California Hot Rod Reunion

October 14-17, 2010

Notebook and photo pages

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(Bob Wilson Photos)

What can be said about perhaps THE most famous race car in drag racing history. The Fabled Winged Express had one of the most colorful drivers in history with WIld Willie Borsch.

The reincarnation of the 'Express' happened just over decade ago and Mike Boyd has proven to be an able replacement for the legendary driver from the 60's and 70's. In this sequence below he adds a bit to his own legend.

Do not try this at your local track.

Not very often you see this, as in never!!!!!!! Mike Boyd in the WInged Express is facing Randy Bradford in the Fiat in one of two AA/FA pairings at the end of Saturday. Braford does his burnout just ahead of Boyd, and it is a good thing for sure. Bradford is coming to a stop just as Boyd starts to get loose on his, and he crosses into Bradford's lane just behind him, and the back-up guy for Bradford. Seeing an opening on the right (between the fiat and the crew-guy) he squeezes in between the two just off the right side guardrail. He pulls in front of Bradford and goes back into his own lane.... No harm no foul!!!!!

Hard to steer with the wheels in the air (this is on the burnout people)!!!

Just like nothing happened. I bet the crew had a bit to talk about


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