couple notable photos:

Grant Klohn wheelstanding his very sweet Fairlane

Adam DeJonge uses a .019 light in the final to take the heads up final against O'Rielly Benda

Willy Oliver earns the first race win over Ciel Gagnon

Scott Robinson finally gets his first Doorslammer victory

More to come Monday.

April 27, 2019

Update to Mission Raceway's Saturday festivities:

I was a little too quick to say a good weekend at MRP.

Testing Friday went real well, and Saturday was on its way to a good day then at 11:30 am rain surrounded the track, and just as the first pair of Doorslammer were set to go right a noon, the rains and an extreme cold front hit the track It poured and hailed and blew for 40 minutes and then eased off slightly but the damage was done. The day was called, and the call went out for a double header Sunday. The Doorslammers will still have a single race, but likely only 1 possibly 2 hits for them.

Of course by 2:30 pm the weather broke and it turned out nice but that is April for you. See you all Sunday!

It looks like the weekend at Mission Raceway will be a good one. Really the opener in my opinion as two weeks ago rain and cold weather kept the racing to a minimum. The Canada West Doorslammers, the NW Outlaws, Super Shifters and all the brackets will compete. See you there!

On another positive note a real interesting face book page (Mission BC) has a thread posted by a person regarding the track being on the waterfront, and it should be moved. Well the people have spoken as a few hundred comments (way over 95%) showed the guys the error of his thoughts. Here is the link for you facebook people.

April 20, 2019

No Winners from the NW at the Fling this year.

On the final Day Dan Provost lost in the 5th round on a double breakout by 1/1000 of a second.

Fourth Round win for Provost.

The Speedzone Facebook page has the results from Friday.

April 19, 2019

Peeps Pennington wins the Million. One of the best bracket racers in North America, Peeps Pennington wins 375,000. He defeated Shane Carr.

April 19, 2019

Dan in the run for the money. Went .024 green

Today, the big money day, with a guaranteed 350k to win. RAD cars total six cars entered. Dan with the dragster, Craig Johnson in the white Nova, Chris Gulitti in two cars, his dragster and Zak's Nova and young Cory Gulitti in two dragsters. Likely a few Alberta cars as well. As well yesterday's car count was over 580 cars, Unbelievable!

Chis and Corey Gulitti above and below in the run for the money. Chris was .006

Jason Mercer below

Gulitti above was .019 and dead 6

John off.025 green I think

John Tiegen (Northern Alberta or Northern BC was .007


April 18, 2019

Happy Birthday to Kristi, my Brother and Sister this week.

Thursday at the 'Fling, John Tabak was an unlucky competitor as he ended up with a round one match-up against a long skinny car (was picked for the bye to start if there was an uneven number of cars, but got a digger). Will post the rest on Thursday local results in a bit.

April 17, 2019

Wednesday update: Dan Provost went four rounds, Both Gulitti boyz went three, Zak was a round one R/U (car issues), Quigley went three, and Mike Robinson went four.

Lots to update over the next few days including the Vegas National, and Divisional/Regional. The UNFC race from Tucson (Ryan Hodgson was the winner and Bobby Cottrell was the runner-up) and the National from Houston, that did not include Pro Stock.

This weekend is the Spring Fling from Vegas and a whole bunch of Mission Raceway competitors are there. Dan Provost and his band of buddys including Zak Clarke, John Tabak, Al Quigley, Craig Johnson and Mike Robinson are having a blast. Other RAD sponsored cars include the Gulitti boyz, dad Chris and son Corey, both winners of major big dollar races last year. Another down South racer Nathan Martin and long time RAD sponsored oregon driver, Paul Nero. Not too sure of many results, but I do know that Craig went three rounds, John was a round one runner-up, Dan went a few rounds and he took out past world champ and heavy bracket hitter Scotty Richardson. Paul Nero went 7 rounds today. We will have full results throughout the next four or five days.

Congrat's to Shawn Cowie for his divisional win last weekend at Vegas.

April 5, 2019

NHRA Denso 4-Wide Nationals

Great job by Kim and the whole Parker team at Vegas Friday. Two 5.20'as including a 5.21 best to put the NW team in the #1 spot.

Shawn Cowie sits #2 with a 5.25 and then its Chris Demke, Joey Severance and Garrett Bateman in the top 5.

In TAFC , Doug Gordon sits on top with a 5.471, Sean Bellemeur is .001 back, then its Chris Marshall, Shane Westerfield and Nick Januik rounding out the top five. Neither Alcohol field is full.

For the Professional classes, only 13 Top Fuel dragsters made laps and Mike Salinas leads with a 3.70/328.46 Steve Torrence is #2 and Brittany Force is #3. In Fuel Funny Car, Tim Wilkerson leads with a 3.895/323.50. Ron Capps is #2 with a 3.897. J.R. Todd, Matt Hagan and Bob Tasca round out the top 5. 17 cars are in the field.

16 Pro Stockers are at Vegas and Bo Butner is #1 with a 6.648. Jeg Coughlin, and Roger Brogden are two and three. Hector Arana (#1 6.884) ), Matt Smith (#2 6.911) and Eddie Krawiec (#3 6.919) top the Motorcycle field.


April 1st, 2019

EX NHRA starter Mike Gittings, talks about his being let go at NHRA. Competition Plus.

A busy few weeks coming up in Las Vegas, with a National event an Divisional event and the Spring Fling all in April.

Locally the first street legal happens this weekend at Mission Raceway. Then the week after the first full race weekend.

March 10, 2019

Defending series champion Bobby Cottrell takes the first win of the 2019 season at this weekend's March Meet. He defeated a new-comer in a long time bad ass ride. The Rupert/Littlefield car tuned by the likes of 'Big Brad' and Jason, new driver Jerry Espeseth cut a light on Bobby, but smoked the tires. The Bucky Austin tuned car went right down broadway with a 5.71 to show everyone the team is ready to defend their title.

James Day took the Fuel Altered win over over Dan Hix with a holeshot 6.22 to a 6.16.

Adam Sorokin won Top Fuel with a 5.844. He defeated Mendy Fry who broke right off the starting line. Fry reset the world recond in round one andreset it in the semis final round, running the first 5.4 run in history. (5.490/259) She went 265 on her 5.518 first round win.



Saturday Round one eliminations

Jeff Arend was a tenth quicker than Thompson in round one, going 5.80 to a 5.91. Jeff lost to Espeseth in round two.

Bobby Cottrell ran low et of the weekend (5.64) in his round one victory over Tim Boychuk (5.86). In round two he got a single against Steven Densham and Kris Krabill in the semis.


Gary Densham won his round one battle against Rian Konno one a holeshot in side by side 5.81's, but obliterated his body in the lights went the engine let go. Steven failed to make his round two match-up.

Jerry Espeseth defeated Ryan Hodgson with a 5.74 to a 5.77. Jerry defeated Jeff Arend in the second round and Dan Horan in the semi finals.

Dan Horan defeated Bill Windham in round one (6.06 - 6.09) and then took out Billy Morris in round two. In the semis he lost to Espeseth

Kris Krabill defeated Marc Meadors 5.79 - 5.94 in round one and then Matt Melendez in round two. Bobby Cottrell defeated Krabill in the semi finals.

Matt Melendez won his first round match up against Jeff Monis 5.69 - 5.91. He lost to Krabill in round two.

Billy Morris won his round one matchup against Tony Jurado. He lost to Dan Horan in round two.


March 9, 2019

Final qualifying

Funny Car final qualifying

Dan Horan led the floppers with a 5.66 best


Top Fuel final qualifying

Brett Williamson was #1 in Top Fuel.

AA/Fuel Altered final qualifying

Tom Padilla was #1 in Fuel Atered with an almost perfect 6.009



March 8, 2019

The 'Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet' is on tap this weekend at Famoso Dragstrip in Bakersfield CA. Close to 60 nitro burners total will compete in TF, FC, FA and A/Fuel. Weather is likely going to be a factor this weekend but hopefully the weekend turns out good. The 'Nitro Nick' Funny Car (Matt Bynum driver) had a bad crash testing yesterday. (on the SpeedZone Facebook page), Matt is okay but the car not so much. We will have photos throughout the weekend courtesy of Big Bob and Dyan Lover.



A sad week there in the North West as Mopar legend Dick Panter, of "Old Trapper" fame passed away at the age of 78. He was one of two drivers (the other was Albert Branham) for the owner, Jim Ronaghan. My memories of the car started in the late 60's and earlier 70's at the old Mission Raceway. During the NHRA points races, Mission's track was always packed with cars from the NW. It was sea level and very fast even in the old days. The area was so full, hotels and camping at the track that the "Old Trapper" team used to camp at the 'Green Acres' camp ground on Hatzic lake.

That was cool because beside seeing the car at the race track (where I worked handing out time slips), we also camped at the camp site for a good part of the Summer. It was really cool to see the teams there as well. It was always one of my favourites, along with the Bucky Kinney Special. The car and the team were always part of my memories when the track re-opened. It was really cool to see Dick back at the track when Dean Branham (Albert's son) started racing his 10.5 Cuda. While I was only a kid when Dick and Albert drove, he did not remember me, he remembered my dad and the time he spent at the lake. After the 'Old Trapper' days, Dick campaigned his own SS Hemi. He will be missed for sure.


March 4, 2019

A few solid results from Division Six (lots of Albera drivers going deep) at the LODRS at Tucson on the weekend.

Washington 'Young Gun' Cody Lane won Super Stock over Alberta's Tom Nolan. Idaho's Ralph Van Paepeghem won Comp Eliminator over Joe Mozeris. Alberta's Mark Simmons went to the 4th round in Top Dragster and fellow albertan Gary Mizerva went to the 4th on Top Sportsman. In Super Stock, point leader Rick McKinney (Richmond) lost by 4 thou to Randy Loge and Alberta's Darcy Clarke lost a close on in the same round to eventual winner Lane. In Super Gas, another Albertan, Dave Archambault took to much stripe in the semi finals and broke out against eventual runner-up Marko Perivolaris.

The March Meet is coming up this weekend. Local Funny Car driver TIm Nemeth will not make the trek this year as he needs surgery on his foot (not serious) but he will be laid up for a bit).

Mike Peck's new look in his new Nitro Funny Car. Hoping he will be at Bakersfield.

February 24, 2019

Ugly weather for the second race in a row on the left coast for the NHRA Mello Yello Series, in Phoenix Arizona. Funny Car ran their round one qualifier Friday late in the afternoon, and only Matt Hagan was able to navigate the cold track. He went 3.94. The next quickest driver was John Force. He was a second and a half slower. After the first six drivers tried in Top Fuel, the rest turned their cars around and headed back to the pits. The rest of Friday was a write off.

Saturday saw sun but cool temperatures (high 50's-low 60's), but there was 80 degree track, enough for some decent runs. Robert Hight lead Fuel Funny Car with a 3.86/329. Bill Torrence lead TOp Fuel with a 3.66/328. Terry McMillen was #2 with a 3.69.

In Pro Stock, it was Bo Butner with a 6.522 Alex Laughlin was #2 with a 6.526.

Sportsman classes all got one qualifier.

Sunday 4:30pm

Today, the weather was cool again, with the air temp starting off at 49 degrees. Stock was up first. By the time the Fuel cars fan it was a balmy 59 degrees with a track temperature of 83 degrees. The day is complete and it was Matt Hagan taking the Funny Car title with a win over JR Todd, with a strong 3.89.


Todd broke on the launch. Billy Torrence won Top Fuel with a pedalling 3.96/326. He defeated Leah Pritchett.

She spun the tires and coasted with a 9 second time lip.


Jeg Coughlin defeated a red lighting Matt Hartford in Pro Stock. He went 6.557/210.

A bunch of Division six cars and Canadian's had great weekends. In Super Gas, it was two Canucks battling it out. Ron MacKenzie defeated Alberta's Ken Mostowich (I know Ron is living just across the border now), in a double break out final.

BC's Rick McKinney went to his second final in a row but lost to world champion Justin Lamb. Lamb has .03 on the tree and Rick broke out trying to stay ahead of the champion. Back to back final rounds put McKinney in the point lead though. Very Cool!

In Comp, Division six racer (Idaho) Ralph Van Paepeghem lost to Bill Kent. Ralph was better on the tree, but could not stay ahead of the quicker Kent.

In Stock, Division six's Cody Lane (Washington) defeated hitter Jimmy Defrank in the final round.

Division 4's Craig Anderson defeated Division 5's Kevin Wright in Super Comp.

In Top Dragster, world Champ Paul Nero lost early with a red light. Alberta's Trevor Ritchie went to round three and Grant Durie also from Alberta lost in round four. James Worden defeated El Olpin in the final round.

Top Sportsman was won by Bart Smith. He defeated Joe Roubicek. BC's Mike Lucas lost in round one to Alberta driver Will Yakimetz.

The Division 7 Tuscon is next weekend. The Mello Yello series heads to the Gatornationals next.


We'll try and get a few photos of the final rounds.


February 17, 2019

Lights Out 10

We redid the photos from the screen shots of lights out.

. Thanks to Steve Skokin for the tutorial.

Alex Laughlin won Radial vs the World against Daniel Pharris in a blower vs Turbo final round. Both cars ran 3.69's. The margin at the stripe was .007.

Vancouver's Greg Henschell went all the way to the final round in the second chance Radial vs the World class. He was over matched in most rounds (as he was up against a number of 3 second and low 4 second cars) but found a way to advance to the final. In the 1/4's, his opponent Terry Barkley went into a huge wheelstand, came down real hard with sparks flying all over. He managed to keep the car in his lane and coasted across the finish line in front of Greg. Henschell had his own issues, and was off the gas by 100 feet. He likely saw what was up in the other lane as well and decided to stay way back.

In the semis, Greg took on a 3 second nitrous Corvette driven by Marcus Burt. Burt went .023 red and wasted a 3.93. Greg went 'trip zip' in the semis (ran 4.50) to advance to the final, Frickin awesome! In the final, he lost to a true Radial/Pro Mod (ran 4.03) driven by Brian Chin. Greg red lit.

Kelowna's Jordie Lazic went to the 1/4 finals of Pro 275. He ran 4.teens and 20's throughout the weekend. A dead battery ended his day. The winner of Pro 275 was Winnipeg's Dan Boyks in a twin turbo Firebird.



February 16, 2019

There are a number of ways to have a successful drag racing event or series in North America or around the world. Obviously the NHRA is the 'standard' most series' or events model or compare themselves to. But the largest motorsport sanctioning body is not without its detractors for a wide variety of reasons. Take for example the recent firing of National event starter Mike Gittings for no real reason (other than the sanctioning body putting a few extra dollars in their coffers) , as an example.

A number of events have been bucking the trend for the last decade or so with great success, including the big buck bracket races like the Spring Fling (three racing events throughout the country), The 'Million', and 'Street Car Supernationals' two race series) are just a few of the events out there. These are catered to the racer themselves offering huge payouts, but they don't really cater to the fans. (SCSN does attract 10k or so over the five days. Big Door-car only 1/8 mile events are another avenue of big purses, but they also bring in large crowds. None have had greater success than.....

Lights Out '10' put on by Duck X productions this weekend at South Georgia Motorsport Park.

Donald Long (Duck X productions) is one of the new breed of race promoters and his first big race of the year is up this weekend. It is possibly the largest independent drag race worldwide. He also hosts the "No Mercy" event (in its 10th year as well), both held at SGMP and in its second year. "Sweet 16" also at South Georgia MP. Longs events have well over 20,000 spectators. Ex-partner Monte Mikho of Yellow Bullet fame bring his "Yellowbullet Nationals" into its 9th year at Cecil County. It is held on Labor day, the same weekend at the world's largest sanctioned event the US Nationals. The Yellow Bullet race routinely gets close to 600 cars and close to 15,000 fans.
Lights Out is famous for Drag Radial heads up classes. The feature class is Radial vs the World. Upwards of 50 cars made qualifying attempts and after all was said and done, more than the 32 car field ran 3 second elapsed times.

275 has two classes including the main class, "X-275" and the Outlaw version "Pro 275" class. Vancouver and BC is represented in both classes. Greg Henschell from Vancouver is in X-275 and he qualifying in the top half with a 4.42/165. He was also getting more tune time, running in radial vs the world and Limited Drag Radial. He was upset in round one in 275 and also went out in round one of the other two classes.

Jordie Lazic from Kelowna, one of the young upstarts in the world of small tire racing (tuned John DeJonge to the No Time winners circle at SCSN), and a partner with Jay Syvertsen's 'JS Powersport' team, is running a 959 Sonny's with nitrous. He ran a best of 4.12/182 with the tiny 275 tire. He qualified #4 with a 4.128/164 in Pro 275 and a 4.122.184 in Radial vs the World.

February 14, 2019

In a real cool newsworthy event Mitch Myers, the 2004 TAD World Champion is back

February 11, 2019

The Winternationals is complete

A cold wet weekend welcomes racer and fans to the 59th running of the Winternationals at Pomona. Temperatures in the low to high 50's throughout the weekend made racing with the best corrected air from the Winters in quite some time. The weather weather along with moisture casued a number of delays and finally Sunday the race had to be postponed until Monday.

After qualifying Robert Hight, Steve Torrence and returning Pro Stock racer Roger Brogdon lead their fields. Local competitor Shawn Cowie lead the field in TAD with a very fast 5.162/280. TAFC team mate Brian Hough ran a career best 5.39/272 to lead that field. Hough added Jonnie Lindberg as a tuner for 2019.

On Sunday, only six pairs of Top fueler got down the track before rain halted the event. Monday, the cool weather remained but the rain stayed away long enough to complete the event.

Robert Hight won Funny Car over Jack Beckman on a slight holeshot and both drivers ran a 3.88, Doug Kalitta won Top Fuel over Steve Torrence. Both teams had trouble with traction. 4.01 to a 4.00. Bo Butner won Pro Stock over a troubled Jason Line.

NHRA photo

In TAD it was Shawn Cowie continuing his strong weekend with a 5.151 best in the semis and a 5.156 in the final round against Matt Sackman.

facebook photo

The 5.151 in earlier elimination's was the quickest ever Blown pass in TAD. Brian Hough ran 5.41 in the final of TAFC to defeat Doug Gordon.

facebook photo

In the Sportsman classes , Richmond BC racer Rick McKinney went to the final round in Super Stock. He lost to Div 7 hitter Ryan McClanahan.

Other finals:

Competition Eliminator -- Scott McClay, Dragster, 7.251, 179.06 def. Doug Lambeck, Sunfire, 8.449, 157.83.

Super Stock -- Ryan McClanahan, Chevy Cobalt, 8.414, 157.03 def. Rick McKinney, Olds Cutlass, 10.597, 122.81.

Stock Eliminator -- Doug Gibson, Chevy Camaro, 10.702, 113.32 def. Duane Dickens, Chevy Nova, 11.525, 112.09.

Super Comp -- Kevin Wright, Dragster, 8.908, 175.14 def. Val Torres Jr., Dragster, 8.916, 166.91.

Super Gas -- Pete Zak, '27-T Ford, 10.732, 107.74 def. Evan Kowalski, Chevy Corvette, Foul - Red Light.

Top Dragster presented by -- John Taylor Jr., Dragster, 7.105, 191.24 def. Zach Sackman, Dragster, 6.256, 221.85.

Top Sportsman presented by -- Bart Smith, Chevy Monte Carlo, 6.976, 194.83 def. Mike Ferderer, Pontiac Grand Am, 7.061, 194.83.


January 21, 2019 9:00am

Last weekend's Div 6 Video highlights



January 21, 2019 7:00am

Congrat's to Amber Rutherford for her stellar season at the Northern Light track (Fort St John) in 2018. She dominated No Box (Pro Bracket) with 8 wins.

January 20, 2019

Pretty cool moon tonight in the NW. Should have used a tripod, but was too lazy to dig it out. Shot @ 1 second shutter and 2000 iso.

Some really bad officiating today in the Rams/Saints game. cost them the game imo. The other game was bad as well. Didn't really car who won either game, but was kind of hoping for the Saints.

January 19, 2019

In a real surprise move the NHRA looks to be changing up the chief starting position for National events. Mike Gittings the NHRA chief starter for the last four years, looks to have his position ending, leading the way for NHRA to have regional starters at their 23 events. Meaning the starter in Division one will likely look after Nationals in that area and so on for every other region. I am not sure if it was NHRA's decision or Gittings himself, but my guess is NHRA's. I don't know if it is the best decision. Racers come to trust the guy behind the switch and the consistency he brings to the position. I feel there is a reason there has only been 4 starters in NHRA's history, because it works.

January 16, 2019

The 2019 Mission Raceway executive.

President - Ralf Ehlers
Vice President- Justin Bond
Treasurer - Warren Render
Business Manager - Kevin Ness
Secretary- Bobby Ehlers
Membership Chairman - Bob Kokotailo
Director 1 - Kevin McCauley
Director 2 - Steve Sikora


January 10, 2019

Calendars are availble.

Here are the choices. Click on anyone of the three calendars to go to the ordering page.

Pro Mod


Top Sportsman/Top Dragster


CW Doorslammers

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year to all the SpeedZone readers.

We are putting final touches on this years racing calendars and they will be posted in the next couple weeks. Calendars for 2019 include Pro Mod, Top Sportsman/ Top Dragster and Doorslammer.

Schedules are being finalized for most local associations and classes



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