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Pre Season is underway and SpeedZone was at Palm Beach for the start of the 2012 Full Throttle season


Rookie of the year candidate Courtney Force is pretty jacked about her first pro year.

Speedview ...

2012 PRO Winter Warmup
Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter, FL
By Pat Welsh


SZ: Pat Welsh with Speedzone Magazine.com talking with Courtney Force driver of the Traxxas/John Force Racing nitro funny car. How was your first race with your Dad?

CF: It was definitely a lot of fun. I was looking forward to that for a very long time. So it was pretty cool to go up there and go head to head with him. We had a little car trouble but I tried to pedal it and get it down there and give the fans a good race. But we just wanted to stay safe and get to the other end.

SZ: How was the run-your first competitive pass in your funny car career?

CF: We just kind of had some tire shake so I had to lift and pedal it to see if it would smooth out and it didn't but that's alright. We're getting all of our problems fixed, that's why we are here at test and tune.

SZ: Did I see you guys had a little problem with latching the body last night after starting it?

CF: The whole car is new. We have a new team on board so we're just trying to get the feel of everything now. Everything is getting worked out, I think everyone is getting a routine down, and figuring out the body and the new car and hopefully getting it down the racetrack.

SZ: How many passes have you made in the last year?

CF: Well over 50 or 60. Now with all of these runs from this weekend-I don't know somewhere over that line. I've started to lose count.

SZ: Well you're handling the car really well.

CF: Thank you. I'm trying--doing my best. I have a lot to learn but I'm doing what I can.

SZ: What about graphics for the car? What will the car look like for Pomona at the Winternationals?

CF: This is just our test body. Actually at our press conference back in California January 10 we had our car there. So that will be debuting at Pomona. It's pretty much a black body with a little bit of white and a little bit of blue so it's pretty awesome.

SZ: Are you going to have any different paint schemes during the year?

CF: We've talked about it. We don't know anything for sure. But you never know. Dad always comes up with an idea.

SZ: Is your sister Ashley here?

CF: She is here, and my mom, and my sister Brittany who will be running the Top Fuel dragster in the next couple of days testing that. They all just got here.

SZ: Thanks for your time Courtney and good luck in your second round. You're racing Mike Neff?

CF: No actually I'm racing Beckman I believe.

SZ: Have a safe race.

CF: Thank you.



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