2020 Covid Shootouts

Shootout #1 May 29-31

Social Distance Pro Mod and x-275

At least a half dozen career best runs were made in cool conditions Sunday. But it did not accomplish without the great track prep by Brian Nawyn (race director and track prep specialist at MRP. With the great track surface Friday night the anticipation was huge for the event Saturday and Sunday. But a deluge on Saturday and into the early hrs Sunday morning changed all that.

The prep looked good, but Brian felt due to all the rain the the surface was fragile. He was right, as after the first few PM cars made runs the water had seeped through the rubber and the sticky top surface peeled away like a soft banana.

He and 'Roach (Steve Sikora) worked hard on the starting line and just over an hour later had it ready to go. They did a great job and The surface was ready..........


Steve Horne and the JS {Powersports team earn the first win of 2020 with solid consistent performances all weekend long, and yes this winner's circle sshot has all the crew social distancing.


John DeJonge's transformed Pro Mod/Outlaw 10.5 Camro was side by side Steve Nicholson's old school Corvette in the opeing session. The combines Cubic inches was 1914, the equivalent of almost five Nascar bullets. Both cars had soft openeing runs in the mid 4's.


This was the second most bitchin run of the weekend (the most bitchin if you consider the ET. The most bitchin happened in the semi finals of Pro Mod see below.

Daniel Rodrigue launched hard and kept his foot in it despite the front end rising to the skies. His pedal job netted an outstanding 4.76/153

Paul Glandon ran a career best 4.22 in his nitrous TS Grand Am.

Look at Joe Delehay's rear tire and he pull the rubber off the racing surface.

He did come back the second round after the stellar redo on the track surface by Brian Nawyn and his crew (Roach and McNicol).

Steve Horne's rear tire looks similar to Delehay's and look at the the one two down, as he car unload's the rear end. The shake was so violent ( lower shot) that rattled the rear tire off the ground.

The surface so so sticky veteran racer Nick Duda almost fell over from his shoes sticking

Nick tunes Justin Gallant's Mustang, and this car will be bad ass. It will run in the 4.60's or better for sure.

This was Justin's 1st lap Sunday (note the drone in the sky).


Dave Springman is still learning his new high HP corvette. He had a couple solid 330 runs.

Nate Gagnon was the only Harley rider on Sunday. He made three hits and his best was a 6.55 @ 217

Final qualifying on what started as a tricky surface and turning into a monster tight track in round two of "Q" and beyond.

Career best numbers this weekend and in last weeks test were run by Daniel Rodrigue (4.53/157), Justin Gallant testing (4.71/150), Jake Skocylas (4.25/184), Rick McLeod Jr (4.96/140), Pat Hearn (5.75/128), Paul Glandon (4.22/169), Steve Horne (3.95/186)

Round one saw Duda improve his earlier 4.13 to a 4.10/180, in his win over Dave Springman. Springman was close until 300 feet where he went into severe tire shake forcing him to lift. His car shook so hard it broke the driver side door mounts bending into the front fender.

The loud blown pickup driven by Kelowna's Jacob Skocylas smashed his career best by a tenth in his round one win over Glandon.

Steve Horne got around Nicholson with a pedaling 4.414

John DeJonge had asmall oil leak that forced him to shut off after the burnout. Dave Kowalski was the winner in the round. DeJonge came back to make a few test runs after.

Justin Gallant will be one of the top10 x- 275 teams on the West Coast

Pat Hearn made huge strides this weekend.

In round two Nick ripped off a 4.06 (1/100th off his best)

Steve Horne made a strong lap (4.04) in round two. He had a bye in the semis. He went for broke and had a great 60 foot but could not hold it past 100 feet. Jake had a strong run in round two (4.33) but was well back at the stripe.

Steve Nicholson came back for a test hit after his 1st round loss. It launched real hard but he was off the loud pedal by 150 feet.

A career best 4.53/157 for Daniel shows the potential of this nitrous powered small block malibu

This run of the baddest of the weekend. Duda had a career best .996 60 foot and was likely on his way to a "3", when al hell broke loose.

He kept it off its lid and will live to try for the '3' second time slip.


Steve Skokin made a couple 4 second laps and is one of three 275 cars left to finish the semis and final round at the next Shootout event (June 27-28). JR Lazic and Rick McLeod are the others.

Daniels best ever 4.53 was awesome. The team tried to repeat or perhaps go a bit quicker in round two but the car broke loose (right lane) against JR Lazic and he got taken out (below) .

Lazic's driving the JS Motorsport Nova is a beast. The car gave the team all kinds of fits throughout the weekend. Crank trigger issues appeared to be the main obstacle, and on the last run it looked to be their best, but a full second pedal job at 200 feet, and the car still ran a 5.05 at 153 mph. They are off to the semi finals in four weeks.

Rick McLeod Jrs. great run in round two. He is in the semi finals and will finish this race in four weeks

Jay Graw went a career best (i believe) 5.90.

A 5.75 for Pat Hearn in test mode was his best

John DeJonge made a few runs after he was eliminated. Sporadic Nitrous problems kept the car from making full runs but he did improve on his last one to a 4.34

In the final of Pro Mod, it was Steve Horne getting a holeshot and leading all the way down the track with a 4.01 to 4.33 over Dave Kowalski.

Well Done!!!!

See you all in 4 weeks!




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