Doorwarz III

The biggest doorcar event of the season in Canada is this weekend at Mission Raceway. 150+ race CARS will invade the sea level track in efforts to try and become the winners of six different warz. Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275, Top Sportsman, Canada West Doorslammer and Open Comp. With super hot weather forecasted all weekend long the evening qualifying sessions will be the time to see potential records set, but likely the weekend will be one of survival, who can manage a 130 degree track through up to 6 rounds of eliminations.

Outlaw 10.5 and Outlaw 275 coverage is here


Sunday elimination's

Outlaw 10.5

Round one

Round one Partings in Outlaw 10.5 were Paja Agatonovic vs Mandi Brookes, Roy Moznik Vs Dean Branham, Brent Van Vliet Vs Nick Duda, Steve Nicholson Vs Mike Walterson, and Ken Sihota had a bye run.


Ken Sihota turned his single into the second quickest et of the weekend, a 6.49/218.81 blast just before noon Sunday. A pretty decent run with the sun overhead.

Brent Van Vliet went 6.933 at a career best speed 215.46 to defeat Nick Duda. Nick came up on the the turbos and convertor but the two turbo cars took a long time to stage with Brent coming in last. Nick left before the tree was activated and did not get a time.

Paja Agatonovic race Mandi Brookes. Brooke was a huge underdog, as she and partner Mike Hawkins entered the class to support the 10.5 group. Paja took the win with a soft 7.50 @195. Mandi made a good run, but here 8.71 was a second back.

Roy Moznik was to face Dean Branham, but the Alberta driver had Hemi issues and chose to sit out elimination's to save his engine before anymore damage would be done. Roy smoked the tires on his single.

Steve Nicholson took on Mike Walterson with his totally reworked Nova. He drove the ride with a nitrous setup the last couple years but switched over to a blown 481-x combination. He has made a few short hits earlier this year in Medicine Hat and debuted it here in competition. The team still has a bunch of work to do, but he laid down a 7.02/201 in qualifying. Against Nicholson he smoked the tires and Steve ran a 7.50 2 195.

Round two

Sihota and buddy Nicholson faced off in the first round two pairing. These two have raced many times and in the last couple years the two have been very dominant in West Coast racing. Ken does have the performance advantage and Steve has struggled since his crash at Seattle last year. He did make some strides this year, but was still close to a half second back. The two drivers left within 1/100th of each other, but Steve smoked the hides right at the hit pedaled it and got it to stick. By that time he was well back though, and Sihota was on his way to a 6.85/215mph victory. Steve crossed the finish line running a 7.86/185.


Roy Moznik got his second single in a row, this one a scheduled bye run, but again he blistered the tires. The car works well in track temperatures under 110 but in the hot conditions the small tire El Camino has been blazing the tires.


In the final pairing, Agatonovic got the win over Van Vliet when the copper Camaro would not spool the turbos.

Semi Finals

Two cars were left in the semi and Paja the Oregon driver got the bye run. He ran a solid 6.91/207. Roy Moznik suffered a similar fate to Nicholson in round two and what his big inch Nitrous car has done on a number of occasions this weekend, smoke the tires. He blazed them for 1000 feet then the car hooked up and he was playing catch up. Sihota crossed the finish line coasting to a 7.60/165. Moznik came on strong but could only muster up an 8.09 at a fright train like 208 mph.


This one had the potential to be a good one. Ken Sihota did run pretty good throughout elimination's and Paja Agatonovic was the next best. Paja went low et in the semi finals and had lane choice. He took the right lane and got a .04 holeshot. His car spun for a hair and then hooked up. Sihota hooked up right at the hie and he took the lead early He kept his lead through half track and exteneded it to the end, crossing the finish line with a 6.62/217. By 1000 feet, Paja saw he wasn't going to catch the Firebird, and he was off the gas by 1100 feet. He tripped the stripe with a 7.19/159.


The win wasn't overly dominant but it, likely due to the hot condition leveling the playing field a bit. But the team did what most expected and their round record this year is 8-0 between Seattle's event and this one. Can anyone get to Ken's level in the NW? Well, Paja should have the same or more Horsepower, Roy Moznik has the same bullet but his handicap is the consistency with the El Camino. Dean Branham still has the new combo blues, Brent Van Vliet and his team are still refining the turbo combination and Steve Nicholson will need at least another 100 cubes. There are a couple new cars South and one in Calgary that will add to the overall car count, so the future while not overly solid, it is steady. Rules and races are all that half to be stabilized. If we can manage to get close to 16 cars the future does look solid.


Outlaw 275

Like both the two top classes SpeedZone was right on in picking Steve Skokin to be the winner in the class. He dominated qualifying with 7.80's at over 170. The next closest was Mark Campbell with an 8.24 best almost 4/10ths slower.

In round one Nick Richards defeated Mike Hawkins on both ends of the track

Daniel Rodrigu took out Nick young daughter Vanessa Richards 9.03 to a 9.40

Mark Campbell got the win over Matt Wilkie

Justin Gallant go the win over a broken Tyler Levy,

Ken Bruce also got a simgle when Jason Berkenbos broke,

and Steve Skokin got the single (bye).


Round two

The biggest upset in the class was when Gallant defeated a troubled Campbell. The Alberta driver was loose on the start and that was all the local driver needes to get the upset and a bye run in the semis to reach the final

The next pairing should have been real close as the two closest competitors et performance Nick Richards and Ken Bruce battled. They were separated by only .05 right in the 8.50-8.60 zone in qualifying and earlier rounds. Bruce got a big advantage on the starting line (.08) big he could not turn it into a win when he blazed the tires and had to try and play catch-up. Bruce was faster at the stripe but his 7/10ths off 9.28 was not match for the consistent Richards who ran an 8.68

The final second round run saw Skokins take out Rodrigue despite his first 8 second run. Skokin eased off the throttle and cruised to an 8.08 - 8.96 victory.



Semi finals (sorry no photos )

Gallant singled to a soft 10 second time slip. and Skokin ran an 8.36 to Richards off pace 9.31

Final round

The final round would need some sort of divine intervention or red light or mircale for Gallant to take out the overwelming favourite Skokin. It didn't happen, as true to form Steve Skokin ran an off the gas coasting 8.50 to defeat the career best 8.90/154 by rookie 275 driver Justin Gallant.

There is potential for growth as based on the fact the class had their biggest car count in the three years there race has been run and four teams who ran in the past were not here and all those cars will be back next year (Neil Richards, two time champions Scott Schulhauser, Alex Dewolfe and Parm Jawanda). A few here ran career bests and there are close to a dozen others as rumoured to be building cars with this tire platform.


Saturday final qualifying

Outlaw 10.5

Outlaw 275

Saturday qualifying round 4 Outlaw 10.5

Outlaw 275 Fourth Round qualifying

Saturday qualifying 3rd round Outlaw 10.5

Outlaw 275 third round

Friday qualifying

Outlaw 10.5

Round one qualifying

Outlaw 275 Drag Radial.

Steve Skokin basically has this race. It is his to lose based on the fact he has 4/10ths of a second on the field runing a 7.87 best. Mark Campbell is the #2 qualifier (8.24/167)and he is 3/10ths ahead of the next in line, Ken Bruce who ran an 8.60. From there Nick Richards and a few others are in the 8.90-9.20 range.



Doorwarz III preview

Outlaw 10.5 (DR 275 coming later Thursday)

Only one competitor as been a favourite in a class at Doorwarz since its start two years ago. That favourite was Mike Maggio last year at the second doorwarz event. He went on to win running a couple tenths quicker than anyone else. Well this year in the Outlaw 10.5 class, one driver is in the same position. Ken Sihota has singlehandedly dominated the class up North , and based on the pre entries he should continue the trend. close to a dozen cars are expected and Ken is the only competitor to run in the 6.20's and 6.30's in attendance. His good buddy (that Ken also tunes) Steve Nicholson is the only other driver (beside Ken) to run in the 6.40'.s

Ken won a couple weeks back in Seattle at the first ever NW 10.5 event, running 6.30's. The hot conditions might be a bit of an equalizer this weekend, as managing the power to what could be a slick surface could be his biggest challenger.
The entries for the weekend include Ken Sihota in his Nitrous Firebird, Steve Nicholson driving his 1963 Nitrous Corvette, Paja Agatonovic driving his Nitrous Camaro (Paja won last year), Dean Branham is his Twin Turbo Cuda, second year driver Brent Van Vliet and his twin Turbo Camaro, veteran Roy Moznik and his Nitrous El Camino, first time Doorwarz attendee Brian Sipe ( Nitrous Mustang I think), rookie 10.5 competitor Nick Duda and his Turbo Mustang, Mike Walterson who has run a nitrous Nova for the last couple years but rumors of a new powerplant are out there, and Montana racer Mike Dowling in his very nice Procharged Chevelle.
The teams are all quality teams and are all dedicated 10.5 cars, but the creme de la creme is Sihota. The one wild card in this is Paja Agatonovic as he is rumored to have a hired tuner in his corner for the weekend. His monster Sonny's power-plant (900 + inches) has yet to reach its potential so he would be considered the second favourite.

Here are the rankings and odds for the Outlaw 10.5 class.

2-1 Ken Sihota: Ken said his car makes more power than last year when he ran a 6.23 at Vegas. Under the lights Friday or Saturday evening when the track will be in the best condition he has a chance to match those numbers.

4-1 Paja Agatonovic: Paja wants to be one of the front runners performance wise very badly. If in fact he brings in a hired tuner, he could be a 6.40 or 6.30 player.

5-1 Dean Branham: His twin Turbo Cuda makes the most power hands down. Be Dean is still learning what the Hemi wants and he also has to manage it on the racing surface. His exact power-plant has gone 6.0's back east in a 10.5 car. I don't think it will be too long till he is at least in the 6.30's.

7-1 Steve Nicholson: Steve should likely be higher on the list (I hope he looks at this and gets pissed and makes me eat my words, cause I really like him and his team), but he hasn't found his sweet spot since he crashed testing at Seattle last spring. He has only run four or five times since then but his consistent 6.40's run in 2013 have not been reached since.


8-1 Brent Van Vliet. One year since debuting his really clean Twin Turbo Camaro, he finally ran in the sixes. He did it big time running a best of 6.71 and making his first '6' second lap a solid one, with a 6.86. He also ran 212 mph on the weekend. Based on those numbers and the fact the team came home with no mechanical issues they may pour more coals to it. If he gets in the top half of the field he could be a serious threat on Sunday.

9-1 Roy Moznik Roy should really be higher on the list but he has struggled getting the power to the ground in his big inch Fulton and three or four kits of nitrous. His engine is almost a clone to Ken Sihota.

10-1 Mike Walterson. Mike was the runner-up last year as he was one of the most consistent car running 6.90's all weekend. He will need a bunch more power this year and rumors of a new engine combo could just give him the performance he needs.

11-1 Nick Duda. Nicks Mustang has shown a bunch of promise over the last year as he sorts out the newly worked chassis and powerlant. If all the ducks are in a row he could run his first '6' this weekend.

12-1 Brian Sipe This will be his first time to Mission for Doorwarz and he has yet to run to his potential. Brian is looking a solid performance this weekend.

13-1 Mike Dowling. Mike has bee thrashing the last two weeks after suffering Engine damage at Pacific Raceways at the 10.5 race. The Procharged Chevelle is all steel and one of the nicest looking cars in the class. He will need to find a ton of power if he is to compete with the big boys.



Outlaw 275


This class has one driver written all over the winners circle, more so than any other class at Doorwarz, and that is Steve Skokin. With the absence of Scott Schulhauser, Neil Richards and Alex DeWolfe this year, Steve has the only 7 second car in the field. He has close to a half second advantage over the next few drivers and they are 820-8.70 racers Nick Richards, Mark Campbell and Ken Bruce. Unless there is a complete meltdown for Skokins he is the favorite. There are a couple other guys who might make some noise namely, Justin Gallant and Daniel Rodrigue but they are really hoping to just reach into the 8 second zone. One of the bigger questions is where are all the guys who were supposed to have cars ready this year. Come on guys put up or shut up!


2-1 Steve Skokins : See why above.

5-1 The rest of the field. Sorry for not handicapping each individual competitor but this one is so one sided. that the battle here will be for the runner-up or semi final spots. The couple guys above listed as 8 second performers should reach the late rounds.


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