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Sunday elimination's

Final Round

Dal Sangha vs Mike Gondziola

The final round was over early but it still was not without drama. Gondziola, is a two time winner and was the most consistent car in elimination's. He was the only driver in the 5's every run on race day. Dal, while being the quickest car in qualifying, did not make a full pull in the first three rounds of elimination's. He had a single in round one and a bye in the semi's. Dal was quite loose throughout the entire weekend. He made his best lap ever at MRP in round one of qualifying Friday, and then made a quicker lap Saturday night (5.78) but it was disqualified because he hit the two cones at the stripe.

"Gonzi" had lane choice and he took the right lane, it had been his lane of choice throughout the weekend. Dal on the other hand preferred the left lane, so both teams were happy. Both did solid burn-outs but Mike's Corvette stalled at the end of the burnout. He did get it re-fired and both drivers backed up and did their pre-stage routines.

They pre-staged and then bumped in, Dal's turbo Mustang bumped and rocked the stage beams and just before the lights went green, his car rocked out of the stage beam turning on the red light. While it triggered the red, he was still second to the 60 foot clocks. Both cars were on solid runs. Dal did cross the finish line first with a 5.94 to a close 5.98 by Mike. But the red light and scoreboard put the win light in the left lane, Gondziola wins his 3rd Doorwarz.

Semi Final

Dal Sangha bye run

In the semi finals, Dal earned the bye at the top qualifier. Like the previous two runs he was loose and off the gas early coasting with the chutes out by 1100 feet.

Garrett Richards vs Mike Gondziola

Both Gondziola and Richards had solid runs but Gonzi got the holeshot and ran 1/100th quicker for the win. It avenged their semi final from two years ago when Garrett got the holeshot win in the semis.

Round two elimination's

#1 Dal Sangha vs #6 Steve Horne


In round two, Horne faced #1 qualifier Sangha, The two drivers were neck and neck to 60 feet, but Horne was already into severe tire shake (as you can see from the photo below). The shaek turned the car left out of the groove and Steve was off the gas. In hind sight he wished he would have got back on the gas, as Dal was off the gas around half track and was coasted through the finish line.

Garrett Richards vs #5 Kerry Stone

Richards took the win against Kerry Stone in the second pairing of round two. He was ahead by 60 feet, and then Stone started to rattle the tires and he lifted.

#3 Mike Gondziola vs #4 JR Lazic

Gondziola took on JR (Jordie) Lazic and this one was a great drag race. They were close off the line, with the nitrous car slightly ahead at 60 feet. The screw blown '57 chevy was starting to reel in the Corvette, but by 800 feet the edge was back in Gonzi's court . He got the win and was off to the semi finals.

Round one elimination's

Round one

#1 Dal Sangha vs #12 Dave Kowalski

Kowalski struggled through qualifiyng, and did not make the call for round one, giving Sangha the easy win. He wa off the gas by 600 feet with the chutes out.

#2 Garrett Richards vs #11 Keith Korecki


Keith Korecki, debuting his brand new 814 cu in Ford combo also broke in qualifying, giving Richards the free pass to round two.

#3 Mike Gondziola vs #10 Dan Vogt

Dan Vogt ran his best lap of the weekend (a 6.41/228) against Mike Gondziola. The late model Corvette got the win against the early model Corvette with the quickest run of elimination's, a strong 5.91/242

#4 JR Lazic vs #9 Tom Reithmayer

Tom Reithmeyer broke the rear end in his new blown Mustang in qualifying, handing JR Lazic the free pass in round one.

#5 Kerry Stone vs #8 Kelly Madore

In a battle of team mates and twin turbo rides, Kerry Stone handed Kelly Madore the loss in his first ever race in elimination's at a Doorwarz event. The two cars were very close to 60 feet but the veteran Stone took the win in bracket like fashoin. He ran three 6.07's in qualifying and ran a 6..08 in his round one Victory. Madore was loose in the middle of the run and hand to pedal the Chevelle.

#6 Steve Horne vs #7 Dale Pedersen

In the battle of the two middle qualifier, Steve Horne (6.11) took on Dale Pedersen (6.13). Horne got the jump at the starting line and extending the lead throughout the run taking the win with a 6.17



Saturday qualifying

(Saturday session 1) Round three

JR Lazic was the 2nd quickest in round 1 Saturday with a 5.95

Sangha pedaled the Mustang and still ran 252 mph. Madore ran his best lap in the first Saturday session, with a 6.29.

'Gonzi was the quickest on Saturday's first session with a 5.89 / 244. Kerry Stone made the second of three 6.07 by the Cutting Edge driver in qualifying.

Keith Korecki's best lap in qualifying was a 5.89. He was sorting out his all new hand made combo.

(Saturday session 2) Round four

A few teams skipped the afternoon round saving themselves for the final hit under the lights. Kerry Stone was a bracket car again with a 6.07/243. Richards was off the gas early.

Steve Horne was off the gas early, as was Dan Vogt.

Dal Sangha was on a solid run in Saturday's second session, but at half track the car turned left and he took out the 660 cones. Dave Kowalski was again off the throttle early.

Kelly Madore lifted early as he went left at 100 feet.



Final qualifying (round five)

Gonzi ran Richards in the final session and Richards layed down his best run, a 5.88/246, to move up to #2. Gonzi had a strong launch but moved left so he was forced to lift early.


The Madore / Sangha pairing was a great looking pairing right until 1100 feet. Sangha's car moved toward the centre line, and he took out the finish line cones, sending the blocks into Madore's lane. The scoreboards lit up to a 5.89 for Madore and a 5.78 for Sangha. Sangha's run was probably legit as it was his own car that hit the blocks, but because he hit the center line his numbers were disallowed. Because the cones were displaced, Madore's run was also thrown out. He likely ran a 6.teen, so to say he was disappointed in an understatement.

Steve Horne ran a career best 6.11/227 that included a 3.97 to half track.

Dale Pedersen imporved to a 6.13 in the final round of qualifying.

Final qualifying (going off memory for a couple teams)

Dal Sangha Twin Turbo Mustang 5.80/253
GArrett Richards Blown Mustang 5.88/247
Mike Gondziola Nitrous COrvette 5.89/244
JR Lazic 57 blown chevy 5.95/244
Kerry Stone Turbo Camaro 6.07/243
Steve Horne Blown Willys 6.11/227
Dale Pedersen Turbo Monte Carlo 6.13/236
Kelly Madore turbo Chevelle 6.29/232
Tom Reithmeyer blown Mustang 6.47/230
Dan Vogt Nitrous Corvette 6.49/228
Keith Korecki Nitrous Mustang 6.89/200
Dave Kowalski Blown Corvette 7??/150

Friday qualifying

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