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August 7, 2010.......A feature class gallery is posted. A Sportsman gallery is posted.

August 3, 2010

BC Old Time Drags at Mission Raceway presented by the Langley Loafers

A gallery is posted.

Jeffery, Hunter and Murdoch photos

The Langley Loafers brought their 18th annual drag race and show n shine to Mission Raceway this past weekend. The BC Custom Car Association along with the Loafers are two of the olds car club in the country and have put together one of the biggest nostalgia drag racing events in Canada. The AA/Supercharged Gassers group has been the long standing feature class at the Loafers race and they were again this year. The Loafers also invited the Canada West Doorslammers back for the first time in a decade, Three six second blown alcohol Altereds out of Alberta and Claude Lavoie's Nitro Funny Car.

Only seven Gassers made the trip North from Oregon and Washington state, a bit of a disappointment, but even in a feature class like the Gassers, the economy has hit that group. The Doorslammers, one of the most popular classes in the North West brought their largest contingent of 2010. 28 cars tried to qualify for the 8.70 minimum and in the end, 27 cars made the field.

The three Blown Alcohol Altereds put on possibly the best show with all three cars running career bests. Of course the Nitro Funny Car was the biggest hit, As the Edmonton/Arizona based team ripped of two 5.80 passes Saturday including a career best 5.85/244 in the heat of the day. It was a very impressive run for sure. He backed that up later Saturday with a 5.88/245. You could actually see the header flames in broad daylight. The car was making big power and had a lot of fuel running through it. On Sunday the team was trying a few different combinations and, while it did not run the 5.80's it still laid down low 6 second 230 mph laps. Claude certainly put on a great show. Too bad he was not at Mission the weekend before for the Funny Car shootout. He had prior commitments that weekend, show he came out this past weekend. He absolutely loves the Mission track and gets treated very well here. You can be sure he will try and make it out to the National Open next year.

The Gassers....


.....were lead by Howard Anderson. He was the only car to run in the 6.80's in qualifying, and ran a 6.88 to qualify # 1 Troy Owen was # 2 (6.91) and Mike Molea was # 3 with a 6.92. Brent Harris qualified #4 with a 7.18. Monte Grubb was #5, Scott White was #6 and Joel Matton ended up #7.

In round one, Anderson got the odd car bye and he improved on his earlier best, a strong 6.78/206. Troy Owen took out Scott White with a 7.01 to a 7.41.

Mike Molea got a lucky break in his race against Joel Matton. Matton got staged and then left way early handing the win to Molea. Brent Harris was supposed to take on Monte Grubb, but Grubb wounded his bullet in the second round of qualifying and could not make it to eliminating.

Semi finals..... Anderson got his second free ride in a row, when Molea, broke on the burnout, depositing fluid on the track. In the single, Anderson made another solid run, a 6.82/204. Troy Owen also got a bit lucky in the other semi. He faced Brent Harris, and both cars ran good numbers. A 7.07 for Harris, and a 7.10 for Owen's. Lucky for Owen, Harris went red and Troy was off to his second final in a row.

Final round....Anderson was a huge favorite as he has been running 2/10ths quicker than the rest off the field. Howard fired the car and started his burnout. Troy in the "Legends" Willys was frantically trying to get the car fired in the other lane. Finally the crew along with a few others tried to push start the car. It would not light so Anderson had his third final round in a row.

He did not disappoint the crowd, and laid down his best run of the weekend, a 6.75/207.03. Not the show the Gassers or the Loafers were hoping for, but given the downturn in the economy and fewer cars in most classes, it is almost expected. At the Spokane Divisional event a total of 9 Top Alcohol cars showed up in both classes.

The blown Altereds out of Alberta all made "team bests" performance.

Dan Peterson has run here a number of times before and he ripped off some great 6 second runs. His best was a 6.31/219. On his next pass, he got loose and to pedal the car.

He still went 6.60, but unfortunately, his chutes never blossomed and he went into the catch net 3000 ft past the finish line. He was not hurt, but the car did suffer some chassis damage.

Reg Deforest from Edmonton went a 6.85/195 best, but his forte was long smoky wild burnouts. Tavis McDonnell went quicker and quicker all weekend long culminating in a great 6.58/212 mph blast.


His previous run he went 6.59/209. I would be nice if there were a couple more Blown Altereds in the NW as they would put on a great show.



The RH Race Cars Canada West Doorslammers held their 8th of 10 points events and they had their largest car count of 2010. 28 cars tried for the 8.70 bump and 27 made the field. The event was sponsored by Ken Kruger Racing.

Perennial #1 qualifier Terry Spargo continued his streak and won the low qualifier $100.00 bonus courtesy "Irene's Die Cast Collectables".

On the window you can see the Charity I spoke about on the fornt page. "Racing for Joshua's Cancer treatment". Good on ya Wells team.

He went 6.62/211. Randy Arlitt held down the bump spot with a 8.67. Ken Gallagher was the only driver to miss the cut. He had mechanical issues in the second qualifier and could not make the third session. Dave Heans won the run for the money gamblers run, completed in the third session. He was .006 off his 8.47 dial in.

In eliminations, Zak Clarke ran the table (had a bit of help) and extended his lead in the standings. The guys right behind him in the standings all went out early so his lead went from 65 to over 120 with the win. Runner up was Darren Wolfram, who flew in from Indonesia Friday night. He was a bit jet lagged Saturday, but ecstatic with his finish.

The burnout King is back Klaas Reitsma doing one of his patented BO's

Loafer class results.

Outlaw: #1 qualifier Rick Given 8.163/159.88

Winner, Warren Jabobson 34 Ford Roadster 9.98 dial) .039 9.986/141.59
Runner-up, Zach Liston 55 Chevy (8.72 dial) .050 rt 8.763/152.77

Street Rod "A": #1 qualifier Ron Yaroshuk 8.996/146.84

Winner,Sandy York 40 Willys (9.00 dial) .012 rt 9.070/147.27
Runner-up, Russ Armstrong 29 Ford (9.28 dial) .-030 red rt 9.308/139.23

Street Rod "B": Winner,Criag Mitchell 29 Ford (11.98 dial) .124 rt 11.939/108.03
Runner-up, Bill Clifford 27 Ford (11.20 dial) .-049 red rt 11.231/115.08

Street Classic "A": Gene Kirner 8.119/164.80

Winner, Henry Zacharias '63 Chevy II (9.45 dial) .065 rt 9.535 137.36
Runner-up, Steve Pyburn 57 Ford (9.56 dial) .065 rt 9.602 136.17

Street Classic "B": Winner, Norm Fleenor 55 Chevy (10.72 dial) .091 rt 10.784/111.49
Runner-up, Dan Proulx 63 Mercury (11.95 dial) .029 rt 12.239 109.22

Street Machine "A": #1 qualifier Mike Goad 9.41/136.65

Winner, Eddie Radjo '69 Camaro: (10.38 dial) .038 rt 10.388/127.35
Runner-up, Mike Goad '69 Camaro (9.39 dial) .066 rt 10.399/140.62

Street Machine "B": Winner, Chris Rachel '67 Chevy (11.74) .096 rt 11.774/109.80
Runner-up, Aaron Linder '70 Nova (9.38 dial) .-122 red 9.389/144.85

Street Machine "C": Winner, Glenn Fillingham 68 AMX (12.05) .017 rt 12.132 107.81
Runner-up, Silvia Hoogstins 66 Ford (13.56 dial) .187 rt 13.497 99.93

Photo highlights

2010 March Meet

AA/FC Eliminations


(Paul Grant photos) Paul's Gallery is here

Bob Snyder gallery is here.

Leah Pruett-LeDuc in Steve Plueger's "Plueger & Gyger" Ford Mustang took the 52nd Annual March Meet Crown at Auto Club Famoso Raceway last Monday after delays caused the semi final and final rounds to be carried over to Monday.

It wasn't a cake walk for Pruett-LeDuc and Plueger as they struggled during both rounds of qualifying and limped into eliminations in the # 14 qualifying position with a well off the pace 6.387 @ 186.79 run Friday afternoon. On Saturday Pruett-LeDuc had the steering yoke come off in her hands at the hit, crossed over into the opposite lane and had the pass disqualified, but kept the car off the wall.


Then the sun came out Sunday for eliminations and things started turning around for Pruett-LeDuc. She defeated Jeff Bennett in the "Pure Heaven" Chevrolet Camaro with a 6.387 @ 186.79. Pruett-LeDuc then went on to dispatch Tim Boychuk in the "Troy Lee Designs" Pontiac Firebird with a 5.732 @ 243.50 and then Paul Romine in the "Man O' War" Ford Mustang in the third round with a another great run of 5.732 @ 243.50.

With the semi final and final rounds being held over until Monday, Pruett-LeDuc's competitor in the semi final, Lee Paul Jennings in the "Code Red II" Chevrolet Camaro was unable to stay over the extra day due to business commitments, which gave Pruett-LeDuc a bye run into the finals. It turns out that was the best break she could have asked for as the "Plueger & Gyger" Mustang got crossed up and could only muster a 7.059 @ 171.42.

Gary Densham in the "Teachers Pet" Chevrolet Camaro faced off against Josh Crawford in the "Blue Max" Ford Mustang. Densham received a single when Crawford was shut off on the line with a fuel leak. Densham clicked it off early to an 8.519 @ 91.82.

Pruett-LeDuc defeated Gary Densham in the final round with another 5 second blast at 5.811 @ 242.65 to the trailing 5.986 @ 236.34 to take the coveted March Meet Crown.

Earlier Rounds

Rounds two and three

Round 2 Eliminations at the 52nd Annual March Meet at Auto Club Famoso Raceway kicked off with Paul Romine in the "Man O' War" Ford Mustang marching on to the third round as he defeated Mark Sanders in the "Mr. Explosive" Chevrolet Nova with a stout 5.882 @ 247.38 to the trailing 6.258 @ 193.63 of Sanders.

Tim Boychuk in the "Troy Lee Designs" Pontiac Firebird stepped on it hard and made his career best pass of 5.826 @ 240.70 to no avail as Leah Pruett-LeDuc in the "Plueger & Gyger" Ford Mustang snuffed out his dreams of a March Meet title with a 5.732 @ 243.50.

In the upset of the weekend Josh Crawford in the "Blue Max" Ford Mustang punched Ron Capps ticket with a 6.093 @ 233.28 when Capps hazed the tires from about 300 feet on through the quartermile only carded a 6.545 @ 231.36.

Lee Paul Jennings in the "Code Red II" Chevrolet Camaro took out the second NHRA shoe of the round and took the title of fastest NFC shoe from Pruett-LeDuc when he defeated Cruz Pedregon in the "Joe Pisano" Chevrolet Camaro with a stout 5.856 @ 251.53 to Pedregon's off the pace 6.494 @ 173.01.

Gary Densham in the "Teachers Pet" Chevrolet Camaro carried on for the big show pilots with a very nice 5.934 @ 239.61 to defeat Dwayne Patton in the "High Voltage" Chevrolet Camaro who carded a 6.139 @ 229.00.

Bob Godfrey in the "Burn N Money" Chevrolet Camaro must have the luck of the Irish as he received his second bye run of the day when Mike Savage in the "Candies & Hughes" Plymouth Barracuda broke on the burnout. Godfrey shut off early and coasted through the lights with a 7.752 @ 110.22.

Mike Halstead in the "Nitro Stang" Ford Mustang ran a career best to defeat Todd Lesenko in the "Jolly Rogers" Chevrolet Camaro with a 5.929 @ 244.89 to Lesenko's 6.545 @ 174.21.

In the final pairing of the round Ed Dougan in the "Fighting Irish" Chevrolet Camaro defeated John Hale in the "Mike Burkhart" Chevrolet Camaro with a major holeshot running a 6.050 @ 239.42 to the much quicker 5.969 @ 233.88 of Hale.

In the third and final round of racing of the day Gary Densham in the "Teachers Pet" Chevrolet continued his march through the field as he defeated Ed Dougan in the "Fighting Irish" Chevrolet Camaro with a career best pass of 5.897 @ 240.44 as Dougan did the Texas two step and lit the red bulb.

Leah Pruett-LeDuc in the "Plueger & Gyger" Ford Mustang strapped one on the Midwest Terror Paul Romine in the "Man O' War" Ford Mustang with a 5.737 @ 245.56 to the 5.849 @ 253.02 of Romine. The silver lining in Romine's cloud is that he became the fastest NFC in the class with his run bettering Lee Paul Jennings previous round mph by just over 1.5 mph. Not a bad trophy to take back to the Midwest.

The wait was to be short to see if Lee Paul Jennings in the "Code Red II" Chevrolet Camaro could best Romine's 253 mph blast. Jennings easily handled Bob Godfrey in the "Burn N Money" Chevrolet Camaro with his career best elapsed time of 5.789 @ 211.96 to the 6.256 @ 212.26 of Godfrey. The mph wasn't there for Jennings as he stepped off the loud pedal early and had the chutes blossoming before the lights.

In the final pair of the round Josh Crawford in the "Blue Max" Ford Mustang got a single to the semi finals when Mike Halstead in the "Nitro Stang" Ford Mustang couldn't make the call. Crawford broke the hides loose and coasted through with a 12.692 @ 63.78 mph.

Due to time constraints, darkness, and conditions, the semi and final rounds were carried over to Monday morning. Unfortunately Lee Paul Jennings in the "Code Red II" Chevrolet Camaro and his team had commitments and were unable to stay over for the final two rounds on Monday.

We now have 3 different nitro pilots in three different cars that have surpassed the 250 mile per hour barrier. Leah Pruett-LeDuc was the first in the "Heart Breaker" Ford Mustang with the power plant and tuning prowess of Lee Jennings Sr., Lee Paul Jennings in the "Code Red II" Chevrolet Camaro today, and the top dog Paul Romine in the "Man O' War" Ford Mustang. We also saw a lot of career best passes for many teams and of course the upset of the weekend when #1 Qualifier and owner of the quickest pass in NFC history Ron Capps in the "LA Hooker" Plymouth Arrow was defeated in the second round.

Round one

Round 1 Eliminations From The 52nd Annual March Meet

Ron Capps in the "LA Hooker" Plymouth Arrow led all qualifiers into final eliminations at the 52nd Annual March Meet at Auto Club Famoso Raceway with a stellar 5.703 @ 247.18. The clouds and chance of rain departed overnight leaving a sunny Sunday allowing track conditions to improve greatly.

Three Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car Teams would not be able to make the call for first round eliminations due to breakage. Brad Faria in the "Secret Weapon" Chevrolet Camaro, Mendy Fry in the "West Coast Funny Car Factory / Nitro Kitty" Dodge Charger, and Chris Bennett in "McCain's Bomb Squad" Plymouth Duster.

The first race in round 1 eliminations started off with a bye run for Tim Boychuk in the "Troy Lee Designs" Pontiac Firebird as Brad Faria in the "Secret Weapon" Chevrolet Corvette was unable to make the call. Boychuk clicked it a bit early to a 6.062 @ 197.49 to move into round 2.

Ed Dougan in the "Fighting Irish" Chevrolet Camaro defeated Kris Krabill in the "Pedaler" Plymouth Arrow with 6.164 @ 237.09 to the trailing Krabill with a 9.927 @ 79.83 after experiencing a mechanical malfunction during the run.

Todd Lesenko in the "Jolly Rogers" Chevrolet Camaro defeated Sean Dale in the "Holy Toledo" Jeep with respectable 6.238 @ 230.00 to Dale's game 6.484 @ 221.29 which was the best pass for the Jeep this weekend.

Paul Romine in the "Man O' War" Ford Mustang and Bob Godfrey in the "Burn N Money" Chevrolet Camaro lined up and ran together although both were on a by round pass. Romine clicked off and rolled through the top end while Godfrey did the same a little farther down the track. Both advanced to round 2.

Josh Crawford in the "Blue Max" Ford Mustang was pumped up on this pass as he nailed the tree with a.035 reaction time on the way to defeating Jim Adolph in the "Blair Speed Shop" Chevrolet Camaro with a 6.128 @ 239.23 to Adolphs trailing 6.548 @ 162.45.

Gary Densham in the "Teachers Pet" Chevrolet Camaro defeated Jack Harris in the "Nitro Thunder" Pontiac Firebird with the first 5 second pass of the round with a 5.957 @ 237.52 to the trailing Harris and his best pass of the weekend with a 6.048 @ 240.12.

Dwayne Patton in the "High Voltage" Chevrolet Camaro was caught napping at the tree but had enough to drive around Dale Van Gundy in the "Quarter Pounder" Dodge Challenger with a 6.104 @ 228.25 to Van Gundy's 6.284 @ 225.62.

Steve Plueger found the handle on the "Plueger & Gyger" Mustang as Leah Pruett-LeDuc laid down a great 5.876 @ 239.74 to defeat Jeff Bennett in the "Pure Heaven" Chevrolet Camaro who trailed with a 6.517 @ 209.01.

Mike Savage in the "Candies & Hughes" Plymouth Barracuda singled for the win with a 6.016 @ 235.47 when Don Hudson in the "Pizza Haven" Mini Satellite failed to make the call.

Dan Horan Jr. was caught napping hard at the tree as Cruz Pedregon got the holeshot win with a 6.216 @ 209.69 to the losing and quicker pass of Horan of 6.094 @ 220.48.

Lee Paul Jennings in the "Code Red II" Chevrolet Camaro also got a single into round 2 when Nate Bugg in the "BDS" Chevrolet Monza broke on the burnout. Jennings had to pedal it and ended up running an off the pace 6.682 @ 243.70.

Mike Halstead in the "Nitro Stang" Ford Mustang laid down his quickest pass of the event with a 5.985 @ 240.19 as he drove around Claude LaVoie in the "GTX" Mini Satellite who carded a 6.023 @ 235.17.

In a last minute driver change, Mendy Fry strapped into Brian Thiel's Chevrolet Camaro for the first round matchup with Ron Capps. Capps easily prevailed when he ran the quickest pass in the Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car Class history with a 6.675 @ 247.79 to Fry's 6.418 @ 223.88.

Mark Sanders in the "Mr. Expolosive" Chevrolet Nova defeated Roger Garten in the "War Horse" Ford Mustang in their competition debut with a 6.121 @ 238.79 to Garten's trailing 6.670 @ 207.46.

John Hale in the "Mike Burkhart" Chevrolet Camaro easily defeated Jack Wright in the "Joker" Dodge Challenger with a career best elapsed time and mile per hour with a 5.932 @ 243.37 to an out of shape 13.776 @ 63.72 of Wright.

Unoffically Ron Capps should have the new elapsed time record for the class as his early pass of 5.703 should easily back up the 5.675. Ron Capps is now the quickest pilot in the class, but the fastest is yet to be decided.


Final qualifying for the 52nd Annual March Meet at Auto Club Famoso Raceway turned into an afternoon affair after sprinkles halted action earlier in the day. The track was an evil bitch mistress again today with many not being able to find the handle on getting down the track under power.

Todd Lesenko in the "Jolly Rogers" Chevrolet Camaro must have a subliminal message in his paint job that says "hit me" after Roger Garten in the "War Horse" Mustang swapped lanes right behind him in round 2 qualifying. Yesterday during round 1 qualifying Don Hudson in the "Pizza Haven" Mini Satellite traded paint with Lesenko on the top end after Hudson crossed over into Lesenko's lane. Despite the near miss, Lesenko was able to run a very nice 6.140 @ 237.02 to put himself into the show in the #9 qualifying position.


The only movement in qualifying came from the #4 qualifying position and down. Ron Capps in the "Plueger & Gyger" Ford Mustang kept his #1 Qualifying position while running the exact same elapsed time as Leah Pruett-LeDuc did at Pomona earlier this year with a mind blowing 5.703 @ 246.71.

Lee Paul Jennings in the "Code Red II" Chevrolet Camaro, Tim Boychuck in his "Troy Lee Designs" Pontiac Firebird, and John Hale in his "Mike Burkhart" Chevrolet Camaro were all able to retain their qualifying positions with their passes from yesterday's round 1 qualifying in the #2, 3, and 4 positions respectively.

Gary Densham in his "Teachers Pet" Chevrolet Camaro ran his career best numbers in the class on the way to qualifying #5 with a 5.910 @ 236.03.

Paul Romine in the "Man O' War" Ford Mustang claimed the #6 qualifying postion with a 5.938 @ 220.42.


1 728 Ron Capps, Carlsbad CA, '70 Barracuda 5.703 246.71 246.71
2 720 Lee Paul Jennings Jr, Hilmar CA, '72 Camaro 5.828 236.03 236.03
3 666 Tim Boychuk, Edmonton AB, '77 Firebird 5.881 236.34 236.34
4 496 John Hale, Addison TX, '69 Camaro 5.902 249.23 249.23
5 782 Gary Densham, Bellflower CA, '69 Camaro 5.910 236.03 236.03
6 337 Paul Romine, Indianapolis IN, '70 Mustang 5.938 220.42 220.42
7 400 Mike Savage, Tucson AZ, '70 Barracuda 6.033 239.48 239.48
8 6800 Claude D. LaVoie, Sherwood Park AB, '72 GTX 6.126 232.07 232.07
9 7130 Todd Lesenko, Cave Creek AZ, '73 Camaro 6.140 237.02 237.02
10 730B Chris Bennett, Las Vegas NV, '73 Duster 6.153 229.70 229.70
11 6006 Mark Sanders, Maple Valley WA, '70 Nova 6.158 237.15 237.15
12 256 Dwayne Patton, Visalia CA, '69 Camaro 6.177 228.31 228.31
13 732 Chris Krabill, Orange CA, '78 Arrow 6.348 200.62 200.62
14 7773 Leah Pruett-LeDuc, Cherry Valley CA, '65 Jeeps 6.387 186.79 186.79
15 71 Cruz Pedregon, Brownsburg IN, '78 Arrow 6.443 210.23 210.23
16 7188 Jim Adolph, Valencia CA, '68 Camaro 6.480 171.95 171.95
17 04 Josh Crawford, Oakdale CA, '69 Mustang 6.505 228.94 228.94
18 736 Dan Horan Jr, Sylmar CA, '66 Mustang 6.541 162.16 162.16
19 730 Jeff Bennett, Menifee CA, '69 Camaro 6.704 200.44 200.44
20 739 Ed Dougan, Brea CA, '74 Camaro 6.820 215.56 215.56
21 7704 Dale Van Gundy, Anaheim CA, '70 Charger 6.875 145.63 145.63
22 792 Roger Garten, Huntington Beach CA, '73 Mustang 6.915 205.15 205.15
23 748 Bob Godfrey, Moreno Valley CA, '69 Camaro 7.028 211.31 211.31
24 723 Sean Dale, Phoenix AZ, '69 Charger 7.285 183.37 183.37
25 8 Mike Halstead, Fontana CA, '69 Daytona 7.393 227.44 227.44
26 756 Don Hudson, '73 Satellite 8.061 127.29 127.29
27 781 Mendy Fry, Aliso Viejo CA, '72 Duster 9.078 95.84 95.84
28 722 Jack Harris, Kaysville UT, '77 Firebird 9.150 98.16 98.16
29 7140 Jack Wright, Oakhurst CA, '70 Challenger 9.265 149.52 149.52
30 766A Brad Faria, Rohnert Park CA, '77 Corvette 9.615 98.54 98.54
31 756 Nate Bugg, Orange CA, '71 Barracuda 13.168 60.55 60.55
32 717 Brian Thiel, Pleasant Grove CA, '69 Camaro 28.444 0.00 0.00


1 774 Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, Thornhill-Rodeck 6.165 21.97 21.97
2 747 Mark Malde, Windsor CA, Stirling-Chevy 6.201 229.18 229.18
3 7131 Rick White, San Diego CA, Hansen-Rodeck 6.486 233.03 233.03
4 772 Rick Williamson, Stockton CA, Davison-Chrysler 6.619 246.30 246.30
5 7188 Brendan Murry, San Jose CA, Rooman-Chevy 6.647 190.19 190.19
6 702 Mike McLennan, Oakley CA, URC-Rodeck 6.678 204.54 204.54
7 701 Rick McGee, Exeter CA, Tedford-Donovan 6.724 212.20 212.20
8 724 Denver Schutz, Fresno CA, Stirling-Rodeck 6.814 233.88 233.88
9 787 Shannon Stuart, Riverside CA, Stirling-Donovan 7.069 214.33 214.33
10 7917 Brad Thompson, Visalia CA, Crossbow-Rodeck 7.234 131.30 131.30
11 766 Adam Sorokin, Glendale CA, Stirling-Chevy 7.635 207.32 207.32
12 308 Howard Haight, Brownsburg IN, Stirling-Hemi 7.716 173.31 173.31
13 709 James Day, Arlington Hts IA, Steffens 9.003 136.57 136.57
14 2101 Lincoln Hassell, Releigh NC, Stirling-Chev 9.467 103.99 103.99
15 7125 Mike Chrisman, Lake Forest CA, URC-Rodeck 9.850 81.32 81.32
16 7380 Rick Rogers, Atascadero CA, Stirling-Donovan 10.237 85.35 85.35

------------ Not Qualified ------------

17 7407 Randy Eakins, Carson City NV, Sterling-Chrysler11.580 76.32 76.32
18 7736 Dan Horan, Big Bear CA, Woody-Donovan 14.032 71.55 71.55
19 700 Terry Cox, Clarkburg CA, URC-TFX DQ


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