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April 17,2003. The "Canada West DoorSlammers" presented by

Saturday we woke up to optimism, with the first race in the eight race series that is the Canada West Doorslammers. Marcy Copley (assoc. president) gathered all this weekends competitors together and introduced Dave Warren, owner of Blue Max Automotive in Richmond as the presenting sponsor for this weekends event. Close to 16 cars came out to brave the elements and unfortunately, the rain gods sprinkled down on the facility all day, putting an end to Saturday's qualifying. Hopefully Sunday will bring better conditions.

Here are some of the players that came out this weekend:

Larry Hatch, defending series champion is out will added HP, and some weight taken out of the car, in hopes of running in the 8.30-8.50 range for 2003.



Series third place finisher from 2003, Craig Donaldson was out in full force, but unfortunately for the island traveler, Craig hurt the motor while warming up and had to return home. He'll be back in two weeks for the Divisional race for Top Comp.

Terry Spargo in his sweet street looking '68 Camaro, made a number of changes including adding more HP and chassis changes and a new wing courtesy of Spirit Race Cars which will be necessary for the added HP. Terry should be a solid 7.50-7.75 runner all year long.


Event sponsor Dave Warren's revamped '62 Belair also has a bunch more and power under the hood. He is hoping for consistent 7.70-7.90's from the very cool Chevy.



Stefan Kondalay will be a force as he is planning on the full schedule in 2003. A winner of one event in 2002, he could be near the top of the points at the end of the year, if he can keep his young quick reactions away from red lights.


Jason Mercer will be in the saddle of the the family owned Saturday night Special Chevy powered 240Z. Crew Chief and dad Ron has added more nitrous and gearing to the wild machine.



Randell Tucker has a very neat Dodge Demon that has undergone a few changes for 2003 as well. The car had a tendency to wheelstand last year, so Bob Davenport Race Cars changed the chassis around a bit, added a few bars and that should keep the cool Mopar on the ground, and close to the seven second time slip that Randell is looking for.

Ray Kirton is one of the few guys to get any hits this year, and he has a whole new blown combination from his injected big block from last year. He ran a couple soft low eight's two weeks ago. The truck should be a high 7 or low 8 second performer this year.



Rob Charlton's S-10 is pretty well unchanged for 2003, why mess with a good thing is Rob's moto, as the truck runs 7.80-7.95 in all conditions. Just a rebuild over the winter, and the Pitt Meadow's series sponsor is good to go.


Alberta's Dale Giroux was out for the first time for the Doorslammer series, and he brought along a new ride for this year. A new Rick Jones Pro Stock Cavalier. This is one sweet car. He has the1200hp Steve Schmidt motor under the hood that took the ex-Danny Beaudry S-10 pick-up to mid seven's, it should take Dale into the 7.30's @ 185+mph. Next season, Dale stated he is going to a 5 speed lenco and more horses, to run in the low seven's in the 200mph range.

A number of other cars were out at Mission, but were under cover from the elements. They included, Joe Mellof, Frank Nelson, Larry Altmayer, Gary Miserva and Mike Munden to name a few. Stay tuned to see if we get this race off.





Saturday April 12, 2003. Scroll down for Sunday

When you have a power adder like a blower or nitrous, the weather conditions don't have as much of an adverse effect, like it does with a normally aspirated engine. That being said, there was a few changes in the way the Pro Mod field played out on Saturday. The top four position did not change on Saturday, but Quain Stott made a great big leap in the fourth round. He was outside the field in ninth place after a best of 6.233 earlier, but he went out on his last ditch attempt and blitzed the track with a great 6.166/232.51 Hail Mary. With that run Stott dropped Rickie Smith out of the field and put him in the five hole. The eight car field bump was now an unreal 6.228 held down by Shannon Jenkins. Here are the pairings and my best bets for going past the first round:

Sunday first round results:

Hahn/Jenkins. Wow, tough call. Yes, Fred has a tenth and a half on the Iceman in qualifying, but we are talking about the world champ in both sanctioning bodies. I'm going with the Iceman. The results: Red Light Jenkins, and to make matters worse, Hahn has problems. The Iceman will be boiling.

Patterson/Taylor. Patterson should have this race covered, but my gut says go with Taylor on this pairing. The results: Right on!. Taylor runs a 6.23 to advance.

M. Stott/Ashley. Two of the real blown hitters in the class. I like Stott and his depth over the New York banker. The results: Mitch goes on to round two after a stellar 6.16/230 blast.

McAmis/Q. Stott. Tim McAmis has this car running very consistent. He ran a teen in the last session and went two mph faster that in the good conditions. Pick him. The results: Wrong! Quain Stott goes to round two with a 6.21 and Tim shakes and clicks.

The Semis:

Hahn/Q.Stott. I'm going with Quain here. Fred while being the quickest out there, is too inconsistent. The results: Quain gets the win running a great 6.19/231 over Hahn's slowing 7.47

M.Stott/Taylor. Mitch Stott sould advance to face his brother for the first time in AMS NHRA competition. The results: A pretty good side by side run, that Mitch wins after running a 6.20 to Frankie Taylors 6.28.

The Final: Stott Wins!

Stotts x two. Not much to show from either of the 63 Corvette's, except the overall success rate in the past two years. And there it is all Mitch. At the starting line, Mitch goes .063 to his brother's .084, and that proved to be the difference here, as Quain goes to the finish line with a 6.205 to Mitch's slower but winning 6.218. The margin of victory for Mitch was 8/1000ths of a second, around three feet. Great race!


Final Qualifying Saturday

1 6 Fred Hahn, W. Seneca NY, '01 Chevy Corvette 6.072 230.45 230.45
2 8 Thomas Patterson, Houston TX, '41 Willys 6.113 228.11 228.11
3 2 Mitch Stott, Mill Spring NC, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.148 230.37 231.00
4 1004 Tim McAmis, Hawk Point MO, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.163 227.34 229.66
5 9 Quain Stott, Inman SC, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.166 232.51 232.51
6 1211 Mike Ashley, Melville NY, '41 Willys 6.203 224.77 226.96
7 4015 Frankie Taylor, Dickinson TX, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.217 226.35 226.81
8 1 Shannon Jenkins, Tuscaloosa AL, '68 Chevy Camaro 6.228 225.07 225.07

Friday qualifying. The NHRA AMS Pro Mods are back in action four their second of ten events on the NHRA POWERade series. Houston Raceway Park will possibly be the quickest track they compete at this year and based on qualifying after the first three rounds, I'd say that that is a pretty safe prediction. The Fred Hahn/Jim Oddy team destroyed the old AMS NHRA record Friday night with an awesome 6.072/230 blast eclipsing the old record of 6.139. Not too far back is Thomas Patterson who was on a rail with a great 6.113 in the evening session on Friday. Saturday's first session of qualifying changed the bottom half of the field as cars bumped back and forth until Rickie Smith wound up in the #8 slot with a solid 6.228 nitrous pass. Here is the positions after three of four sessions.

1 6 Fred Hahn, W. Seneca NY, '01 Chevy Corvette 6.072 230.45 230.45
2 8 Thomas Patterson, Houston TX, '41 Willys 6.113 228.11 228.11
3 2 Mitch Stott, Mill Spring NC, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.148 230.37 231.00
4 1004 Tim McAmis, Hawk Point MO, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.163 227.34 227.80
5 1211 Mike Ashley, Melville NY, '41 Willys 6.203 224.77 226.96
6 4015 Frankie Taylor, Dickinson TX, '63 Chevy Corvet 6.220 226.81 226.81
7 1 Shannon Jenkins, Tuscaloosa AL, '68 Chevy Cama 6.228 225.07 225.07
8 43 Rickie Smith, King NC, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.228 224.77 224.77

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9 9 Quain Stott, Inman SC, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.233 230.13 230.13
10 0A Bill Kuhlmann, Wentzville MO, '68 Chevy Corvet 6.253 223.80 223.80
11 44 Mike Castellana, Westbury NY, '68 Chevy Camaro 6.272 222.47 222.47
12 243 Roy Hill, Sopia NC, '03 Ford Mustang 6.273 227.73 227.73
13 1949 Johnny Rocca, Leesburg VA, '49 Mercury 6.273 222.29 223.36
14 4 Ed Hoover, Gilbert SC, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.279 223.58 223.58
15 1212 Scott Ray, Greenville OH, '63 Chevy Corvette 6.338 221.13 221.13
16 1968 Billy Harper, Paducah KY, '00 Viper 6.340 222.29 222.29
17 5049 Marty McGinnis, Gravois Mills MO, '37 Chevrolet 6.347 222.51 222.51
18 57 Troy Critchley, Wylie TX, '57 Chevy Bel Air 6.443 220.37 220.37
19 38 Dan Rowe, Laguna Hills CA, '38 Chevy 6.468 206.95 206.95
20 5082 Zach Barklage, Lake Ozark MO, '02 Pontiac Gran 6.469 192.66 192.66
21 1313 Chip King, Semora NC, '01 Dodge Avenger 6.793 157.15 157.15
22 69 Bill Hill, St. Louis MO, '57 Chevy Bel Air 8.243 118.15 118.15


Press release Danny
HOUSTON, Texas - When California Pro Modified racer Dan Rowe debuted his new '38 Chevy at the Mac Tools Gatornationals last month in Gainesville, Fla., failing to qualify was something that he didn't expect. The Laguna Hill, Ca.-based driver has made huge strides to ensure that kind of shortcoming doesn't happen again, but sometimes the best preparation in the world cannot change bad luck.
Rowe has his fingers crossed headed into the NHRA O'Reilly Springnationals in Houston, Texas.

Rowe will be among a handful of drivers competing at Houston Raceway Park for the first time.

"We knew that we had a tough road ahead of us headed into Gainesville with the new car," explained Rowe. "While we felt bad about not making the cut at Gainesville, we weren't the only good teams that fell short. As competitive as we are, that's the only thing that lessens some of the sting.

"But failing to make the show stinks, no matter how much you sugarcoat it."

Rowe spent much of the event chasing an electrical problem, which left him down on power during the first half of qualifying. He managed to find a groove as he posted a conservative 6.397, 216.76.

Rowe was able to gather some much needed testing time two weeks ago during a West Coast Pro Modified Association stop at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He reached the semi-finals and ranks fourth in the WCPMA points standings after one event.

Professional qualifying for the 16th annual O'Reilly Springnationals at Houston Raceway Park begins on Friday, April 11, with Pro Modified sessions scheduled for 2:45 and 6 PM. Qualifications continue on Saturday with the final sessions slated for 1 and 4:30 PM. Final eliminations begin on Sunday at 11 AM.



April 8, 2003 Doorslammers testing at Mission.

Ray Kirton with a huffer!

Stefan Kondolay made a few easy laps. He will challenge for the doorslammer title this year.

Jason Mercer was in the "Special" this weekend.


March 30, 2003 "The Strip" at Las Vegas Motor SpeedWay

West Coast Pro Mod first winner of the year, goes to Canadian, Glen Kerunsky wins in the battle of 57's (Photos by L. Pfister)

Glen Kerunsky (left) took his new 57 Chevy to a final round victory against Californian Kip Dupuis (below left) and his 57 Buick at the opening event of the year for the West Coast Pro Mods. Glen was the class of the 12 car turnout, running 6.40's all weekend. In the final, he ran a 6.46 at 219 mph to defeat the awesome deep green Roadmaster of Dupuis, as he could only muster an off pace 7.17. Low et of the weekend also went to Kerunsky who blasted out a great 6.41 under hot track conditions all weekend. Kip had the fastest run of the weekend as he went 224.90. Other notable players, included Rick Distefano who ran real well all weekend, but could not stay out of the sand trap as his chutes apparently tangled in his wheelie bars on two runs. The first time was Saturday night in the final qualifying session, and the team thrashed all night to make repairs, and the second time was during a first round win against Dupuis. Due to the damage, he could not continue, and Kip took advantage and made it to the final, before bowing out to Kerunsky. The other semifinalists included, Danny Rowe, who ran in the 6.50's, and Lee Smith, who also ran in the 6.50's all weekend. Other qualifiers were Saskachewan's Dan Vogt (below right), Pat Stoken and Andy Neyer. John Scialpi, out for the first time in his awesome new 57 Chevy, failed to qualify as did newcomer Brad Pierce and Randy Hagerty. We'll have all the pictures of this event the middle of the week, when our trusty secret agent returns by stagecoach from his 1200 mile jaunt.


Below Glen and crew chief Terry Morrow celebrate. Right: Pat Stoken

(Below)...... is one of the two times Rick Distefano went into the sand at Vegas

Below. Two of the non qualifiers. Randy Hagerty and Rob Pierce



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