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Simon would like to thank his crew chief and tuner Steve Brandt, Ryan at RH Race Cars, Norm at Fortin's Automotive and the crew including Wayne and Colton.




Sunday AA / Supercharged Gasser elimination's

Howard Anderson won AA/Supercharged. He drove around Scott White in a close final round 6.76 to 6.81......



Semis......White ran an awesome 6.600/209.74 in the semi finals against Mitch Chamberlin.

A career best and new track record for both et and and a tie for speed. Howard Anderson defeated Canadian Brent Harris in the other semi final.

Harris had this one but went red (Howard went in deep and it flustered Harris) Brent ran a weekend best 6.87/199 to Anderson's 6.80 (Anderson was .11 on the tree.



Round one

In Round one, Anderson went 6.74/205 to defeat Bill Fitting's best lap of the weekend a 7.149/185.


White defeated Monte Grub despite a real late .264 light. White went 6.98 to Grubb's 7.187.

The margin based on Grubb's .098 light was only .037. Chamberlin got to the semis finals against White when the #1 qualifier Troy Owen's went way red.

When you have almost a .4 performance advantage and had run in the 6.6's all weekend is not a good reason to push the tree. Owen's could have waited for the actual green and still won the race.

Brent Harris beat first alternate Joel Matton in his round one race earning his match-up with Anderson in the semis. Matton got in when Mike Molea could not make the call (Kicked out a rod). Harris went 6.91 to Matton's 7.22


Pro Mods.....

........Darryl Stone was the dominant Pro Mod running 228 twice and hot lapping the Camaro in the 6.5-6.6's all weekend long. Tim Vogt went a 7.01 best,

Mike O'Connor went a 6.80 best, Simon Kingsley went an engine breaking 7.40 on his only run, Perry Thyr unfortunately broke on his first burnout and Wade Sjostrom broke on his first run as well.

Other exhibition cars......

.....Dan Paterson ran the bag off his blown Altered, running a 6.39/219 best, but also shattered a transmission on his first run Sunday. He made repairs (another trans that is) and came out for one more lap running a 6.55 @218.

A really nice BB/Dragster went 7.54@202 (the fastest lap for that car,and sorry I did not get the guys name), Phil Ruskowski only made one hit in his small block Top Fuel car as he wounded it at 900 feet (went 7.50 on that run).


A couple other FED's made a number of laps including Jack Williams little Yellow digger.

Greg McLean (below) is competing his licensing and went a 7.92 best



Saturday time trials and qualifying

An awesome day as there was no moisture and by 1:30pm the skies were clear and 22 degree temperature's welcomed the fans and racers to the 20th Old Time Drags.

10 AA/Gassers were trying for the 8 car field and Troy Owens and Howard Anderson were light year's ahead of the read as they battled in the 6.60's in all three sessions.

In the end it was Owens grabbing the #1 spot with a 6.62/208. Anderson was #2 with a 6.66. Scott White was #3 with a 6.84 and Canadian Brent Harris rounded out the six second cars and the top half with a 6.91.

Mitch Chamberlin, Monte Grubb, Mike Molea and Bill Fitting (who did a huge wheel stand) rounded out the field for Sunday elimination's.

Saturday final qualifying AA/Supercharged Gassers

1. Troy Owens Albany Ore 41 Willys 6.623/209.74
2. Howard Anderson Applegate Ca 38 Chevy 6.650/206.84
3. Scott White Seaside Ore 41 Willys 6.841/203.02
4. Brent HArris Edmonton Ab 33 Willy 6.916/197.80
5. Mitch Chamberlin Orting Wa 51 Chevy 7.008/203.43
6. Bill Fitting Grass Valley Ca 33 Willys 7.156/185.72
7. Monte Grubb Tacoma Wa 33 Willy p/u 7.181/187.18
8. Mike Molea Grants Pass Ore 33 Willys 7.233/191.57


9. Scott Wyke Bend Ore 41 WIllys 7.348/182.22
10. Joel Matton Oregon City Ore 37 Chevy 8.606/155.11

The Pro Mods had a tough day as Canadian Kerry Stone was the only driver to make solid runs.

He went a 6.50 best @ an unreal 228. mph. A 6.80 was the best lap of the day by any of the four others and that was by Oregon driver Mike O'Connor.

Tim Vogt went 7 teens, Wade Sjostrom struggled on his only lap, Perry Thyr kicked out a rod on his only run of the day, and it was on the burnout.

The engine was just freshened, and it was the first run on it after being on the dyno. Simon Kingsley was on his career best lap until 1000 foot when he went lean due to a fuel nozzle coming off. No real serious damage ad he and crew chief Steve Brandt were thrashing to get the car ready for Sunday.

'Outlaw' had a huge field of 25+ cars and the Street Machine class had huge #'s as well.

'Straight Axle' had 8 cars competing including Ed Loewen's wheelstand 8 second ride.

The Show n Shine was very nice with over 200 cars, but possibly the best car on the property was a race car almost ready to hit the track.

Luke Balogh is 95% done his Coupe that has a 538 Donovan between the frame rails. It was the BCCCA 'best race car' award winner. This car has been handcrafted by Luke in every aspect. When it hits the track it will be a 7 second bullet.


Wanna see what 1.5+ mil looks like?

This stunning 45 foot Newell Motorcoach has everything you could dream of including 4 big screen Plasmas or (LEDs), granite throughout and the detail on the ceiling is beyond words.

I will have a few photos up in the next couple days.

The Car Club's 60th Anniversary bash under the big top.

The band sounded real good.

Dan Paterson went a 6.39 best.


A few show n shine

The Langley Loafers are one of the oldest car clubs in Canada and they have been a big part of drag racing in the province of British Columbia since The Eagle Motorplex first opened in 1987 and the reopening of Mission Raceway in 1992. First they celebrated thie 25th at the 'Plex and this weekend they do their 20th at MRP.

The Old Time Drags are one of the most popular events for both racers and car enthusiasts. Nitro Cars (of the Front Engined variety) Fuel Coupes, Pro Mods, Fuel Altereds and Double'A' Gassers all have entertained the masses.

This year the 'Gassers' are back as well as 'Pro Mods' and a number of other feature cars.



Friday in the pits

Howard Anderson hasone of the most dominant 'Gassers'. He has gone 6.52/213

Bill Fittings arrives retro style

Joel Matton in his 37 Chevy

Albertan Brent Harris

'Mad' Mike Molea

Monte Grubb in the cool Willy's Pick-up

Scott White won last year here

Scott Wyke's first time to MRP

Troy Owens ran a career best here last year.

Mitch Chamberlin has not been here since he crashed his purple Willys.

Pro Mods

Wade Sjostrom is part of a 5 or 6 pro mod exhibition

Perry Thyr in his nitrous Camro

TIm Vogt has not been here with the family 94 Corvette in like 8 years.

Kerry Stone ran 6.4's a few weeks ago.

Simon Kingsley is looking for 6.8's or 6.9's this weekend.

Mike O'Connor ran 6.70's here a few weeks ago

Glen May is rumored to be here this weekend.


Phil Ruskowski brought out his small block nitro FED. This is a cool machine

Dan Paterson has run as quick as 6.31s at 220




Mission Raceway Park


Simon would like to give special thanks to his wife and family (wife Gina and kids Emma, Ashley and Colton)

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