The Funny Cars @ Phoenix Friday. (photos courtesy and copyright Nitrophoto motorsport photography and Mark King (Mark King photos are copyright and and may not be used without permission).

Pro Mods are here

Top Alcohol and Sportsman is here

Top Fuel is here

Exclusive "Snake" Monte Carlo shots are here

Phil Burkart got a couple go short squirts in Friday look for teams to make 660-1000 foot hitds Saturday.


Capps was in the Camaro. And will be all weekend as the Monte Carlos were loaded up and taken away from the track

TJ Jr. also made 60-330 foot launches

Whit Bazemore did not get down the track either.

Densham and team Force (the three musketeers) were out in FORCE!

Johnny's car sure squats down hard. Almost low enough to not trip the beams in my opinion.

Eric is getting a good handle on his top five car.

Scelzi will be a strong top five car this year I feel.

Tony surprised me last weekend. He could end up further up than the #8 spot which I picked for him this year.

Tim Wilkerson has two new sponsors on the side of his car this year. Summit and Craftsman have stepped up.


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