Saturday Photo Extra: (Sunday's pics are up)

(courtesy Brian Losness; Nitro Motorsports Photography)

The last pair with boss John Force proved to be the bane for Whit Bazemore again when Gary Densham took the #1 spot out from under the Matco tools driver. Ouch!

Scelzi is looking very strong. He and Whit should have a few good battles this year.

Toliver, what can you say, Hero to Zero in just a week!

This was a weird one with Steven Neese as the steering broke right on the lauch luckily, the car was clicked early and very little damage was done

Tony Schumacher is kickin butt. He is a strong favorite tomorrow (Sunday).


Kurt Johnson is in the top half for Sunday elims

So is Jeggie



Friday Qualifying Photo Extra:

Mike Strasberg struggled both sessions Friday.

Larry Dixon is just another player in the class based on his first six qualifying passes.

Darrell Russell is a dark horse. He needs two or three hundredths to be a solid favorite though.

Scott Weis made only one hit Friday. Look to the bottom photos to see why!!

Dave Grubnic As per the Mcdonalds commercial , "I'm Lovin it"

Ron Capps Looks alot better early this year.

Force bit Bazemore by 1/1000ths

Eric Medlen and Whit Bazemore. Eric clicked it early by the looks of this photo.

Greg Anderson is guess, (A)"On Top". (B) "King of The World". (C) "THE King of Pro Stock". or (D) " cheating".

The Answer is A, B, and C

Jeggie is a solid #3. It is not likely to change today.


Oh ya, "The reason why Scott Weis only made one lap. This mean looking girl would not get out of the seat, and then.........

............ she strapped hereself to the wing, ala.......well you know who!!

Sunday photo highlights are here





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