Monday Testing (photos courtesy Bob Wilson)

A number of drivers were out at the strip on Monday to test after the weekends event, or to get new drivers in the seat, for the start of the silly season which has already gotten under way.

(A Gallery is here as well, 7 pages).

Here are few of the highlights

Bob Frey, the guy with all the info. He is a vault!

Erica Enders. Part of the Grump team

Aaron Alvarez in Morgans A/Fuel car. First run was a mid seven licencing pass.


Jim Rizzoli and clan

Ben Marshall in Scott Kalitta's car. Has been part of the team for awhile. Is he going to be driver #4? Is shirley going to be manager of his ride or the manager of one of the other Kalitta cars? She brought in the Zantrex-3 sponsor. She also had the best quote of the weekend, "Make sure you wear clean socks when going through the airport security". (obviously the screws and/or plates in her legs and/or ankles set off the metal detectors)

Greg Uffens (Effens) was the John Smith's ride. He was out earlier in the year in Mike Strasberg's car.

King Kenny ran 4.50 in the Bud car. Will we see two out next year.

The new Edgecombe car. Kurt Cruise is the driver.

Gary Cooper was in the Hartley car.

Mike Ashley made laps on Monday.

Steven Densham in his top alky ride is near the end of year one in his apprenticeship to take the riegns over from the 'teacher'.

No it is not here for recycling, it is the spare Cowin chassis.

Duane Shields car had tributes to Darrell.

Casey Suzuki's Good Guys A/FD.

Ya, that's Jim Head making adjustments to his flopper while IT IS RUNNING. Unreal!!!

Vince Deceglie has one bad A/A Comp Corvette

Jirka Kaplan struggled this past weekend, so he was testing.

Rhonda Hartman-Smith's cool pit vehicle.

The only driver I did not get shots of was Robert Haight (John Force's son in law) running one of the team Force cars. He will most likely be in Densham's ride next year.







































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