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Nov 4, 2006

Jonathan Adams posted this on the Top Comp web site.

Top Comp will be split into two classes in 2007, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman. Auto Max USA will sponsor the Top Sportsman class.

Top Dragster - top 64 qualifiers quicker than 7.99

Top Sportsman - top 32 qualifiers quicker than 8.19

Throttle stops cannot be used to control RPM down track. Lane choice to the quicker car from the previous round. Diapers, CrossTalk, etc., etc.

We have DD meetings on Thursday, so some of the nuts and bolts will get finalized then.

D-7 will go to 48 cars in each class.

Nov 3, 2006

AMS Pro Mod series wrap-up


LAS VEGAS (Oct. 29, 2006) - Jay Payne's final Pro Modified pass of
the 2006 season might not have been a thing of beauty, but the final
result is one that he will treasure forever.

Payne (Valvoline '05 Stratus) crossed the centerline in the final
round of the season-ending ACDelco Las Vegas Nationals on Sunday to
give Troy Critchley (AMS Staff Leasing '70 Barracuda) an easier-than-
expected win, although it would be hard to blame him if his mind was
elsewhere. Two rounds earlier, Payne clinched his first AMS Staff
Leasing Pro Mod Challenge presented by RPM Depot championship when he
used a clutch holeshot win to eliminate Joey Martin, his closest
pursuer in the 2006 AMS-RPM points standings.

Payne finished with 2,717 points in the nine Pro Mod Challenge events
of 2006 (the Richmond event was rained out) to finish roughly two
rounds in front of Martin. Joshua Hernandez used a semifinal finish
in Las Vegas to edge Shelly Payne, Jay's wife, for third place. The
2006 championship was decided in Sunday's quarterfinals when Payne
used an .032 light and a 6.113 to edge Martin's quicker 6.106,
ousting Martin from the field and mathematically sewing up the title.

For Critchley, one of the series' established veterans, the event win
was the first in an AMS-RPM points-scoring race (he previously won
last season's Pro Mod Clash bonus event at the same track). He ended
the event - and the 2006 Pro Mod season - with a stout 6.098 in the
final that would have been tough to beat even had Payne had an A-to-B
run. That run capped a stellar weekend for Critchley and the AMS
Staff Leasing team, which qualified No. 2 with a 6.091 before putting
together eliminations passes of 6.08, 6.12, and 6.13 to reach the final.

"I couldn't be happier to finally win one of these things fo7r [owner
and series sponsor] Dave Wood and all the guys on the team," said
Critchley, who has raced in all but three of the NHRA Pro Mod events
ever contested.

Payne is the AMS-RPM series' fourth different season champion,
following Shannon Jenkins (2002), Fred Hahn (2003), and current Funny
Car driver Mike Ashley (both 2004 and 2005). He won two events in
2006 (the season opener in Gainesville and Bristol) to bring his
career total to four. The Payne family added another win earlier this
season in Dallas when Shelly Payne won her first career Pro Mod title
with a final-round win over Critchley.

Martin also won twice in 2006, claiming the Englishtown and Bristol
titles during a four-race streak in which he reached four straight
final rounds and closed down the formidable gap that Payne had opened
in the points chase. Overall, the Pro Mod Challenge finished the 2006
season with six different winners in nine events.

"I couldn't have asked for a better end to a great season," said AMS-
RPM series administrator Matthew Brammer. "We had Jay Payne and Joey
Martin racing heads-up to decide the championship, Troy Critchley
winning a well-deserved title, and a number of 6.0-second or 235-mph
runs. It was an exciting way to end our season."

Brammer also indicated that the AMS-RPM series would be releasing its
2007 schedule in the near future.

Las Vegas Nationals notes: Four drivers - Jay and Shelly Payne,
Hernandez, and Rick Stivers - qualified for all nine Pro Mod
Challenge events this season. .... Following a quarterfinals finish
in Las Vegas, Thomas Patterson finished ninth in the final AMS-RPM
points standings to secure his fourth career top-10 finish. Ashley is
the only other driver with four top-10s. ... Both ends of the Strip
at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Pro Modified records were re-set over the
weekend. Hernandez lowered his own e.t. record to 6.084 and Critchley
upped the speed record to 237.42.

Sunday's eliminations results

Josh Hernandez 6.121 235.39
Mike Bell 6.367 222.62

Cody Barklage 6.128 233.20
T. Patterson 6.185 227.23

Troy Critchley 6.122 237.17
Shelly Payne 6.381 199.94

Jay Payne 6.113 235.51
Joey Martin 6.106 233.08

Troy Critchley 6.132 235.23
Cody Barklage 6.172 231.52

Jay Payne 6.190 229.90
Josh Hernandez Red-light

Troy Critchley 6.098 235.35
Jay Payne Centerline

AMS-RPM Pro Mod Challenge points standings
(final, pending approval)

1. Jay Payne 2,717
2. Joey Martin 2,505
3. Joshua Hernandez 2,313
4. Shelly Payne 2,215
5. Troy Critchley 1,881
6. Cody Barklage 1,470
7. Rick Stivers 1,367
8. Chip King 1,366
9. Thomas Patterson 1,346
10. Matt Hagan 1,166

Series champions

2006: Jay Payne
2005: Mike Ashley
2004: Mike Ashley
2003: Fred Hahn
2002: Shannon Jenkins

Sept. 28, 2006

(Photos courtesy Lloyd Thomas, Bill Jeffery Dean Murdoch, Larry Pfister, Rich Carlson and Richard Siemens)

Note....Most of the information in the story was through a conference call to Terry McHardy and Mark Fletcher. Also sorry if some of the dates are not correct, but the call was to a bunch of old guys and you know how their memory works!!!!

The North West lost a long time racer widely known from Alberta to the Lower Mainland last week…………..

……….William John Visser was born November 28th 1940, and his love for motorsport was groomed at a fairly young age, and he had many legends to mentor him back in those in his Alberta days.

William "Old Timer Bill" Visser started his racing and automotive career in Edmonton and was heavily involved through the hey day of Drag Racing in the province of Alberta back in the late 60's to early 80's. Names such as Bernie Fedderly, Terry Capps, Dale Armstrong and Graham Light are amongst those who knew and/or worked with Bill.
Bill worked for Terry Capp at an automotive shop called "Wheeler Dealer", a high-end automotive race shop catering exclusively to the serious racer.
There he was a mechanic and engine assembler for many high profile drag racers. He was involved in the very active street rod scene.
In the early 70's he started racing himself with a 57 Chrysler, and after that he campaigned his first car that would become his drag racing nickname, the "Old Timer".

The moniker "Old Timer" has been with him since he started racing at Edmonton Speedway. A very nice B/G Anglia was first Old Timer Car. It had a hemi in it, and Chrysler power had been the choice of Bill ever since. The Anglia was always a contender whenever the "Old Timer" hit the track. Bill stopped driving the "Old Timer" in the late 70's due to medical reasons and he has had drivers ever since.

There were three or four serious Speed shops in the Edmonton area, including Pacemaker Auto, Wheeler Dealer, and JB's. It was while working in the industry that he met long time friend Mark Fletcher. Fletcher worked at Pacemaker and the two built up a friendship even though they were at rival speed shops.

Bill and wife Dorothy lived, raced and worked in Edmonton throughout the 70's and stayed there until the early 80's when he moved to BC due to the tragic loss of one of his daughter Karen.

Bill had been married to his wife Dorothy for four decades, and Bill kept his hand in the automotive business while living on the Island. It was there that he built the famous '68 Cuda, and he has campaigned it ever since (it has evolved a few times since the mid 80's). The car started off with a blown 440 Chrysler, and he found that it was much better to be "blown" than injected.


A few years later, the family moved to the lower mainland (204th St. Langley) and he opened the first "Old Timer" Transmission shop in White Rock.

Bill and Mark had lost touch when Bill moved West, and it was by chance that they would meet up again on the West Coast.
Mark was working for Chicago Pneumatics, and was making a sales call next door to Bill's shop when he noticed a business called "Old Timer Transmissions." Mark did a double take and sure enough, when he went into the shop low and behold, there was his old buddy Bill. Their friendship was rekindled. And CP became a sponsor on the Cuda, a sponsorship that continues through this season.

He saw that the high performance Street rod and race-car business was centred in Langley and he decided to move the business to Langley as well.

He starting campaigning the Cuda just after the Eagle Motorplex opened in the late 80's and decided to get back in the seat to see if he still had it. The experiment did not last long, and he brought in Kelowna driver Mike Schewe to sit between the frame rails. Mike was in the seat for a year or so.

After the business move to Langley he changed to a couple different locations to find the right one, but was on Industrial Ave. where he met who would become a more permanent driver Terry McHardy. Terry is one of the best known drivers to come out of the BC and he went to the shop to get some work done and he and Bill struck up a conversation about racing and Bill stated that he had a blown 68 Cuda and the driver he had was a bit intimidated by all the power. Terry jumped at the chance and the partnership worked out just great. At the first race, Terry and the Cuda took on a bunch of quicker cars but he won every match.

That was in 1995, and from there, Bill put in his favourite Power plant a "Hemi". He wanted it to run in the 7's at close to 200 mph.

He got his wish at the Mission Divisional. When he ran a great 7.47 @ 187 mph. The car was only certified for 7.50, so the team got a bit of a tongue lashing from the Tech department.

As the new millennium neared, Bill knew if he was to get as much out of the racecar as the potential of the blown hemi showed, he would need to update the chassis to Advanced ET. He contracted Ryan & RH Race Cars from Kelowna to do the work, and in 2003 the car was finished and it had an all-new Mopar paint scheme.

To say the he car looked great was an understatement to say the least!!
But what would it do on the track?

Unfortunately he would not find out any time soon, as he had to step back a bit, due to more serious heart and circulatory problems. He had major surgery, and it put him out of commission for six months.

Good friends, Chuck Marchand, Bob Stevens and Mark were his able crew guys, but for the next couple years, Bill raced sporadically, mostly due to funding and his ongoing health issues. Issues that would be with him, right to the very end.

Terry had moved to the Okanogan, and it was then he met up with Benny Rees. Rees was a gear-head like most guys from Langley are, and the two became very good friends. Ben and Bill opened up a new shop together in late 2005 and earlier that year, Benny got licensed in the 'Cuda, and turned in a best ET of 7.37 @ over 195 mph.



Bill had more tragedy in 2005, when another daughter, Dawn died tragically.

In 2006, Bill was out for a couple CW Doorslammer events, but the car was plagued by mechanical issues throughout the year. Health issues also plagued Bill. He suffered from major circulation problems and was due for surgery in the fall of 2006.

Bill was not a fan on the operating room, but knew he had to have surgery as his walking was very laboured, and he could only be on his feet for short periods of time.
Bill was set for surgery in the middle of Sept., but Bill and the team found the time to race in the late Summer and early fall.

The team raced at a Pro Mod event in August as MRP, but they had cylinder head issues at that event. Then just a few days before the tragedy struck, the team went down to Seattle for the first DS race there, and disaster struck!

Just off the starting line in the final qualifier, Ben was driving the car, and it shook the tires hard and the shake split the fuel cell. The methanol got on the headers and ignited setting the entire front end ablaze. The fire was eventually put out, but the damage looked extensive.

After further review, the car was not as bad as first thought, but it would have to wait until after surgery.

Unfortunately, for Bill and the team, they never got a chance to rebuild. Bill went into surgery Thursday Sept. 21st, but never came out. An aorta burst while on the operating table, and the doctors could not save him.
Bill leaves behind his wife Dorothy and children Joanne, Will, Lynda and James, grandchildren Ashton, Laran, Sean and Teri-Lyn.

Friend Mark summed it up best when he said, "it was a great ride Bill".

The funeral was held Thursday Sept. 28th, 2006 in Cloverdale BC.

(Photos courtesy Lloyd Thomas, Bill Jeffery Dean Murdoch, Larry Pfister, Rich Carlson and Richard Siemens)


August 13, 2006

Final Qualifying From The Nightfires

Pro Modified

1. John Scialpi, West Covina CA, 6.373 - 219.03
2. Joe Delehay, Calgary AB, 6.389 - 227.96
3. Lee Smith, Salem OR, 6.397 - 223.93
4. Dennis Radford, Baker City OR, 6.448 - 216.45
5. Rod Pearce, Granite Bay CA, 6.482 - 214.64
6. Billy Harper, Paducah KY, 6.532 - 214.43
7. Kip DuPuis, Los Gatos CA, 6.550 - 222.55
8. Vern Mills, Missoula MT, 6.565 - 180.68
9. Ross Hogenson, Lethbridge AB, 6.629 - 215.15
10. Donnie Martin, Lake Forest CA, 6.643 - 212.56
11. BJ Verkler, Thornton CO, 6.660 - 210.32
12. Bryon Mackey, Ault CO, 6.690 - 211.46
13. Tommy Johanns, Castle Rock CO, 6.705 - 206.46
14. Rod Burbage, Anderson CA, 6.716 - 215.67
15. Randy Kay, Reno NV, 6.808 - 204.08
16. Dan Vogt, Regina SK, 6.864 - 200.17
17. Lee Frank, Missoula MT, 7.265, 184.42
18. Doug Ballance, Folsom CA, 7.306 - 180.46

AA/Fuel Dragster
1. Brad Thompson, Visalia CA, 5.883 - 245.70
2. Mendy Fry, Aliso Viejo CA, 5.931 - 235.66
3. Brett Harris, Kaysville UT, 5.971 - 244.23
4. Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, 5.971 - 233.88
5. Sean Bellemeur, Fullerton CA, 5.985 - 247.52
6. Rick White, San Diego CA, 5.996 - 241.09
7. Howard Haight, Brownburg IN, 5.998 - 250.83
8. Rick McGee, Exeter CA, 6.017 - 237.90

Tater Baker Four-Car Runoff
9. Jason Richey, Pleasanton CA, 6.021 - 251.11
10. Scott Mason, Syracuse UT, 6.037 - 237.27
11. Bill Dunlap, Capitola CA, 6.057 - 246.71
12. Mark Malde, Windsor CA, 6.079 - 230.71
13. Adam Sorokin, Los Angeles CA, 6.118 - 241.80
14. Brendan Murry, San Jose CA, 6.212 - 233.16
15. John Shoemaker, Sacramento CA, 6.517 - 218.28

AA/Funny Car Qualifying
1. Mike Savage, Tucson AZ, 6.347 - 220.04
2. Dennis LaCharite, Rolling Hills Estates CA, 6.451 - 231.48
3. Steve Nichols, Newark DE, 6.562 - 222.16
4. Lee Jennings, Hilmar CA, 6.769 - 209.39
5. Mike Adams, Scottsdale AZ, 6.769 - 209.39
6. Bob Godfrey, Moreno Valley CA, 6.851 - 176.57
7. Ed Schwarz, Santa Fe Springs CA, 7.025 - 188.48
8. Sean Dale, Glendale AZ, 7.121 - 172.44
9. Jeff Utterback, Santa Monica CA, 14.992 - 83.87

AA/Fuel Altered Qualifying
1. Dave Hix, Central Point OR, 6.127 - 232.61
2. Greg Daebelliehn, Chino Valley AZ, 6.316 - 218.02
3. Ricky Ruiz, Sparks NV, 6.331 - 230.29
4. James Generalao Jr., Las Vegas NV, 6.337 - 216.50
5. Randy Eakins, Carson City NV, 6.377 - 214.89
6. Vince Generalao, Las Vegas NV, 6.483 - 224.55
7. Ed Schwarz, Santa Fe Springs CA, 6.749 - 217.23
8. Stephen Neese, Glendale AZ, 7.359 - 177.51
9. Mitch King, Galveston TX, 8.342 - 123.96



August 12, 2006

Boise Nighfire Nationals

Pro Modified

Round one qualifying

1. John Scialpi, West Covina CA, 6.373 - 219.03
2. Joe Delehay, Calgary AB, 6.393 - 222.55
3. Lee Smith, Salem OR, 6.451 - 223.93
4. Billy Harper, Paducah KY, 6.532 - 214.43
5. Dennis Radford, Baker City OR, 6.537 - 204.40
6. Vern Mills, Missoula MT, 6.565 - 180.68
7. Rod Pearce, Granite Bay CA, 6.583 - 215.98
8. BJ Verkler, Thornton CO, 6.660 - 210.32

9. Kip DuPuis, Los Gatos CA, 6.698 - 220.85
10. Tommy Johanns, Castle Rock CO, 6.705 - 206.46
11. Randy Kay, Reno NV, 6.808 - 204.08
12. Ross Hogenson, Lethbridge AB, 6.829 - 213.67
13. Dan Vogt, Regina SK, 6.864 - 200.17
14. Rod Burbage, Anderson CA, 6.902 - 207.51
15. Lee Frank, Missoula MT, 7.265, 184.42
16. Doug Ballance, Folsom CA, 7.306 - 180.46
17. Donnie Martin, Lake Forest CA, 9.857 - 85.58
18. Bryon Mackey, Ault CO, 10.253 - 84.79

Top Fuel

AA/Fuel Dragster
1. Sean Bellemeur, Fullerton CA, 5.985 - 247.52
2. Bill Dunlap, Capitola CA, 6.071 - 239.23
3. Rick McGee, Exeter CA, 6.087 - 243.90
4. Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, 6.097 - 219.83
5. Brad Thompson, Visalia CA, 6.111 - 209.39
6. Jason Richey, Pleasanton CA, 6.118 - 249.86
7. Adam Sorokin, Los Angeles CA, 6.118 - 241.80
8. Scott Mason, Syracuse UT, 6.185 - 231.
9. Mark Malde, Windsor CA, 6.311 - 198.15
10. Brett Harris, Kaysville UT, 6.787 - 146.77
11. John Shoemaker, Sacramento CA, 6.817 - 187.89
12. Brendan Murry, San Jose CA, 7.273 - 134.04
13. Mendy Fry, Aliso Viejo CA, 9.608 - 75.68
14. Rick White, San Diego CA, 28.000 - No Speed
15. Howard Haight, Brownburg IN, DQ - Centerline

Nitro Funny Car

AA/Funny Car
1. Mike Savage, Tucson AZ, 6.347 - 220.04
2. Dennis LaCharite, Rolling Hills Estates CA, 6.620 - 229.94
3. Steve Nichols, Newark DE, 6.685 - 214.38
4. Mike Adams, Scottsdale AZ, 6.918 - 204.68
5. Ed Schwarz, Santa Fe Springs CA, 7.025 - 188.48
6. Sean Dale, Glendale AZ, 7.121 - 172.44
7. Bob Godfrey, Moreno Valley CA, 7.367 - 175.37
8. Lee Jennings, Hilmar CA, 13.285 - 83.14
9. Jeff Utterback, Santa Monica CA, 14.992 - 83.87

Fuel Altered

AA/Fuel Altered
1. Greg Daebelliehn, Chino Valley AZ, 6.316 - 218.02
2. Ricky Ruiz, Sparks NV, 6.331 - 230.29
3. James Generalao Jr., Las Vegas NV, 6.337 - 216.50
4. Dave Hix, Central Point OR, 6.399 - 219.03
5. Ed Schwarz, Santa Fe Springs CA, 6.749 - 217.23
6. Stephen Neese, Glendale AZ, 7.499 - 106.66
7. Mitch King, Galveston TX, 18.460 - 30.78
8. Randy Eakins, Carson City NV, 28.000 - No Speed
9. Vince Generalao, Las Vegas NV, DQ - Centerline

June 21, 2006

Thunder by the River Pro Mod elimination results

Sunday Gallery is here

Saturday Gallery is here

First round
Trevor Lowe .092/6.329/226.52
Rick Distefano .100/6.434/191.89 (Rick hung an intake and broke a rocker causing the blower and burst panel to let go, sending the hood hatch flying through the air at the 800 foot mark.)

Rick came back later with duck tape attached and ran a 6.17/235

Glen Kerunsky 6.173/231.30
Kip Dupuis (left before tree was activated)

Kip came back later and ran a career best 6.25/ 225

Carl Spiering .090/6.164/233.70
Jay Syvertson .172/10.409/77.09

Scott Cannon .134/6.071/238.72
Glen May .219/6.408/223.54

Semi finals
Kerunsky 6.154/231.66
Spiering .030/12.949/63.06 (blazed the hides)

Scott Cannon .078/6.140/235.23
Lowe broke

Final round

W - Scott Cannon, '06 GTO .059/6.101/235.10
RU - Glen Kerunsky, '57 Bel Air .047/6.152/231.24

Low ET of the weekend Carl Spiering, Jordan Station, Ontario, '67 Camaro 6.032
Top Speed - Scott Cannon 238.72

Spiering won three $500.00 bonuses for low ets through qualifying. Cannon won one for low et in eliminations.

The end results were, the quickest et and fastest mph in Canadian history. Also the fastest mph and quickest et in IHRA history.

(Carl Spiering 6.032)

(Scotty Cannon 238.72)


June 20, 2006 Salt Lake West Coast Pro Mod results

Lee Smith is on his way to defending his 2005 champoinship

PO BOX 825
Frenchtown Montana 59834

The WCPMA put on a great show for the capacity crowd in Salt Lake City at the Fuel and Fire Show Saturday night and broke the Pro Mod MPH track record in the process. With thirteen entries for an eight car field the pro mod speed record was set after the first round of qualifying by Joe Delehay with a then track record 6.51 at 221.34 mph. The next round the ET record was almost set by Ross Hogansen who claimed the $500.00 #1 qualifier bonus money put up by Pro Mod Source with a spectacular 6.48 et. Delehay was not able to make the call on the 2nd and final round due to a broken clutch finger.

The first round of eliminations saw the number #1 and number #2 cars of Ross Hogenson and Joe Delehay both lose, Delehay with transmission problems after his burnout and Hogansen with staging problems that led up to a slow time slip sending both number #7 (Tom Johans) and number #8 (Billy Harper) into round two. Lee Smith beat Vern Mills who was inserted as an alternate into the field as Pat Stoken was done due to parts breakage. The number six qualified car of Bryan Mackey from Denver Colorado just nipped the pride of Saskatewan Dan Vogt in the Vogt Bros Nitrous Corvette in one of the closest races of the round. The semis found the two Colorado cars facing each other and Johans prevailed after Mackey’s car got real loose after 300 feet. The other match up saw Lee Smith on a single when Bill Harper could not make the call with his Viper entry. In the final it was WCPMA 2005 series champion “Lee Smith” who won a pedal fest over Tom Johans when both lost traction. Both cars were on and off the throttle all the way down trying to navigate the quarter mile. Smiths time of 6.91 187mph was enough to get by Johans time of 7.47 @141 mph. The next stop on the WCPMA event schedule is Medicine Hat Alberta July 22 .

For the full report and photos go to their web site.

For more information on drivers, cars and future WCPMA event’s schedule check the WCPMA web site

For information on tickets, travel and motels for the next WCPMA in Medicine Hat Alberta check out the tracks web site

June 19, 2006

AMS Results from Englishtown

ENGLISHTOWN (June 18, 2006) - With the right personnel and the right
parts already on board, driver Joey Martin was a Pro Mod Challenge
win just looking for a place to happen. That place turned out to be
Englishtown's Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.

Backed by the crew chief (Chuck Ford) and the car ('67 Mustang) that
helped Mike Ashley to the 2005 series championship, Martin won his
first career AMS Staff Leasing Pro Mod Challenge presented by RPM
Depot title on Sunday, outrunning Brandon Pesz in the K&N Filters
SuperNationals final, 6.200 to 6.253. The final was the second
straight on the Pro Mod Challenge tour for Martin, who was runner-up
to Jay Payne in Bristol.

Martin and the Tindle/TARE team were strong throughout the weekend,
qualifying No. 3 with a 6.12, then running three straight 6-teen
e.t.s to reach the final. That series of runs included a small
measure of revenge over Payne, who fell to Martin in the semi's, 6.16
to 6.21, and saw his winning streak end at six rounds.

With the win, Martin jumped from seventh to second place in the AMS-
RPM points standings. His points total after four events is 1,036,
which trails only Payne's 1,458 and is roughly a full round-win in
front of third-place Joshua Hernandez's 943.

For Pesz, who was racing in his first Pro Mod Challenge final,
winning three rounds was a welcome antidote to a disappointing DNQ in
Bristol. He qualified No. 12, but then found ways to win in
eliminations, beating three higher-qualified drivers - No. 5 Matt
Hagan, No. 4 Cody Barklage, and No. 8 Chip King - to earn a shot at
the event title. He jumped six spots in the standings and now sits in
the No. 11 spot, just 23 points behind Troy Critchley for a place in
the top 10.

Martin, Pesz, and No. 1 qualifier Shelly Payne also took home some
bonus money from Englishtown, thanks to Pro Mod Challenge veteran
Mike Castellana and his Western Beef company. The Western Beef
Showdown finished with Martin scoring a $3,000 bonus, and Pesz and
Payne grabbing $1,000 apiece. Castellana himself reached the
quarterfinals before bowing out against Jay Payne in a close race,
6.22 to 6.23.

The Pro Mod Challenge record book continued to take a beating in the
2006 season. The track e.t. record (Al Billes' 6.030 last season)
held up, but the speed record fell to Shelly Payne, who posted a
237.42 during qualifying.

Next up for the AMS-RPM series is its quickest turnaround of the 2006
season. The NHRA Pro Mods will be back in action Friday at the
O'Reilly Midwest Nationals in St. Louis to finish the second half of
the Pro Mod Challenge's only back-to-back weekends of the season.

K&N Filters SuperNationals eliminations results

Chip King 6.223 232.59
Burton Auxier 6.311 224.73

Brandon Pesz 6.251 230.25
Cody Barklage 15.214 52.62

Jay Payne 6.222 232.15
Mike Castellana 6.237 231.24

Joey Martin 6.172 231.48
Troy Critchley 8.035 136.18

Brandon Pesz 6.261 229.24
Chip King 6.324 229.35

Joey Martin 6.169 232.15
Jay Payne 6.219 231.95

Joey Martin 6.200 231.36
Brandon Pesz 6.253 229.63

June 17, 2006

Full reports from all three pro mod events Sunday

West Coast Pro Mod final qualifying from Salt Lake

1. Ross Hogenson 6.489 218.81
2. Joe Delahay 6.511 221.34
3. Dan Vogt 6.596 210.08
4. Lee Smith 6.600 217.60
5. Pat Stoken 6.624 212.51
6. Gary MacKey 6.648 216.39
7. Tom Johans 6.650 210.57
8. Billy Harper 6.674 217.54

9. Vern Mills 6.892 183.59
10. Rod Pierce 7.187 202.06
11. Dennis Radford 7.249 138.56
12. Perry Thyr 7.350 199.11
13. Doug Ballance 7.858 130.62

Final qualifying for the Cutler Hammer/ Eaton "Thunder by the River" at Mission Raceway

1.Carl Spiering 6.03/235.91 #2 (run #1 6.10, #3 6.07)

2.Scotty Cannon 6.09/236.50 #3 (run #1 6.28, #2 6.17)

3.Glen Kerunsky 6.15/233.58 #1 (#2 shut off #3 6.15)

4.Rick Distefano 6.17/234.10 #1 9 #2 lifted #3 lifted)

5.Trevor Lowe 6.17/228.25 #2 (#1 lifted, #3 6.18)

6.Kip Dupius 6.34/222.27 #3 (6.42, #2 6.65)

7.Glen May 6.40/221 #2 ( #1 smoked tires, #3 did not run)

8.Jay Syvertsen 7.?/195 #1 (#2 trouble, #3 trouble)

AMS Pro Mod from Englishtown

Round one eliminations

Auxier Stuns Top Qualifier; King Posts 6.11 in First Round

ENGLISHTOWN (June 17, 2006) - Coming out of the No. 16 qualifying
spot for the second straight event and staring uphill at a decided
performance disadvantage, Burton Auxier did what any self-respecting
drag racer would do when faced with long odds: he stopped worrying
about it and sawed down the Tree.

Auxier posted an .029 start in his nitrous-oxide-injected '53
Corvette to edge No. 1 qualifier Shelly Payne in the opening round of
eliminations Saturday at the K&N Filters SuperNationals, 6.22 to a
quicker 6.14, striking a blow for nitrous fans everywhere and
advancing into Sunday's AMS Staff Leasing Pro Mod Challenge presented
by RPM Depot quarterfinals. Payne had earlier qualified No. 1 with a
6.065 best; Auxier came close to missing eliminations altogether, but
his 6.23 was enough to get him into the field.

Auxier will face No. 8 qualifier Chip King in Sunday's quarterfinals.
Other second-round matchups include No. 2 Jay Payne vs. No. 7 Mike
Castellana, No. 3 Joey Martin vs. No. 11 Troy Critchley, and No. 4
Cody Barklage vs. No. 12 Brandon Pesz. Of the winning drivers, King,
behind the wheel of his '69 Daytona, had the low e.t. of the first
round, running a 6.118 in his win over Rick Stivers, although Martin
(6.12) and Payne (6.13) were not far behind King's standard.

Payne, the series points leader after the first three events, will
enter Sunday's action with a chance to put some significant pressure
on his pursuers. Second-place Danny Rowe is not competing in
Englishtown, and Joshua Hernandez (third place), Shelly Payne
(fourth), and Matt Hagan (fifth) were all first-round losers.

Critchley, competing in his 50th Pro Mod Challenge event, won his
first round since the season-opener in Gainesville. He posted a 6.18
to oust Steve Bareman, who was making his series debut.

First-round results
(winner on top)

Burton Auxier 6.222 225.79
Shelly Payne 6.144 235.06

Chip King 6.118 234.78
Rick Stivers 6.163 232.75

Cody Barklage 6.959 145.19
Eddie Ware 11.523 95.44

Brandon Pesz 6.181 228.61
Matt Hagan Red-light

Jay Payne 6.136 234.04
Jim Halsey 6.190 228.65

Mike Castellana 6.157 232.39
Josh Hernandez 6.198 233.28

Joey Martin 6.124 219.29
S. Jenkins Red-light

Troy Critchley 6.183 231.79
Steve Bareman 8.165 121.03

Final qualifying

1 775 Shelly Payne, Ontario CA, *'05 Stratus 6.065 237.42 237.42
2 2 Jay Payne, Ontario CA, *'05 Stratus 6.094 226.13 234.66
3 2003 Joey Martin, Milton FL, *'67 Mustang 6.126 232.67 232.67
4 5083 Cody Barklage, Eldon MO, *'05 GTO 6.130 234.66 235.02
5 2814 Matt Hagan, Christiansburg VA, *'63 Corvette 6.130 233.88 233.88
6 12 Steve Bareman, Elma NY, '06 Stratus 6.133 232.95 232.95
7 44 Mike Castellana, Westbury NY, '04 Cavalier 6.151 232.47 232.47
8 1313 Chip King, Semora NC, *'69 Daytona 6.157 235.80 235.80
9 314 Rick Stivers, Lexington KY, *'63 Corvette 6.163 233.36 233.36
10 4901 Joshua Hernandez, Conroe TX, *'68 Camaro 6.175 233.08 233.08
11 1010 Troy Critchley, Wylie TX, *'71 Barracuda 6.175 231.56 235.39
12 463 Brandon Pesz, The Woodlands TX, *'53 Corvette 6.189 230.33 230.33
13 1941 Eddie Ware, Marietta GA, *'67 Camaro 6.190 228.11 228.11
14 21 Shannon Jenkins, Tuscaloosa AL, '68 Camaro 6.198 228.31 228.58
15 4 Jim Halsey, Street MD, '63 Corvette 6.215 228.11 228.11
16 8 Burton Auxier, Dixie WV, '53 Corvette 6.230 225.75 225.75

June 16, 2006

Coverage in the doorzone is extensive this weekend as we will have coverage from four doorcar events. The AMS Pro Mods from Englishtown, The West Coast Pro Mods from Salt Lake and "Thunder by the River" Pro Mod race from Mission and the Canada West Doorslammer race also from Misssion

"Thunder by the River"

Mission Raceway has three big doorcar series on hand this weekend. The Pro Mods, the Doorslammers and a street car shootout. A few Pro Mods make short squirts on Friday, mostly working on their two step combination. No full passes were made and Trevor Lowe, Rick Distefano and Scotty Cannon Jr. all made solid 330 foot launches.

Not to be outdone in the transorter warz, Steve Horne brought out a very nice lounge for Jay Syvertsen's pit area that is used by movie sets for the BIG stars.

In the Street Legal races Friday night, Rash Dhaliwal ripped off a great 6.83/205 to set the mark for the rest of qualifying.

Englishtown AMS Pro Mods

Payne Again Leads Qualifying - But This Time, It's Shelly

ENGLISHTOWN (June 16, 2006) - The Payne family handed out a double
dose of "take that" during the opening rounds of AMS Staff Leasing
Pro Mod Challenge presented by RPM Depot qualifying on Friday, with
both Shelly and Jay Payne dipping into the 6.0-second zone to grab
the top two spots at the K&N Filters SuperNationals.

Driving identically prepared '05 Stratuses tuned by Brad Anderson,
Shelly Payne (6.065) and husband Jay (6.094) were the only drivers to
go below 6.10 during Friday's two Pro Mod Challenge qualifying
sessions. Adding to the family's memorable day was Shelly Payne's top
speed of 237.42 mph, the sixth-fastest ever recorded in NHRA Pro Mod

Qualifying for the SuperNationals concludes Saturday afternoon with a
final session. The top 16 drivers will then return later in the day
to contest the first round of Pro Mod Challenge eliminations.


The Paynes' stellar day Friday was not without some dramatics. In the
first session, Jay Payne went to the top of the order with his 6.094,
but trailed some smoke through the shutdown area. In the second
session, Shelly Payne ended up in the top-end gravel following her
high-speed run; Jay Payne did not make an attempt at all. Neither
incident is expected to keep the husband-wife duo from competing on

In all, the top 11 drivers on Friday went into the 6-teens or better.
Pro Mod Challenge rookie Matt Hagan continued his string of
impressive performances with a 6.130 for the No. 3 spot, just in
front of No. 4 Joey Martin (6.138) and No. 5 Cody Barklage (6.143).
Mike Castellana, who is taking $5,000 out of his own pocket to
promote the event's Western Beef Showdown bonus package, finished
Friday as the top-ranked driver of a nitrous-oxide-added car, running
a 6.17 for the No. 8 spot.

A number of area drivers are competing at the SuperNationals, the Pro
Mod Challenge's only Northeastern event. In addition to Castellana,
who is from Westbury, N.Y., three Northeast-based drivers made their
series debuts: New Yorkers Steve Bareman and Vinny Budano, and
Connecticut resident Gene Terenzio. Bareman is in the No. 9 spot
after the first two qualifying sessions, running a 6.17 best.

Steve Bareman.

Qualifying results
(through 2 of 3 sessions)
1. Shelly Payne 6.065
2. Jay Payne 6.094
3. Matt Hagan 6.130
4. Joey Martin 6.138
5. Cody Barklage 6.143
6. Chip King 6.157
7. Rick Stivers 6.163
8. Mike Castellana 6.170
9. Steve Bareman 6.170
10. Brandon Pesz 6.189
11. Troy Critchley 6.196
12. Josh Hernandez 6.200
13. Shannon Jenkins 6.216
14. Burton Auxier 6.230
15. Jim Halsey 6.261
16. Scott Ray 6.267
(not qualified)
17. Steve Engel 6.300
18. Vinny Budano 6.319
19. T. Patterson 6.328
20. Gene Terenzio 8.914
21. Eddie Ware 8.973

All-time top speeds
1. Jay Payne 239.23
2. Jay Payne 238.51
3. Jay Payne 238.38
4. Troy Critchley 237.90
5. Troy Critchley 237.75
6. Shelly Payne 237.42
7. Al Billes 236.92
8. Jay Payne 236.88
9. Jay Payne 236.38
10. Al Billes 236.03

June 13, 2006

West Coast Pro Mods West Coast Pro Mods

More added info for the West Coast Pro Mod event at Salt Lake

June 14 2006 - For Immediate Release

The WCPMA is ready to put on a huge show in Salt Lake City this Saturday night as the main feature of the annual Rocky Mountain Raceway “Fuel and Fire” Drag Race Show. The 1st of 3 rounds of Qualifying begins Saturday afternoon at 1:00 PM with eliminations for the eight-car field set for 6:30 PM Saturday night. The WCPMA has confirmed that a record amount of entries will be competing for the race purse of over $16,000.00. The winner will receive $3,500.00 to win and the runner up will receive $2,500.00. The WCPMA also would like to thank “ProMod” for sponsoring a $500.00 bonus to the number one qualifier.

The WCPMA drivers have also agreed to run as an added bonus to the fans that come out to this event a Chicago Style shoot-out for the cars that don’t qualify for the eight-car field. “We want to put on the best entertainment possible to express our appreciation to the thousands of fans and friends who support this event every year. "Most WCPMA events only the top eight qualified cars run in eliminations, but this year we decided to give something back to our fans of Salt Lake and run this Chicago Style shoot-out after each round of eliminations, making a race within a race”. As for track records, this track is always prepared to National Event standards and with the caliber of teams and fast cars competing this year, expect to see track records reset. Last years WCPMA event winner Ross Hogenson said “We are really excited and looking forward to defending our title Saturday night, it is a drivers race track and we intend on throwing everything we have at this track to stay on top Saturday night". Salt Lake also marks the return of 2005 WCPMA series champion “Lee Smith” with his wicked blown hemi Corvette. Lee said, “After missing the first event due to family matters , I'm counting the days leading up to Saturday, to get out and make some quick runs down the Salt Lake race track, its one of my favorite tracks we race at each year".

For more information on drivers, cars and future event schedule check the WCPMA web site

For information on tickets, travel and motels information check out the tracks web site

June 13, 2006.............Salt Lake City's Rocky Mountain Raceway is the place to be if you want to see what will possibly be the biggest WCPM event in a couple seasons. 14+ Pro Mods are set to invade the 'Fire and Thunder' show Saturday June 17th at the high altitude race track. This is one of the track's biggest events, as close to 10,000 spectators are usually on hand for the one day event. The West Coast Pro Mod series is hoping to complete their first event of the 2006 season as rain out three weeks ago at Billings Montana washed out that event. This event will feature the best "Nitrous and Blown" cars in the series. Included in the entry list are a couple regular IHRA competitors, as Dennis Radford and team-mate Billy Harper will make an appearance before heading North to Edmonton for the Rocky Mountain Nationals. With those two in attendance, the WCPM regulars will have to have their game face on if they want to be there when eliminations take place under the lights. 2005 champion Lee Smith (right) did not make the Billings event so he was likely happy to see the rain hit there, the same goes for 2004 champ Pat Stoken. Both past champs along with veterans Ross Hogenson (below), Joe Delehay Dan Vogt and Vern Mills will challenge two of the best from the "I". Other teams set to compete at Salt Lake include Doug Ballance, Tom Meheden, Perry Thyr (top), Rod Pearce, Brian MacKay and Tom Johans. There could be a few more teams heading to Salt Lake as well. Just making the field will be an accomplishment. Make sure you log onto the series web site to find out how your favorite team is doing.




Dan Vogt

Vern Mills

Brian MacKay



The second big Pro Mod event in the West is...........

"Thunder by the River"

The other big event for the Pro Mods is at Mission Raceway for the independent Eaton Cutler Hammer "Thunder by the River" open event. This event came about when there were sponsor commitments for the June 16-18 race. When a few local teams decided they did not want to travel to Salt Lake and then head north to Edmonton the following weekend, Trevor and Dave Lowe decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak and organize what could be the quickest eight car field ever on the West Coast. Close to $20,000 in prize money is up for grabs, with close to $7,000 in cash and tools up for grabs to the winner. Besides the Eaton Electrical Camaro driven by IHRA national event winner Carl Spiering (above), the entrant's are a who's who of Pro Mod drag racing. The winningest Pro Mod driver of all time, Scotty Cannon will be here with the "Skull Gear" GTO driven by his son Scotty Jr. Three time IHRA final round finals Glen Kerunsky (below) will also be here. One of the quickest and baddest teams in Pro Mod racing, Rick Distefano (second lower) and partner Al Billes will also test their Corvette in preparations for the Rocky Mountain Nationals the following weekend. Other teams include local favorites Trevor Lowe (all new 68 Camaro), Glen (hold on to your berry's) May, Duane Grosart and Jay Syvertsen. Other hitters include Kirk Kuhns, John Scialpi and Kip DuPuis (second from bottom).

Newcomer Jeff Doyle just got licensed in his cool blown 37 Chevy last weekend at Ashcroft and he may make the trip from Fort St. John. Six more teams have expressed interest and if half of those show up prior to the Edmonton evnet, this could well be a race for the record books. I won't name the other teams, but if they show it will be worth the trek to MRP.

Rick Distefano

Kip Dupius

Jeff Doyle

After the Lucas Oil event two weeks ago where Duane Shields shattered the track and Canadian records (5.213/274.13) on his way to the TAD win , you know the new track surfaceis ready for the Pro Mods.

June 5, 2006

The Pro Mod event is taking shape for MRP next weekend. Cutler-Hammer is the event sponsor and a HUGE name has been added to the list of participants. The legend that is Scotty Cannon will make his first ever appearance in Western Canada. With Cannon added already to the list of top IHRA racers such as point leader Glen Kerunsky, Carl Spiering and Rick Distefano, the race promises to be one of the best pro mod races at Mission Raceway.

Here are the first shots of the newly painted Lowe Down Racing 68 Camaro: (courtesy Bill Jeffery)

May 30, 2006

Unfortunately for the WCPM series, their first event at Billings Montana was rained out, much like every other race in the West. Vern Mills made one small check out pass on Friday and then Saturday was completely rained out. Sunday was set for qualifying and eliminations all in one day, and the first qualifier was run at 11:00 am under very cool moist conditions. No driver to get a handle on the tricky track condition, and the furthest any made it down track was 400 feet. Just before the final qualifier at 1:00 pm, the rains came again and washed out the event. The hope is to reschedule the race for later in the year. The next event on the schedule is June 17 at Salt Lake City

May 8, 2006


West Coast Pro Mods latest news

May 05 2006 - Calgary Alberta

Heres pics of progress at race city. Concrete starting line has been grinded to provide a flat surface and 400 feet of new asphalt was installed from starting line forward also between burnout box and concrete pad pavment was removed and replaced with new.

The West Coast Pro Mod Association is pleased to announce Event Number 6 on the 2006 series tour will take place September 02-03 at Race City Motorsports Park in Calgary Alberta. Located 3 hours south of Edmonton, Race City is undertaking major improvements.( to the 1/4 mile strip including some paving and starting line work. This race will be huge! With competition so close the last few years the series

championship has been decided at the last race of the year. Last Year Lee Smith was crowned champion at the last race on the tour. All top drivers have voiced their excitment about returning to Race City to race in front of the sell out crowds that have attended previous Pro Mod events held. Three Qualifying sessions will take place Saturday Sept 02 to setup an eight car field for Sunday Sept 03. All pro mod teams that comply with IHRA rules are always welcome to attend any WCPMA event. Go to the WCPMA web site for a posted schedule and all their latest news.

The WCPMA 2006 series kicks off May 27-28 with the first event at Yellowstone Drag Strip in Billings Montana, Saturday will eature 3 qualifying rounds to setup the eight car field for Sundays eliminations.
There is an opportunity to test May 26 (Fri night) for all WCPMA cars, gates open at 7pm. Please note that the track is runnning a street car race that night and will fit us in when possible. Saturday 1st round of qualifying starts at 630pm


Pro Mod shootout info at MRP June 16-18th



---Thunder by the River---

At the fastest track in the west


(One week before Edmonton IHRA Race)

Fastest, Baddest race on west coast

Entrants so far include:


---2006 IHRA point’s leader----Glen (I love BC) Kerunsky

---Rick (how you dooin) Distefano

---Carl (Big Dog) Spiering

---John (Woppado) Scialpi

---Trevor (The Kid) Lowe

Kirk (The Kuhn Dog) Kuhn’s

Glen (hang on to your berry’s) May

Other possibles include Kip Dupuis, Jay Syvertsen, Keith Korecki and a couple big name East coast teams

---$20,000.00 (US funds) in prize money

---Winner $5600.00 (US funds)

---$500.00 for Low ET of each qualifying session, Plus $500.00 for low ET of eliminations

---Bonus $1000.00 in JET Tools to the Winner & Runner up

---IHRA rules

---Sea level air right on Fraser River in beautiful British Columbia

---660+ feet of brand new concrete & VHT end-to-end & wall-to-wall

----Entry Fee is refunded for cars that don’t qualify

--- Testing on Friday the 16th

For info contact:

Dave Lowe

PH# (604) 798-9001

Fax (604) 795-9933

Sponsored By

Electrical Business

Sponsored in part by Eaton Electrical


March 20, 2006

Gainesville Pro Mod wrap-up.


In a final race won by a margin of victory of less than five feet, the AMS Staff Leasing Pro Modified Challenge presented by RPM Depot at the ACDelco NHRA Gatornationals was everything Pro Modified fans expected. From the first round of qualifying to the finals on Sunday, the stands at Gainesville Raceway were packed for every Pro Mod run.
What almost came down to a family contest between Jay and Shelly Payne, turned into the "Canadian versus the Californian." Glen Kerunsky of Priddis, Alberta took out Shelly in the semi-finals 6.145 to 6.160. Paired against the 2005 event winner and Ontario Calif. resident Jay Payne in the finals, Kerunsky gave it everything he had, but couldn't get by that Brad Anderson power. Jay repeated as the Gatornationals winner, running 6.155 to Kerunsky's 6.161.

Rick Distefano earned the top qualifier honors with a stunning 6.050/233.88 pass in his last qualifying attempt. Distefano kept his 1963 Corvette on a roll until the second round when he went down to Kerunsky in a nail-biting battle, 6.144 to 6.148.

Troy Critchley in the AMS flagship 1971 Barracuda recovered well from his Friday night pass that showed fans both sides of his car without crossing the line or hitting the wall. The Aussie earned the number 3 position with a 6.055/237.90 pass - the top qualifying speed for the event. Critchley worked all the way to the semi-finals when he was defeated by Jay Payne, 6.122 to 6.377. left in his wake were Thomas Patterson and Ricky Stivers.

None were more surprised than 2004-'05 Pro Mod world champion Mike Ashley when Joey Martin failed to qualify behind the wheel of the Torco-sponsored 1967 Mustang that carried Ashley to an unprecedented 5 event wins last season. Watching from the starting line for nearly every session, Ashley commented that it was strange watching someone else drive "his" car, but that the challenge of Funny Car is where he is focusing his efforts.

"I'm still a Pro Mod driver in my heart," Ashley said.

Next up for the series, the O'Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals in Houston Texas, March 31 - April 2. The 2005 Houston event winner, Joshua Hernandez is looking to get back to his winning ways, and Jay Payne, along with 22 other drivers will be there to try to stop that '68 Camaro from carrying the local-Houston boy to a repeat.

March 5, 2006

Pro Extreme eliminations

Round 1:

Mike Neal, Cantonment FL, '53 Studebaker, Right lane, (0.042) 4.008 182.11 def. Frankie Taylor,
Dickenson TX, '58 Corvette, (0.120) 3.987 184.43

Thomas Patterson, Spring TX, '41 Willys, Right lane, (0.138) 4.002 180.43 def. Troy Critchley,
Wylie TX, '93 Corvette, (0.158) 4.038 182.63

Chip King, Semora NC, '06 Charger, Right lane, (0.109) 4.155 155.66 def. Bill Blackwell, Wagner
SC, '97 Corvette, (0.075) DQ-Centerline

John Lynam, Beaufort SC, '63 Corvette, Left lane, (0.087) 4.023 181.74 def. Jason Scruggs,
Saltillo MS, '63 Corvette, (0.087) 4.565 118.92

Joshua Hernandez, Conroe TX, '57 Bel Air, Right lane, (0.010) 4.009 186.41 def. Eddie Ware,
Marietta GA, '41 Willys, (0.118) 4.259 159.86

Todd Tutterow, Lewisville NC, '02 Mustang, Right lane, (0.085) 4.018 177.51 def. Bubba Stanton,
Potts Camp MS, '63 Corvette, (0.181) 4.048 177.94

Joey Martin, Milton FL, '03 Mustang, Right lane, (0.115) 3.969 184.88 def. Terry Leggett,
Pinetown NC, '41 Willys, (0.059) 4.093 180.87

Bil Clanton, Rome GA, '53 Studebaker, Right lane, (0.064) 3.939 182.78 def. Herman Sheppard,
Ehrhardt SC, '69 Camaro, (0.080) 4.259 171.69

Round 2:

J Lynam, Left lane, (0.172) 4.024 181.38 def. J Hernandez, (0.400) 3.971 184.73

C King, Left lane, (0.084) 4.201 148.96 def. T Tutterow, (0.258) NT-Broke After Staging

J Martin, Left lane, (0.113) 3.937 185.34 def. T Patterson, (0.077) 3.988 183.08

B Clanton, Right lane, (0.059) 3.947 180.65 def. M Neal, (0.068) 5.186 95.72

Semi finals

J Martin, Right lane, (0.057) 4.058 175.44 def. C King, (0.085) 4.076 152.59

J Hernandez, Left lane, (0.083) 3.989 169.11 def. B Clanton, (0.055) 4.017 173.61

Final round

J Martin, Left lane, (0.069) 3.943 185.95 def. J Hernandez, (0.064) 4.699 113.04

Low ET: Joey Martin 3.937 seconds
Top Speed: Jason Scruggs 192.39 MPH

Pro Nitrous

Round 1:

James Hancock III, Opelika AL, '98 Corvette, Left lane, (0.084) 4.117 175.03 def. Rex Kelley,
Hueytown AL, '63 Corvette, (-0.379 foul) 4.204 165.81

Ken Thomas, Mt. Pleasant TX, '97 Firebird, Left lane, (0.582) 5.578 95.16 def. Harold Martin,
New Hudson MI, '06 Grand Am, NT-No Show

Keith Baker, Dothan AL, '63 Corvette, Left lane, (0.109) 4.087 180.14 def. Charles Carpenter,
Harrisburg NC, '55 Bel Air, (0.105) 4.105 171.23

Burton Auxier, Dixie WV, '53 Corvette, Right lane, (0.019) 4.318 139.58 def. Grant Hensley, Ft.
Worth TX, '95 Camaro, (0.060) 4.287 175.92

Terry Housley, Lenoir City TN, '41 Willys, Right lane, (0.083) 4.204 160.66 def. Thomas Myers,
Grandbury TX, '00 Firebird, (0.142) 4.293 162.22

Johnny Pilcher, Chancellor AL, '63 Corvette, Right lane, (0.076) 4.071 181.45 def. Stan Allen,
New Iberia LA, '68 Camaro, (0.104) 4.279 166.48

Randy Weatherford, Danville VA, '63 Corvette, Left lane, (0.185) 4.050 176.40 def. Jeff Naiser,
Houston TX, '92 Camaro, (0.093) 8.154 55.38

Mike Castallana, Westbury NY, '05 Cavalier, Left lane, (0.139) 4.051 182.11 was unopposed

Round 2:

J Pilcher, Left lane, (0.074) 4.544 125.03 def. K Baker, (0.037) 5.712 85.39

T Housley, Left lane, (0.037) 4.062 177.87 def. B Auxier, (0.013) 4.304 137.36

K Thomas, Right lane, (0.046) 4.205 165.20 def. R Weatherford, (0.089) 4.580 123.59

M Castellana, Right lane, (0.122) 4.028 184.28 def. J Hancock III, (0.050) 4.180 172.55

Semi finals

J Pilcher, Left lane, (0.081) 4.046 180.58 def. K Thomas, (0.058) 4.198 171.30

M Castellana, Right lane, (0.055) 4.014 179.93 def. T Housley, (0.066) 4.055 178.78

Final round

M Castellana, Right lane, (0.111) 4.013 183.37 def. J Pilcher, (0.055) 4.183 175.78

Low ET: Mike Castellana 4.013 seconds
Top Speed: Mike Castellana 184.28 MPH

March 3, 2006

The ADRL is racing this weekend at Houston Motorsport Park. The fledgling Pro Mod seires is racing in their second event of the season and the numbers so far have been very encouraging for the seires. The will add one more qualifier to the series starting at, the Inaugural Gateway Drags at Madison, Ill., April 14-15

Qualifying goes today (Saturday) starting at noon, with eliminations going tonight starting at 6:30.

Racing signs on as Presenting Sponsor

HOUSTON (March 2, 2006) - The FLOWMASTER American Drag Racing League
welcomed its newest marketing partner earlier this week when, an online high-performance classified advertising
site, signed as the title-rights sponsor for this weekend's
DRAGPALOOZA event at Houston Motorsports Park. The event's official
title is now the ADRL DRAGPALOOZA II.

"We are very pleased to welcome to the ADRL family,"
said ADRL Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing Brian Evans.
"Their site has a very active and loyal audience, and we are thrilled
to have the opportunity to introduce many users to the
excitement of ADRL Outlaw Pro Mod racing."

Massachusetts-based RacingJunk expects to pass the 100,000 mark in
registered users in the near future and already boasts more than 500
million page views on its site every month. More details can be found

Dragpalooza Pre Race

After Short Break, ADRL Revs up
for Second Event of Season

HOUSTON (March 1, 2006) - With the first-event gremlins taken care
of, the drivers on the FLOWMASTER American Drag Racing League circuit
will now turn their attention to the meat of the 2006 season,
beginning with this weekend's ADRL DRAGPALOOZA II
event at Houston Motorsports Park.

The action begins Friday with open testing for all Outlaw Pro Mod
cars, followed by a full day of qualifying and eliminations on
Saturday. Qualifying for both the Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous classes
gets under way at noon, with eliminations scheduled for a 4 p.m. start.

Another large field is expected for the second ADRL event of the 2006
season. Two weeks ago at the season-opener in Valdosta, Ga., a total
of 62 cars competed in the two Outlaw classes, a record for a Pro Mod-
only event. ADRL officials announced earlier this week that 67 entry
requests had been received for DRAGPALOOZA II.

ADRL drivers - especially those who ended up below the line in
Valdosta - will also be looking to improve their standing in the
Battle for the Belts competition, as only the top eight points-
earners in each class will be eligible to compete for the 2006 ADRL
world titles this fall in Kennedale, Texas. Valdosta winner Mike Neal
leads the Pro Extreme standings with 710 points; Keith Baker (518) is
just ahead of Harold Martin (506) at the top of the Pro Nitrous
chart. Martin won the Pro Nitrous title at the season-opener in
Valdosta in his ADRL debut.

The defending event champions are Bil Clanton (Pro Extreme) and
Shannon Jenkins (Pro Nitrous). Last year's DRAGPALOOZA was held at
South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta.

This year's DRAGPALOOZA also gained a title-rights sponsor in the
form of, the ADRL's newest marketing partner. More
information can be found on the company's web-site at

Battle for the Belts points standings
Through 2 of 7 events

Pro Extreme
1. Mike Neal 710
2. Quain Stott 519
3. Thomas Patterson 402
4. Jason Scruggs 316
5. Toney Russell 314
6. Joshua Hernandez 313
7. John Lynam 308
8. Todd Tutterow 306
9. Bil Clanton 216
10. Danny Rowe 210
11. Eddie Ware 208
12. Gaylen Smith 203
13. Phil Osborne 114
14. Frankie Taylor 111
15. Bennie McDonald 109
16. Chip King 107
17. Joey Martin 103
18. Bubba Stanton 102
19. Doug Palmer 101

Pro Nitrous
1. Keith Baker 518
2. Harold Martin 506
3. Shannon Jenkins 416
4. Rickie Smith 409
5. Ken Thomas 408
6. Johnny Pilcher 317
7. Terry Housley 305
8. Kenny Rucker 302
9. Rex Kelley 217
10. Burton Auxier 214
11. Randy Weatherford 213
12. James Hancock 207
13. Mike Castellana 115
14. Charles Carpenter 108
15. Stan Allen 104
16. Thomas Meyers 104
17. Jamie Hancock 103
Rick Senft 103
19. Grant Hensley 102
Ricky Cate 101

March 1, 2006

WCPM Schedule is announced (updated May 6, 2006)

May 27-28 Billings Mt.

June 17 Salt Lake City Ut.

July 22-23 Medicine Hat Ab.

Aug. 11-13 Boise Id.

Aug. 16 Edmonton Ab.

Sept. 2-3 Calgery, AB.

March 1, 2006

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- The 2006 AMS Staff Leasing Pro Modified Challenge presented by RPM Depot field has been confirmed for the AC Delco NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida.
"The response from both drivers and fans has been tremendous," said series administrator Matthew Brammer. "I've been flooded with requests for an invitation to race the series by drivers from all around the Pro Modified world.

"We've completed the Gainesville invitation list, and I'm really happy about the drivers that will be competing. The competition will be stout, for sure, and I know the fans will get quite a show," he said.

Invitations to the Gainesville race have been extended and accepted by the following 24 drivers: Cody Barklage, Mike Castellana, Troy Critchley, Rick Distafano, Steve Engel, Joshua Hernandez, Mike Janis, Shannon Jenkins, Glen Kerunsky, Chip King, Kirk Kuhns, Harold Laird, Andy McCoy, Joey Martin, Doug Palmer, Thomas Patterson, Jay Payne, Shelly Payne, Brandon Psez, Stan Ray, Danny Rowe, Bryan Seward, Rick Stivers, and Eddie Ware.

Additional drivers will compete in the other events as wild-card entries throughout the season as entry space and schedules permit. Fields are limited to 20 cars at Bristol, Englishtown, Memphis and Richmond, and 24 cars at Gainesville, Houston, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Dallas and Las Vegas.

"We could have filled a 32-car field, and possibly even more, but we're limited by the number of entries allocated by the NHRA," Brammer said.

"We're already talking with sponsors to bring long-term funding to our class, and hopefully grow the participation level at all of our events," he said.

Letters to each of the drivers will be sent this week with details about the events, the requirements and their respective schedules.

"My goal is to present a platform for competitive, exciting racing at every event, and priority was given to the teams that were able to commit to the entire season," Brammer said. "I am well aware that, because of the nature of racing, things change, and I trust everyone will be flexible with us as we work through the season.

"The future is bright for Pro Mod, and I know that our patience will pay off. In fact, thanks to AMS, RPM Depot, Pinnacle, Brad Anderson, Lend America, and the NHRA, we're already making progress.

"Before Gainesville, we plan to have the series website,, updated with the schedule, the participants, and all of the latest news. There's been so much to get done in such a short amount of time, the priority has been put on communicating with the participants and the other details coming next," he said.

Each event will feature 16-car fields as set during three qualifying sessions (two on Friday and one on Saturday). The first-round of eliminations will be Saturday evenings, concluding on Sundays with the final three rounds of eliminations.

Drivers will compete for points to win the RPM/BAE World Championship: a winner-take-all $25,000 prize. In addition, a combined, per-race purse of almost $20,000 will be on the table.

Feb. 20, 2006

Neal Wins from 12th Spot;
Martin Takes Title in ADRL Debut

VALDOSTA, Ga. (Feb. 19, 2006) - An extra day's worth of waiting and
anticipation turned out to be well worth it for Mike Neal and Harold
Martin, who kicked off the 2006 FLOWMASTER American Drag Racing
League season with wins at the ADRL SpeedTech Winter Drags.

In Pro Extreme, Neal survived close calls against Quain Stott and
Joshua Hernandez, winning on holeshots both times, before going on to
beat Thomas Patterson in the final, 4.09 to 4.63. The Pro Nitrous
competition came down to a battle between veteran drivers Martin and
Rickie Smith, with Martin winning, 4.21 to 5.48, to claim an event
win in his ADRL debut.

The majority of eliminations at the Winter Drags were completed on
Sunday after evening rain showers on Saturday forced ADRL officials
to call a halt to the action.

Neal, driving a '53 Studebaker, opened with nail-biters in the first
two rounds of Pro Extreme, getting past Stott, 4.05 to 4.03, and
edging Hernandez by 15-thousandths, 3.98 to 3.96. After getting past
No. 1 qualifier Jason Scruggs in the semi's with another 4.05, Neal
met Patterson for the title in a battle between the event's No. 12
and No. 15 qualifiers.

Martin, the No. 11 qualifier in Pro Nitrous, also won from the bottom
half of the field, driving his '06 Grand Am past a red-lighting Rex
Kelley, Burton Auxier, and Kenny Rucker to set up his final-round
showdown against Smith. Earlier in the day, Smith outran Shannon
Jenkins in a highly anticipated second-round matchup, 4.11 to 4.64.

After a week off, the FLOWMASTER ADRL returns to action for the LGI
DRAGPALOOZA II event in Houston, the second event of the seven-race

Winter Drags notebook

Final Qualifying (Extreme)

1 63 Jason Scruggs, Saltillo MS, '63 Corvette 3.893 192.96 192.96
2 1064 Bil Clanton, Rome GA, '53 Studebaker 3.939 182.75 182.75
3 096 Phil Osborne, Naples FL, '63 Corvette 3.947 180.07 182.80
4 57 Joshua Hernandez, Conroe TX, '57 Bel Air 3.955 187.13 187.13
5 7 Quain Stott, Columbus NC, '63 Corvette 3.966 185.82 185.82
6 4015 Frankie Taylor, Dickenson TX, '58 Corvette 3.974 183.12 183.12
7 38 Danny Rowe, Rossville GA, '63 Corvette 3.977 188.41 188.41
8 12 Bennie McDonald Jr., Locust Grove GA, '53 Corv 3.978 172.32 172.32
9 2155 Toney Russell, Ardmore AL, '55 Nomad Wgn 3.983 183.15 183.15
10 1313 Chip King, Semora NC, '06 Charger 3.984 185.46 185.46
11 101 Todd Tutterow, Lewisville NC, '02 Mustang 3.986 187.31 187.31
12 15 Mike Neal, Cantonment FL, '53 Studebaker 3.989 181.28 181.28
13 1941 Eddie Ware, Marietta GA, '41 Willys 3.994 178.50 181.96
14 2003 Joey Martin, Milton FL, '03 Mustang 3.997 184.83 184.83
15 1853 Thomas Patterson, Spring TX, '41 Willys 4.002 185.38 185.38
16 4302 Doug Palmer, Prairieville LA, '63 Corvette 4.021 181.79 181.79

------------ Not Qualified ------------

17 320 Steve Ingel, Shandron OH, '63 Corvette 4.035 187.05 187.05
18 1976 Ron Stokes, Columbus MS, '53 Corvette 4.035 178.95 178.95
19 381 Hugh Scott, Red Bay AL, '63 Corvette 4.040 181.74 181.74
20 2813 Scott Cannon, Lyman SC, '06 GTO 4.056 182.60 182.60
21 3377 Brian Daniels, Jackson OH, '63 Corvette 4.073 179.73 179.73
22 2923 Todd Bauknecht, Cleveland TN, '63 Corvette 4.074 182.58 182.58
23 45 Rodney Rosenstiel, Pace FL, '69 Opel GT 4.079 179.33 179.33
24 1010 Troy Critchley, Wylie TX, '93 Corvette 4.095 177.32 177.32
25 470 Jason Hamstra, Demotte IN, '63 Corvette 4.143 178.80 179.06
26 1 John Lynam, Beaufort SC, '63 Corvette 4.146 180.69 180.69
27 2814 Matt Hagan, Christiansburg VA, '63 Corvette 4.151 169.68 169.68
28 277 Terry Leggett, Pinetown NC, '41 Willys 4.155 146.46 146.46
29 2103 Joe Baker, Milton FL, '41 Willys 4.178 170.30 170.30
30 29 Eric McMillon, Martinsville VA, '06 Mustang 4.401 163.97 163.97
31 17 Herman Sheppard, Ehrhardt SC, '69 Camaro 4.453 172.92 175.94
32 672 Tom Ashley, Niceville FL, '67 Chevy II 4.610 154.21 154.21
33 1008 Greg Holt, Douglasville GA, '41 Willys 4.642 123.14 123.14
34 3233 Bob Scott, Naples FL, '00 Camaro 4.687 119.56 119.56
35 6969 Chris Rock, Buford GA, '69 Camaro 4.798 116.37 116.37
36 0A Bill Kuhlmann, Perry MO, '68 Corvette 4.868 158.74 158.74

Final Qualifying (Nitrous)

1 2 Shannon Jenkins, Tuscaloosa AL, '68 Camaro 4.005 186.00 186.00
2 44 Mike Castallana, Westbury NY, '05 Cavalier 4.068 182.55 182.55
3 8 Burton Auxier, Dixie WV, '53 Corvette 4.068 180.65 180.65
4 1903 Randy Weatherford, Danville VA, '63 Corvette 4.078 179.33 179.33
5 1063 Johnny Pilcher, Chancellor AL, '63 Corvette 4.103 178.57 178.57
6 99 Rex Kelley, Hueytown AL, '63 Corvette 4.106 178.87 178.87
7 1036 Keith Baker, Dothan AL, '63 Corvette 4.115 179.61 181.30
8 43 Rickie Smith, King NC, '63 Corvette 4.117 177.93 177.93
9 1955 Charles Carpenter, Harrisburg NC, '55 Bel Air 4.131 178.68 179.28
10 1808 James Hancock III, Opelika AL, '98 Corvette 4.133 174.59 174.59
11 3 Harold Martin, New Hudson MI, '06 Grand Am 4.144 169.66 169.66
12 1940 Terry Housley, Lenoir City TN, '41 Willys 4.147 174.01 174.01
13 112 Stan Allen, New Iberia LA, '68 Camaro 4.197 175.25 175.25
14 808 Jamie Wayne Hancock, Opelika AL, '04 Corvette 4.202 173.96 173.96
15 1250 Kenny Rucker, Pond Gap WV, '41 Willys 4.213 171.66 171.66
16 441 Ken Thomas, Mt. Pleasant TX, '97 Firebird 4.224 172.28 172.28

------------ Not Qualified ------------

17 4794 Thomas Myers, Grandbury TX, '00 Firebird 4.237 175.30 175.30
18 1966 Jerry Bridgeforth, Garden City GA, '66 GT 350 H 4.296 168.75 168.75
19 1333 Erik Fors, Port Orange FL, '53 Corvette 4.307 170.32 170.32
20 1 Dan Parker, Columbia GA, '63 Corvette 4.328 159.97 159.97
21 1941 Clarence Cloud, Vidalia GA, '41 Willys 4.440 160.77 160.77
22 2383 Jeff Reeves, Enterprise AL, '91 Camaro 4.552 155.99 155.99
23 17 Ricky Presley, Samson AL, '00 Camaro 4.758 152.81 152.81
24 1683 Doug Patton, Zebulon GA, '02 Camaro 4.962 155.72 155.72
25 1014 Sonny Tindal, Cayce SC, '02 Grand Am 5.712 95.48 95.48
26 1107 Steve Vick, Mockville NC, '63 Corvette 6.146 113.33 113.33

A record weekend: The ADRL record book took a beating in Valdosta,
with Shannon Jenkins re-setting both ends of his Pro Nitrous record,
and Jason Scruggs recording the quickest and fastest Pro Extreme run

Jenkins' historic 3.992 in his first-round win over Ken Thomas - the
first 3-second pass by a nitrous-oxide-added car in sanctioned
competition - is now the Pro Nitrous e.t. standard. He also raised
the speed record to 186.00 mph on his first and only qualifying attempt.

Scruggs became the first Pro Extreme driver to reach the 3.8-second
zone, running a stunning 3.893 at 192.96 mph in Saturday's final
qualifying session to pace the huge field by more than four-
hundredths. Unlike Jenkins, though, Scruggs will not pick up any
bonus points for setting official ADRL records, as he was unable to
come up with a backup run within 1 percent of his best numbers.

Huge fields for opener: The ADRL season-opener attracted 62 entries
for its two Outlaw Pro Mod classes, eclipsing the record 55 entries
from the 2005 Jackson, S.C., event. The strong turnout prompted ADRL
officials to shift Pro Nitrous, which had 26 entries, from an eight-
car to a 16-car eliminator.

Rough start for champs: Neither defending ADRL champion managed to
qualify for their respective expanded 16-car eliminators. John Lynam
(Pro Extreme) wound up 26th in the order with a 4.14 best, and Dan
Parker (Pro Nitrous) was 20th, a full tenth off Thomas' bump time.

Eliminations results

Pro Extreme

First round
Jason Scruggs 11.465 43.48
Doug Palmer Red-light

Toney Russell 4.090 172.47
Bennie McDonald 5.651 82.90

J. Hernandez 3.913 189.28
Eddie Ware 4.967 100.68

Mike Neal 4.051 180.48
Quain Stott 4.038 181.20

T. Patterson 4.256 177.79
Bil Clanton 5.048 99.10

Danny Rowe 4.121 150.70
Chip King 9.991 57.12

Hugh Scott 6.009 124.66
Joey Martin 7.995 45.89

Todd Tutterow 3.956 188.52
Frankie Taylor 4.113 182.70

Jason Scruggs 7.485 74.58
Toney Russell DNS

Mike Neal 3.987 182.45
J. Hernandez 3.960 187.11

T. Patterson 9.931 93.25
Danny Rowe DNS

Todd Tutterow 3.957 186.72
Hugh Scott 7.089 63.30

Mike Neal 4.052 179.88
Jason Scruggs 4.147 181.47

T. Patterson 4.329 168.01
Todd Tutterow NTR

Mike Neal 4.096 173.61
T. Patterson 4.637 120.50

Pro Nitrous

First round
Shannon Jenkins 3.992 185.66
Ken Thomas 4.173 174.12

Rickie Smith 4.093 178.54
C. Carpenter 5.992 78.36

R. Weatherford 4.068 179.11
Thomas Myers 4.249 173.70

Terry Housley 4.135 177.04
Johnny Pilcher 4.447 156.94

Kenny Rucker 4.249 163.77
Mike Castellana 5.072 116.46

James Hancock 4.172 171.14
Keith Baker 6.113 75.99

Burton Auxier 4.055 179.92
Jamie Hancock LBT

Harold Martin 7.210 81.20
Rex Kelley Red-light

Rickie Smith 4.117 179.66
Shannon Jenkins 4.644 123.45

Terry Housley 4.259 157.95
R. Weatherford 4.499 167.22

Kenny Rucker 4.229 171.47
James Hancock 5.405 91.32

Harold Martin 4.131 176.19
Burton Auxier 5.292 92.86

Rickie Smith 4.165 178.33
Terry Housley 5.620 92.06

Harold Martin 4.205 170.84
Kenny Rucker 4.875 120.02

Harold Martin 4.219 174.89
Rickie Smith 5.485 91.01

ADRL Preview (Danny Rowe)

Feb. 17, 2006

VALDOSTA, Ga. (Feb. 16, 2006) - With all of the I's dotted and T's
crossed, it's finally time for Danny Rowe to do the things he enjoys
the most: driving a Pro Mod car and turning on win-lights.

Following a one-year absence from the Pro Mod scene, Rowe is planning
a full season of both eighth- and quarter-mile Pro Mod racing in
2006. He'll make his season debut this weekend at the FLOWMASTER
ADRL's SpeedTech Winter Drags in Valdosta, Ga., his first competitive
outing since the 2004 ACDelco NHRA Las Vegas Nationals in October of

"I'm very excited to be back; it was rough to take a year off from
racing," said Rowe, who will begin the season with a Tommy Mauney-
built supercharged '63 Corvette. "We've worked hard in the past year
to get all of the equipment and personnel in place that we need to go
after championships. Now all that's left to do is let out the clutch
and hope the driver does his job."

Rowe has teamed with veteran crew chief Jimmy Rector for the 2006
season, a driver/tuner combination that has many Pro Mod observers
wondering if record performances might be forthcoming in the near

"Jimmy's record speaks for itself, and he deserves all the accolades
he's gotten," Rowe said. "He's been a championship driver and tuner,
and some of the things he did with Mitch [Stott] were just amazing."

Although his final schedule has yet to be determined, Rowe says his
current plans are to begin the season with a full slate of ADRL and
IHRA events. The just-announced, eleventh-hour return of Pro Mod
racing to NHRA national events is something the team will also have
to consider.

"Our goal is to win championships," Rowe said. "We'll run at least
the first couple of events in each of the series, then take a look at
how things stand and make some decisions from there.

"It's really an amazing time to be a Pro Modified driver; there is
certainly no shortage of options to pick from."

The SpeedTech Winter Drags will be Rowe's debut ADRL event. In 2001
and 2003-2004, he was a standout driver on the NHRA Pro Mod Challenge
circuit, winning three events in five final-round appearances. His .
737 winning percentage in eliminations (14 wins, five losses) is the
best in NHRA Pro Mod history.

(St. Louis, 2001; St. Louis, 2004; Dallas, 2004)
NO. 1: 1
LOW E.T.: 1
ELIMINATIONS: 14-5 (.737)
(all statistics above from NHRA Pro Mod Challenge competition)

WCPMA 2000 champion


February 15, 2006

Pro Modified racing is back in the NHRA in 2006

AMS Staff Leasing has joined with mail-order house RPM Depot as title sponsors of the fan-favorite class Pro Mod class. it will be a ten race schedule. Also joining in support are Brad Anderson Engineering, Pinnacle Business Solutions and Lend America. It will be a 16 car fielld with teams at each race by invitation only. Winner will receive 5k, r/u 3k, working its way down to 500.00 for first round loser.

For the sixth consecutive year, the AMS Pro Mod Challenge will be featured on ESPN2’s popular show Inside Drag Racing on a tape-delayed basis. The shows will be produced by Masters Entertainment Group.

The AMS Pro Mod Challenge will feature 16-car fields as set during three qualifying sessions (two Friday and one Saturday). The first round of eliminations will start Saturday evening, and competition will conclude Sunday with the final three rounds of eliminations.

Mtthew Brammer is the PR person incharge of the series. “I’m available should any one have questions or concerns,” he said. “I can be reached either by email at or at my office: 623-879-4290. I want the communication lines to be open and easily accessible.”

The series will be run under IHRA rules.

Here is the 10 race schedule

1. ACDelco NHRA Gatornationals (March 16-19), Gainesville, Fla.;
2. 2. O'Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals (March 31-April 2), Houston;
3. O'Reilly NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals (April 28-30), Bristol, Tenn.;
4. K&N Filters SuperNationals (June 15-18), Englishtown, N.J.;
5. O'Reilly NHRA Midwest Nationals (June 23-25), Madison, Ill.;
6. O'Reilly NHRA Mid-South Nationals (Aug. 18-20), Memphis, Tenn.;
7. Mac Tools U.S. Nationals (Aug. 30-Sept. 4), Indianapolis;
8. O'Reilly NHRA Fall Nationals (Sept. 21-24), Dallas;
9. Virginia NHRA Nationals (Oct. 6-8), Richmond, Va.;
10. ACDelco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals (Oct. 26-29), Las Vegas.

For teams interested in competing in the series contact



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