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January 6, 2003

Division Six finally got their bracket champions at the 2002 NHRA Finals. The third annual Summit ET Finals pit the best bracket racers of the year from each of the seven divisions in the four most common classes. Sportsman (13.00 and slower no electronics), Pro (12.99 quicker no electronics), Super Pro (electronics) and Bike / Sled (electronics). The first two years saw no winners from division six and most go out early with red lights (nerves at the biggest event of their life).

Local competitors from Mission Raceway had five of the eight competitors in the first two years. At the 2002 event, two more racers representing Division Six were from Mission Raceway. In the first three years, that put seven of the twelve racers coming from one track out of the 15+ participating.

Year three saw the North West Division’s fortune change. Two winners came from the Division. In Pro Bracket, Mission Raceway’s Martin Rachel from Richmond B.C. got to the money round and took it all, and in Bike/Sled, Boise’s Richard Pedraza (on a Sled even) got the first ever sled win and the second win in 2002 for the “Land of the Leaders”. Mission’s other contestant at this year’s event was Lorne Ridley from Hope B.C. who went out in the first round. The other Division Six competitor was Paul Nero of Eugene Oregon.

At the Division Six awards banquet, another local (B.C.) racer John Korfiatis was crowned Division Six “Bracket Racer of the Year”. He had an incredible run in 2002, with the National Open Championship, the B.C. Bracket Open Championship, the Mission Raceway Pro title, the Eagle Motorplex Pro title and a total of three Wally’s in the year at National Opens and Division events he entered. This is the third or fourth year that a Mission racer has won the division bracket racer of the year. In 2001 the winner was Jerry Durant Jr. With the next two Summit ET finals events held on B.C. soil (Ashcroft in 2003, and Mission in 2004), the pressure is on for the locals to continue their domination.






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