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This page will have jet cars, wheelstanders, the Harley stunt team and the Pro Mod-Outlaw 10.5 grudge race coverage on it.


Sunday Elimination's

Pro Mod

Round one

Keith Korecki got a lucky Single When Steve Horne could not make elimination's due to engine issues

John DeJonge make his career best 660 run going 4.15 in a round one upset of Kerry Stone.

Garrett Richards had the #1 qualifier bye run (seven car field) but on his single the car moved about three feet. It banged the blower hard right at the hit. (You can tell with all the mist around the the blower and hat).

The Bettenson team cars faced each other in the final round one matchup. Jordie rolled the beams right at the green and the car moved but he was off the loud pedal for over a tenth of second. Jordie recovered in time and managed to go past Dean right in the lights

Round two

Jordie was way late but he was hard on the loud pedal and was rapidly catching Korecki but ran out of real estate. Lazic fell .02 short at the finish line

John Dejonge by virtue of Richards breaking in round one just took the green to save parts.

Final Round

In the final both driver did strong burnouts but John had a bit of a secret, his car lost 1st gear in round one. He staged deep and rolled way red giving Korecki the easy win. Keith ran a career best 4.21/170 in the final. It was his second victory ever in Pro Mod competition.

Nitro Harley

Nate Gagnon the #1 qualifier (6.45) defeated #2 qualifier Jim Schellenberg (6.57) in the final round Nate ran a 6.51 while Jim smoked his big rear slick, he pedalled the bike and it hooked up to a 7.1@ 200 mph. Schellenberg ran his career best on the weekend.

#1 qualifier Daniel Rodrigue won BDL Automotive Outlaw 275 over #4 qualifier Mike Hawkins

#1 qualifier (3.97) Ken Sihota defeated #2 qualifier Steve Nicholson (4.06) in the Outlaw 10.5 final round. Ken Got a huge holeshot in the final round. Ken is the only driver in the NW to run in the 3's. He ran a career best 3.97, and a 3.99 in qualifiying.


Saturday under the lights

Nitro Harleys are awesome with the big header flames

Steve Nicholson 's Header Flames with the four kits (or more) of nitrous looked way too cool.

Ken Sihota's career run Saturday night.

Steve Horne ran a 3.99 under the lights.

Keith Korecki's Mustang had big time flames as well.

After thrashing all week, JR Lazic had the 57 Chevy thumping.

Jet Cars and Wheelstanders

Ed Jones is the composite entertainer with the Jelly Belly wheelstander

Derek Snelson and Mark Stevens put on a great show with their jet powered dragster and funny car

Rick Kopp and the "Bone Shaker" Jet truck put on an awesome show in both runs Saturday night.

The flaming stacks and the massive Jet throw huge flames in the air and out the back end.

The last show of the night Saturday at 10:45 saw the "Bone Shaker" burn the 'Dummies' car to the ground. You leave a car parked in the wrong spot and you pay the price.

To say it was the biggest flame show ever at MRP is an understatement!!


Sunday Jay Syvertsen brought out the twin turbo Canso and it ran a career best 4.57

Jason Gagnon's nova is one bad ass powerstanding beast.


Stve Nicholson made a number of solid laps at Mission on the weekend.

Jake in the blown Dakota ran his best ever on the weekend. He went 4.30's

Dustin Sutherland ran a career best 5.10

Daniel Rodrigue continued his run of being one of the quickest BC cars. Quickest this year

The Nitro Harleys always put on a good show

Nate Gagnon's blown nitro harley (not sure who was riding in on the weekend) had a huge boomer at 900 feet. Rider banged up his arm pretty good.

Steve Horne carrying the front wheels at 150 feet.

Kerry Stone ran a 4.03 and a 6.08 on the weekend. Nicholson went 4.06 and 4.13 for his two best runs.

Steve and Jay run each other for the first time ever. Jay had a troubled start and Steve took the win.

In the run below Richards was way out in front but you can see the butterflies are closed at 120 feet. Jake Skocylas drove around him

JR Lazic's first run of the weekend saw a 4.03 and John DeJonge improved his earlier 4.29 to a 4.21

Canadian and West Coast record in Outlaw 10.5

Dean Bettenson in the new Chevy ran career best 4.21.

'Header Flames' and 'Wheelies', what could be better.

After the wheelstand, Jason came down hard in the Nova, as you can see by the sparks

Entertaining the fans during track prep and oil downs were stunt Harley riders, the 'Vanishing Ones'.

1/4 mile wheelstands burnouts, spins and everything in between


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