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Oct. 27, 2004 AMS Pro Mod from the Strip at Las Vegas.

The final AMS Pro Mod race of the year at Vegas had alot on the line with the series title up for grabs. Four different guys were in the hunt with Fred Hahn in the drivers seat. Mitch Stott and Tim McAmis only had to go one round farther than Hahn to win and Thomas Patterson had to win the event to take the championship. After four rounds of qualifying, Fred Hahn and Mitch Stott were both out of the field so the door was open for McAmis or Patterson to take the championship. McAmis went out in round one and Thomas Patterson went all the way to the final where he had a chance to get not only the win but also the series crown. He faced Von Smith in the final, and it was all Smith, as he left of Patterson and outran him 6.249 to a 6.315. Hahn had this to say after getting very lucky and winning the title. “It’s been a day of going through different scenarios and every one of them went the way we wanted, right down to what happened in the finals,” an elated Hahn said after the win. “If Mitch hadn’t been bumped, he’d be the world champion,” Hahn said. “If McAmis had won in the first round, he’d be the champion.” Finally, had Patterson not lost to Von Smith in the final, he’d have won the series title. “It was nerve racking to sit and watch all day, but like the old saying, I’d rather be lucky than good,” Hahn said.

Locally, Rick Distefano, Dennis Radford, Kirk Kuhns, John Scialpi, Wayne Torkelson and Danny Rowe were all on hand to try and take out the East Coast runners. At total of 21 cars were on hand for the eight car field. After three rounds of qualifying, four (Distefano, Radford, Scialpi, and Torkelson) from the west were in the field, but that did not last as Dennis Radford (#4 6.279) and Rick Distefano (#7 6.307) were the only West coasters left to challenge for the event. Both guys won in the first round but lost to Smith and Patterson in the semis. Here are the final unofficial standings

1 Fred Hahn 1642 - (2 Wins)
2 Mitch Stott 1627 - (2 Wins)
3 Tim McAmis 1553 - (1 Win)
4 Thomas Patterson 1537
5 Mike Ashley 1129
6 Shannon Jenkins 1125 - (1 Win)
7 Rickie Smith 1024 - (1 Win)
8 Von Smith 1020- (2 Win)
9 Mike Castellana 915 - (1 Win)
10 Quain Stott 816

Here is the 2004 AMS racing Schedule:

The NHRA has announced its NHRA AMS Staff Leasing Pro Mod Challenge exhibition schedule for 2004, including the addition of a 16-car field at the exhibition's finale at the ACDelco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Oct. 28-31, 2004.

The 2004 NHRA AMS Staff Leasing Pro Mod Challenge exhibition will again be contested at 10 NHRA national events: The Mac Tools NHRA Gatornationals, Gainesville, Fla. (March 18-21), O'Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals, Houston (April 15-18), NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals, Bristol, Tenn. (April 30- May 2), Lucas Oil Route 66 NHRA Nationals, Joliet, Ill. (May 20-23), K&N Filters NHRA SuperNationals, Englishtown, N.J. (June 17-20), Sears Craftsman NHRA Nationals, Madison, Ill. (June 25-27), Mac Tools U.S. Nationals, Indianapolis (Sept. 1-6), O'Reilly NHRA Mid-South Nationals, Memphis, Tenn. (Sept. 24-26), O'Reilly NHRA Fall Nationals, Dallas (Oct. 14-17), and the ACDelco NHRA Las Vegas Nationals.

A special NHRA AMS Pro Mod Challenge Shootout will take place at the ACDelco NHRA Las Vegas Nationals with an additional $10,000 in prize money available to participants, selected by AMS Staff Leasing and subject to NHRA's approval, based on the AMS points system.

The NHRA AMS Staff Leasing Pro Mod Challenge exhibitions will be aired as a stand alone show on ESPN2 on a tape-delayed basis and will be produced by Masters Entertainment Group.

AMS Staff Leasing, based in Dallas, is owned by Dave Wood.

Scotty Cannon will return to the Pro Mod Ranks in 2004

Funny Car driver Scotty Cannon will field an Oakley-sponsored Pro Modified car in 2004. The Lyman, S.C.-based pro, who earned six Pro Mod championships in the 1990s, has not revealed whether he will pilot the car himself or hire a driver.

"I never fell out of love with Pro Modified," Cannon said. "In 1998 when I had won my last championship, the opportunity was presented to me to follow a dream that had been dear to my heart as a kid. I knew at that time that I wasn't getting any younger and if I wanted to pursue it, the time was then. I will always be grateful for the opportunity that Jim Jannard and Oakley provided me with."

Although the make of car has yet to be determined, Cannon already has started ordering parts. He plans to pick a make of car to race in the next few weeks.

"I am happy to see Scotty back controlling his own destiny," said Oakley founder Jannard. "He is exceptionally smart and talented and will make a terrific team owner. We consider Scotty a permanent fixture at Oakley and are proud to have the opportunity to grab the major sponsor spot on his car. Watch for great paint."

Cannon has yet to commit to running a particular series, but is quick to point out, "I plan on running as many races as we are physically able to. We might even hit the match race tour as well. We're not ruling out anything at this time."

Cannon has been inactive in Pro Modified since the end of the 1998, yet he remains the all-time wins leader in the class with 28 national event victories in 45 final-round appearances. The closest driver to Cannon's record is Shannon Jenkins with 19 career victories.

Oct. 19, 2003

The Pro Mods at the 8th annual IHRA World Finals were very easy to describe, " Absolutely Unbelievable"! By the time the smoke cleared Saturday night (and believe me there was alot of smoke), 58 cars had tried to qualify for 16 spots. The old record bump, which was a 6.30 was to no ones surprise in jeopardy, but the question was, how low could it go. Most pundits of the class felt a 6.25 or 6.26 was pretty much the best most could hope for, as even at the best of times, getting all the horsepower to the track, was very tricky. Well the new resurfacing at the "Rock", obviously was done right as the track was smooth and the bite was incredible. Top all that with very good air conditions, and history was certain to be made.

It almost happened in the first session, as the bump after one round of qualifying was a second best 6.310. Four Canadians were competing and three were in the field after one. Glen Kerunsky (#3) made his best ever lap with a 6.237, Rick Distefano (#6) went 6.252 and Carl Spiering ran a 6.310 to sit #15. After two session the old record bump was smashed, as it already sat at a very fast 6.258. Kerunsky broke a valve on the burnout and did not make a lap, Distefano and Spiering failed to improve, and Spiering was bumped. Al Billes the other and most prominent Canadian in the Pro Mod ranks stepped up to a 6.203 to jump up into the top half field in #4. After the third session, Saturday afternoon, Kerunsky improved on his best ever with a 6.225, Distefano ran a great 6.212, and now sat #6. Billes did not improve but moved down to #5. Spiering again, could not improve on his first round 6.310. The bump improved to a even quicker 6.244. It had to be safe didn't it? The final session was run under the evening lights and very cool conditions, so there was expected to be a number of changes especially on the top. But could the 6.244 be improved on. The qualifying was in uncharted waters and already it was at what most thought was the quickest it could go. Glen Kerunsky sat out the final session (something he will not do again according to the team), as he suffered a few engine wows in the second and third session, but they also thought they were very safe. "There was no way the bump could go quicker than a 6.25 could it"? Four cars were in the teens after three session as well. It was separated by only .07 from #1 to #16. Well as Glen and crew sat against the fence watching the final round, they got more nervous with every car that went down the track. They sat eleventh, and after the first 26 cars, they were still in #11. Then all hell broke loose Rickie Smith And Mike Castellana, jumped in the top three spots. That put Glen #13. Two pairs later and Ed Hoover and Billy Harper moved in front of Glen. Now he was #15. Paul Athey and Harold Martin were next up. Both could bump him, Athey went 6.24 the round before. Well Martin ripped down the track with a 6.193 to put Glen on the bump. Athey could only go a 6.34. There was ten cars left to qualify but only one was not in the field. Rickie Stivers was #17 with a 6.240. He was up against the #15 guy Fred Hahn. Both car left real hard and looked to be on great runs. The scoreboards came up Hahn goes an awesome 6.111/228 to jump to the top of the heap, and Rickie Stivers goes 6.225! The same et as Glen. Who had the faster speed? Kerunsky did! By just over one mph, Kerunsky was in the field. Rick Distefano, was next up and he blasted to his first ever teen pass with a great 6.193 (#10) side by side with Mitch Stott, who went a 6.137 go sit #2. Von Smith and Thomas Patterson went 6.175 and 6.120 respectively and Mike Janis improved to a 6.142. Al Billes failed to improve. So the field was set with 12 cars in the 6 teens and the bump set at a unheard of 6.225. Three Canadians in the field. Wow!!!!

Sunday eliminations, and Glen gets #1 qualifier Fred Hahn in round one. Not n easy task, but Hahn is known for not putting a string of good runs back to back. And he did not in round one as, Kerunsky was first off the line and first to the finish line with a 6.265 to Hahns tire shaking early shut off. Distefano did not fair as well, as he had a big red light, against Ed Hoover. Al Billes was late in first round matchup against Mike Janis, but Janis was quick for the round and his 6.15 was way ahead of Al's 6.23. Other winners were, Mitch Stott (who clinched the 2003 title), Shannon Jenkins Harold Martin, Thomas Patterson and Tim McAmis. In Round two, Glen's luck ran out as he left on his car builder Tim McAmis, by .04 but could not stay ahead of him and Tim advanced with a 6.20 to Glen's game 6.25. Martin Stott and Jenkins also advanced. Two Nitrous cars and two Blown cars in the semis. Shannon Jenkins out ran Mitch Stott on both ends of the track with a weak 6.32 to Stott's 7 teen pass and Harold Martin ran another teen with a great 6.19 to McAmis late leaving 6.23. McAmis only needed a .094 light to reach the final but had a .127rt. The final saw an EFI nitrous car against a carburated one in Jenkins. The final was over on the starting line, as the "Iceman" Jenkins left on Martin by .03 and held off a quicker 6.217 to Jenkins 6.223 for a six foot win. What a great final to what will go down in history as the best Pro Mod race ever!!!




(Canada West Doorslammers are half way down this page)

Oct. 14, 2003

O'Reilly Nationals: AMS Pro Mods, Ennis Texas. (all photos courtesy Guy Van Syckle and are copyright 2003)

The second two last stop on the AMS Pro Mod challenge was held this past weekend at Ennis Texas. Also featured was the AMS Shootout for the top eight qualifiers throughout the season. The Shootout was held Saturday and Mitch Stott walked away with the 10,000.00 check. He defeated Shannon Jenkins in a nitrous vs blower final round. Jenkins had gone through a couple motors to reach the final round but could not run in the 6.20's, as Stott went 6.276 compared with Jenkin's 6.316. In Sunday's eliminations, It was nitrous Vs blower again, this time Rickie Smith took on Von Smith. Von, driving Roy Hill's blown Mustang, had a great 6.258/229.29 (.013 rt) and held off Rickie Smith's quicker but losing 6.241/225.33 (.052 rt). West coast competitor Kirk Kuhns qualified (6.303) for the show, but broke and could not make first round. Owner and team mate Dennis Radford in the other Poison Viper failed to qualify with a 6.359/220.91 best. Danny Rowe, from Laguna Hills California also failed to qualify for the tough field. His best was a 6.343/220.53. Wayne Torkelson, the other competitor, who runs the West Coast Pro Mod circuit on a part time basis, ran a 6.413/217 mph best.

Photo hightlights from Canadian Al Billes1,2, and West Coast stars Kirk Kuhns 3,4, Dennis Radford 5,6, and Danny Rowe 7,8.


Next weekend, the Pro Mods battle at Rockingham and a couple of Canadian West Coasters will compete. 2003 West Coast Pro Mod champion Glen Kerunsky and fellow Calgarian Rick Distefano will both take on the best from the East Coast. Distefano has had a r/u and a #1 qualifying spot at the two events he has competed at and Kerunsky went to the semis three weeks ago at Budds Creek.

Oct. 12th, 2003

Canada West Doorslammer champion for 2003 is Joe Mellof.

Joe Mellof (1st), Ray Kirton (2nd), Rob Charlton (3rd)

Due to the bad weather this past weekend, the Canada West Doorslammer association never got the chance to run their last event of the year. Based on the point total for the six events Maple Ridge's Joe Mellof got the title by 20 points over second year competitor Ray Kirton. In third place was last year's #4 Rob Charlton, who finished another 10 points back. The series, thanks to all our sponsors and members had $5000.00 in the pool for the season points fund. Joe (left) recieved 1500.00 for first, Ray Kirton (centre) got 1000.00 for second and Rob Charlton (right) got 700.00 for third with the balance (1800.00) spread out down the rest of the top ten.

Joe certainly was the most dominant guy throughout the season as he was the only multiple winner. Here are the top ten in the final point standings:

1. Joe Mellof 567
2. Ray Kirton 547
3. Rob Charlton 531
4. Dave Warren 430
5. Steve Ellis 413
6. Roy Lazic 378
7. Layne Wooley 376
8. Duane Grosart 357
9. Rick Macleod 348
10. Mike Bedsworth 329

The series was just as competitive as the 2002 season and the final event could have had three different winners much like last year. The only top five guy from the 2002 season that was also in the top five this year was Rob Charlton. Next year, it looks like their will be a number of new cars competing, so the future looks bright. Also a few new rules for 2004 including a big one for the faster cars and that is no restriction on low et. The past has seen a 7.00 limit, but will more and more fast cars competing, the limit was dropped, so expect to see a few 6 second cars. I can't wait.


Sept.26, 2003 IHRA Presidents Cup Nationals Budds Creek, Md

Final elimination results are here

Qualifying after Friday's two sessions of qualifying at Budds Creek includes Calgary resident Glen Kerunsky in his bright yellow 57 Chevy. After the first run Glen was in the #17 position just out of the field after a 6.477/218 mph. In round two of qualifying, Glen ripped down the track to a 6.307/215mph blast that put him in the #6 position. Two nitrous cars and three blown combinations are in front of him including a great 6.20 by Mike Janis. Qualifying resumes tomorrow afternoon. Here is the top sixteen after Friday.

1 5 Mike Janis, Lancaster NY, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.201 231.40 231.40
2 44 Mike Castellana, Westbury NY, '68 Chevy Camaro 6.258 224.14 224.14
3 1313 Chip King, Roxboro NC, '01 Dodge Avenger 6.259 226.70 226.70
4 4 Ed Hoover, Gilbert SC, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.282 226.01 226.01
5 1968 Billy Harper, Paducah KY, '00 Dodge Viper 6.288 225.56 225.56
6 671 Glen Kerunsky, Calgary AB, '57 Chevy Bel Air 6.307 215.10 218.19
7 1314 Kent Ferrell, Aberdeen MD, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.318 223.88 223.88
8 9 Quain Stott, Inman SC, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.330 227.31 227.31
9 8 Thomas Patterson, Houston TX, '41 Willys 6.331 222.03 223.10
10 1057 Carl Spiering, Jordan Station ON, '57 Chevy Be 6.335 222.33 222.33
11 320 Steve Engel, Shandon OH, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.346 225.90 226.70
12 1955 Charles Carpenter, Harrisburg NC, '55 Chevy Be 6.346 222.14 222.14
13 1050 Patrick Doherty, Windham NH, '57 Chevy Bel Air 6.353 220.69 220.69
14 1149 Sal Passarelli, New Millford CT, '68 Chevy Nova 6.369 223.84 223.84
15 1973 Steve Salvadore, Barre MA, '57 Chevy Bel Air 6.372 225.37 225.37
16 1512 Mike Stawicki, Medina NY, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.379 222.36 222.36




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