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Ace Manufacturing adds one of the top Alky Funny Cars in the IHRA. Will likely run NHRA schedule in 2009

Atchison Racing and Team ACE Racing Ink a 3 Year Deal

Bittern Lake, Alberta, Canada, Dec 8, 2008 – Three time IHRA Funny Car Champion Rob Atchison and ACE Manufacturing have joined forces in a three year deal that will see the Atchison family funny car compete at races in Western Canada and the United States.“ It is really exciting being able to join up with the ACE Racing and Manufacturing family.” states Atchison. “With all of the instability surrounding IHRA and the Alcohol Funny Car class coupled with the addition of my son Wyatt I felt it was time for a change. I got a chance to meet Harold Parfett at the Rocky Mountain Nationals and we hit it off. We have been talking racing and throwing ideas back and forth since July. We are very happy to finally be able to announce we will be racing with them for the next three years and possibly beyond.”

Atchison will join the successful Plaizier family at Team ACE Racing. “Eddy, Casey and Frankie have a history of winning, they are great racers and I’m very excited to meet them, watch them race and become a part of their racing family” stated Rob.

This new racing “Family” is going to take it one step further as Atchison Machine Service Inc. of London, Ontario will serve as engine builder for the ACE Manufacturing Pro Nostalgia Funny Car. “We are eager to get involved with the 7.50 nostalgia funny car combination. We know that we can apply all of the machining and assembling techniques we use on our Top Alcohol car and give the IBAA funny car the longevity and consistency it will need to win races.” Also as Canada’s only Lenco transmission dealer Atchison Machine will be in charge of transmission service and repair for the entire team.

Primary sponsor ACE Manufacturing is a Canadian company located in Bittern Lake, Alberta. Founded in 1977 ACE is a manufacturer of high quality electrical, electronic and data enclosures distributing product all over North America. ACE Manufacturing has design and build capabilities, that take projects from an idea to a prototype and then to finished product. ACE works with various metals including mild, galvanized, and stainless steel as well as various aluminum alloys. Finishes include in house powder coating, zinc plating, hot dipped galvanized, anodizing and industrial silk screening.

Flyin’s Truck Wash of Edmonton, Alberta has joined the team as an associate sponsor for 2009 and JET Tools and Equipment based in Burnaby, British Columbia with branches across Canada has returned as official tool supplier of the Team ACE/ Atchison Racing Monte Carlo. For more information on ACE Manufacturing visit their website at , Team ACE Racing at , or Jet Equipment at .

A new era for racing in the North West.

NOVEMBER 9, 2008

One of Bucky's many wallys, He will take his winning tradition to Spokane Raceway and resurrect the aging facility.

Three years ago Bucky Austin got into the race promotion business with sponsoring a couple events at Pacific Raceway, The were part of the National Open series as well as a Nostalgia event soley sponsored by his Bucky's Radiator and Muffler corporation and Bucky Austin Racing (BAR). The turnouts for the National Open events were huge to say the least and the payouts for the exhibition cars were as good as any event in recent memory. They were so good that many track operators were pissed off that Bucky wasn't with "THE SO CALLED PROGRAM", of charging at the track, reeping the profits, and the racers who put on the show get screwed. Well that could very well change as Bucky Austin became the lease operator at the now county owned, Spokane Motorsport Park. Here is the first exclusive interview by Bucky after the acquisition.

Exclusive Bucky Austin interview

We got lucky and managed to Bucky at his race shop Wednesday of this week, and he has a lot to talk about.
His newest and possibly the most important race related news in the North West in many years, his exploits as a shoe For Steve Plueger and the most dominant Nostalgia Funny Car on the planet, the A Fuel car getting prepared for the 2009 season and much more.

sz: Hey Bucky great to talk to you, you are certainly a busy guy of late.

Ya, its been pretty hectic for sure, but I'm having a great time.

sz: Tell me about the acquisition of the fable Spokane drag strip.

Well, it seemed like a no brainer to get involved with this track because of its history.
Originally when the facility was put on the block I thought it would sell for a lot more than what the county got it for, and for that I am a bit upset I did not put in a bid.
That being said when they put out feelers for an operator I stepped up and luckily they accepted my bid, which is a 25 year lease with an option for 25 more.

sz: What decision did you make for sanctioning, or are you going outlaw?

It will not be an outlaw track, I brought Jon Adams along with me to work out the details and for now, we will go NHRA.

sz: For now???

Well in business anything can change, but because the NHRA is so strong in the North West, my feeling is that, you want to support what gives you the best opportunity to succeed.

sz: What do you anticipate is going to happen race wise in 2009?

My first priority is to make the track a sportsman oriented facility, and I stress that.
We are close to announcing a Divisional event in 2009, which will likely be held around in Early June. We also have plans for a National Open and there is potential for an NHRA Sportsman Nationals. The facility is huge and other than Seattle (which has scheduling conflicts throughout the race season) we are really the only North West track with the capability to host an event of this size. We also plan a huge event around the same date as the old AHRA world finals the end of July, beginning of August.

sz: That is a lot to ask and to expect from NHRA isn't?

It is, but they know that the NHRA is really lacking in the North West and they also know I tried hard at the couple events I sponsored at Seattle to give the sportsman classes a great event.

sz: That is quite a change from your decades or really running at the top of the food change divisionally.

competing against the best at Chicago

Well I feel that sportsman racing is still the bread and butter, and the Top Alcohol classes are in tough especially with Top Dragster and Top Sportsman, they are the up and coming top classes at the Divisional level in my opinion. The Top Alcohol cars I feel will be phased out divisionally

sz: What are you planning on doing by way up upgrades to Spokane; it has been a long time since that track has seen upgraded in any way shape or form?

Surprisingly the track is in pretty good shape, but we are laying down 400 feet of concrete from the burnout box to the 330 clocks. We are installing cement barrier down the entire race track and we are putting in a state of the art sand trap. I went 5.94 there last year in the TF Funny Car and it felt great. We are installing a state of the art timing system as well. A return road will run along side the race track similar to Mission Raceway so the tow vehicles are not on the racing facility. The Road course and the oval are also getting updates and will run in 2009 as well. As you can see by the photo it is a an extensive facility. Scoreboards will also be put up at the 1/4 mile mark. There is seating for 20,000 and plenty of parking, so the track can accomodate large events.

The track is one of the longest around and even at the end of the track cars actually have the option of turning away for the sand trap and going down the road course.

sz: How is the lighting at the track?

It is great for the ¼ mile but we are adding lighting through the shut down area.

sz: Who is going to look after operations?

Jay Livingston will be the track manager; he will look after basically everything.
With my other ventures, I don't have the time to spend full time at the race track. Jay has a lot of experience and I have known him for a long time.

One of the biggest assets of the track is the weather. It has the best weather in the State of Washington with the least amount of rain.

sz: Let's talk about Nostalgia Funny Car racing?

It is just a blast!! Steve Plueger and team know how to run these cars for sure.

sz: You capped off the most dominating season since the introduction of the cars five years ago.
Really we dominated the last two years, this year we went to the final round at almost every event (Boise and we didn't) and only lost two races. At the Hot Rod Reunion, we needed to win the race if Romanazzi qualified to win the championship, we not only won the race, we outran everyone by a close to a tenth. We defeated Del Worsham at Tucson, we won the March Meet, we lost to our teammate Mike Grekyl at Mission in the quickest side by side Funny Car race, we were right at the top at Boise but a 200 foot wheelstand ended our day there.

sz: What are you going to do in 2009?

As long at Steve allows me to drive the Funny Car I will.
NHRA is set to announce at Pomona that the Heritage series will double their events next year so we will run that series as well as a few match races.

sz: Finally what is happening with the Top Alcohol Dragster you have in the shop.

Garrett Batemen is assembling a brand new car that we will likely debut at Pomona at the Winternationals. It is a state of the art car and with all the data and knowledge both Garrett has acquired over the last decade and all the info at my arsenal we should hit the track on all eight cylinders. As far as the TAFC, I had a new one built in 07 but the Alcohol Funny Car scenerio is on the back burner right now. Nitro is my fuel of choice as this moment. If teams in the North West are looking for tuning assistance I am available though.

The boys (Matt and Tyler Mahoney) are also having a great time with the front engined car as well as working on the other resto cars in the shop.

sz: All in all it should be a pretty busy but fun year for the "Hitter".

The county web site for Spokane Raceway is
That likely will be the name Bucky uses for the drag strip as well. The web site talks about the county's plan for the facility and it is very progressive. They have hired a motorsport design firm to build a master plan.

Click on this link for more info including response for racers and fans in the area.

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