Feb. 1, 2004 The Strip at Las Vegas at Motor SpeedWay----- With a bunch of the Pro teams taking today off, my two Vegas correspondents decided to head back to Phoenix to watch the Super Bowl from the confines of home. They are getting ready for what will probably be a very busy weekend at Phoenix's Firebird raceway. Make sure you check out Drag Race Central for all of today's action.

Jan. 31, 2004 Saturday at the Strip at Las Vegas Pro testing. (pictures courtesy Mark King and Gale Franks and are copyright speedzonemagazine.com and deepstage.net)

The "Professor Ginz" out for a Saturday drive.


Saturday Sportsman numbers and pictures are here.

All Friday's results are here.

The rest of the shots at the bottom of the run reports below

The final session 4:00 - 7:00pm

Arley Langlo - 1.01 2.93 clicks it before the 330 clocks but does not blow up.
Gary Scelzi - . 4.80 313 Gary has the best team Schumacher run of the day.
David Baca - 3.20 254 800 foot run
Tony Pedregon - 3.32 236 another pretty good 330 foot shot
Whit Bazemore - 3.28 257 660ft.
Eric Medlen 4.96 305 Not a bad pass, but certainly not as good as yesterday.
Jerry Toliver - 3.31 247 Jerry's best effort 660 ft
Gary Densham - Shook and clicked it by 150 feet
Tommy Johnson Jr. - 3.31 250 shut down just before half track
John Force - 3.32 252 Forces car has been very fast but also very loose on almost every lap. This one he was very close to the center line by 400 feet.
Cruz Pedregon - .906 Cruz's first lap of the weekend and gets to about 190 feet before tire shake hits.
Jim Head - .921 Head has the limelight as the last car down the track and his first in a flopper in a dozen years.

The Pro Teams had a pretty good day today and I expect Sunday to be a much less active day. The weather is actually supposed to be cooler and maybe a bigger chance of moisture. Some teams have already packed up. Again a very weak Top Fuel showing and a number of other Funny Cars stayed away. Pro Stock will be out in force in Houston next week and The rest of the pros will invade Phoenix starting Thursday. Check back tomorrow and we'll keep you informed

2:15 pm Pro Numbers to 4:00pm. Alky and other classes numbers from Saturday are here

Pit notes: FC, Del Worsham made three attempts. The last two were hot laps with a 4.92 best. John Force and Gary Densham both ran great with Force going 328+ again and then getting loose on his second attempt right at 60 feet. Dnesham was strong on both hits. Eric Medlen had a short fuse in the noon session but was 256 to half track. Tony Pedregon looked okay with one strong half track hit. Jerry Toliver has alot of driver and car woes to work on. Team Scoal was only interested in 660 runs as well and Ron had a 261 half track mph. Tommy looked okay. Whit Bazemore was good on one run where he went 4.86 318. Gary Scelzi had decent one by the looks of it, but clicked it by 600 feet. TF was again very weak, as Greg Huff made two licencing passes in the Strasburg TF car. was 3.27 to half track in one. Shep Ginzberg tried one lap and smoked em early. Baca clicked it before the 330 on both his attempts. Great 60 foots but over powered the track. Pro Stock saw Ben Watson make two 6 second passes. And finally Mike Berry made two PS Bike laps. Pictures to come in an hour or so.


Del Worsham 2.32 smoke right at 330 #2 .895, #3 4.92 275 Del hot lapped his last two runs made them within 45 minutes
John Force 4.78 328 #2 .881 went right
Gary Densham 4.80 322, #2 4.78 325
Eric Medlin 3.31 256
Jerry Toliver 2.88 right before 330 clicked it, #2 .893
Tony Pedregon 3.38 249 pretty good ½ track run his best as an owner
Ron Capps #1 6.18 198, #2 no ¼ mile et 261mph
Tommy Johnson Jr. #1 3.38 213 (5.91), #2 3.32 251
Whit Bazemore #1 2.55 clicked it before the 330, #2 4.86 318
Gary Scelzi 5.42 190


David Baca 2.67
Shep Ginzberg .000 Licencing pass Top Fuel UP IN SMOKE INSTANTLY. Lights the tires before 330
Greg Uffens #1 2.29, #2 .893 2.27 3.27 248 in Strasburg Car. Made two laps today


Ben Watson PS #1 6.94 198, #2 6.96 197


Mike Berry PSB 7.22 184, #2 7.28 182

10:30am Numbers from today include, Pros. Steve Densham (Gary's kid) will make laps in the Densham TAFC today. He was just going to the line when I got off the phone with Mark. Scelzi made a 5.40 lap. Baca went 2/3rds down track. Bazemore clicked it early

It was cool and windy. 50 degrees apparantly. Oh, poor people!!!!

Toliver got two good 300 foot squirts

Del ran okay

Cruz made one 300 foot shot

Gary ran well again today

Whit ran a 4.86

Ron Capps was about average for the first two days.

John still kicked butt Saturday. The car was loose both days though.

Tony is getting used to the new car.


Greg Uffens was in Mike Strasburgs TF car getting licenced

Eric Medlem should be smiling

Forces weekend shipment of Pistons

The new MSD control box for the clutch. Very hi tech stuff. It goes along with another very secret piece of hardware that is apparantly on the Force car(s).



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